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Our online Motherboard Database contains 100's of rare 486 vintage obsolete old pentium motherboard manuals and links to larger databases covering 586 PII P2 PIII P3 686 P4 based mainboards. Motherboard manuals describe product features and specifications including supported memory, cpu processor, expansion card and hard drive configurations. Manuals also document jumper settings and connectors on the motherboard and list system component setup procedures. They detail how to change system settings with BIOS Setup and how to Flash update the BIOS. Manuals are a must-have when doing hardware upgrades. CLICK to ENTER Motherboard Manuals Data & More website is operated by volunteer techs from around the world dedicated to helping hobbyists locate vintage 486 & pentium motherboard manuals & jumper settings. Our support services include: Bios and Motherboard Manufacturers website listing, Troubleshooting guide, free downloadable Diagnostic Tools and a Message Board Forum to post questions.We also offer the WebHQ Search Request for motherboards not listed in our online databases. Fillout the search request form with a complete description of your motherboard and we'll search our combined offline resources.
486isa 486pci 486vlb1 486vlb2 486vlb3 pcchips pentium

Database Index
486isa 486pci 486vlb1 486vlb2 486vlb3 pcchips pentium

Motherboards Sorted by ==> 486isa 
Manuals Manuals Manuals Manuals
4386c ISA 486-VC-HD ISA MB-1433FA Rev:1 PCS30/PCS40 386/486 ISA
4386-VC-HD ISA CAM33-P2 486 MB-1433V rev:1-3 UM486 II
4386-VIO 486 ISA ERI-486 Magnumcache PAT48PM 486 US 3486 MCA Bus
ISA486GXi M-423 486 ISA PAT48PX 486
Motherboards Sorted by ==> 486pci
Manuals Manuals Manuals Manuals
486-PI0-3 Rev:A1 PCI BEK-P407 rev:2 486 LS-486e rev:F PM486PA VIP PCI
486-VIP-I0 PCI/VL DX-9500 V1.0 PCI/VL M918i PM486PU-S3 PCI
TomatoBoard 4DPS V:2.1 EXP8049 Ver 1.1A M919 ver:1 PT-432b
4SIG ver:2 GALAXY II Ver:1.0 M919 VIP ver:2-4 R418 PCI-486 Ver:2
4VIP3 / 486VIP J-446A ver:2 M921 486AVIP ver:1.1 SA486P AIO PCI
M915i / 80486VIP J-446B MB-4DUPM/E ver2 SYL8884PCI-EIO
ACER 486 PCI SYSTEM V20 KM-S4-1 ver:1.1 MP032 / 486VL3 TK8880F/2066A2
Arstoria AS496 LS486e MS-4134 V:1.2 TS-486-1.1
ATC-1425A LS-486e rev:C2 MS-4144 PCI UM881OP-AIO Rev:1.0
ATC-1425B LS-486e rev:D MP4-P4U885G ver:2 UM881OP-AIO Rev:2.1
Motherboards Sorted by ==> 486vlb1
Manuals Manuals Manuals Manuals
486-SUPER EISA/VP MB-495SX Rev1.1 UL 486
Motherboards Sorted by ==> 486vlb2
Manuals Manuals Manuals Manuals
2VLG-A486B (A486GCI) VL/ISA-486SV2 rev: 3.1 G486SVL PAT48PR V1.4
4386-VC-V VESA 4GPV3 486 VESA HOT-409 Ver:2.2 UM4981 Al0 Ver:1
486-GIO-VT2 VESA 486-GVT VESA MB-1433AEA-V UM4981 Al0 Ver:2.1
486-GVT 2VESA CLT486VL2 Opti495SLC
Motherboards Sorted by ==> 486vlb3
Manuals Manuals Manuals Manuals
SIS 471 G Main Board INV. 7.0 GA-486VS/486VF MS-4132G V:2G/2.3/2.4 SIS 486G 3.3/5V Rev:G,H
SIS 471G MainBoard INV:9+ HOT-419 MS-4138 / 486SI5 SIS486P3 Ver:3
486EI V:1.0 J-403TG V2.0 PM486GA VESA TK8498F VESA
486EI V:1.2 KS-TG919 ver:1.0 PT-428 486 VESA UC-4913 ver:1.3-2.0
4DMS HL3G-L4-VI KS-TG919 ver:2 PX486P3 VESA UM4980 v1.1 486 VESA
4GPV5 M601 Ver:1.3 A-F S486G Green V4P895P3/SMT V:1
ALI-1429G M912 ver:1.7 w/Fake Cache SIS 486-471 Rev:A V4P895P3/SMT V:2-5
MS-4137 M912 v:1.4 Deep Green SIS 471 Rev:B v4s471/472p v:1
CH-471A Ver:1 M912 ver:1.7 / DX-6900 SIS 486-471 Rev:G Vi11
CH-471A Ver:3 MB-1433 UCV-B/C/D/E SIS 486 SI3Green VI15G 486 VESA
CH-491E Ver:1 MB-1425/33/40/50UIV SIS 486G 3.3/5V Rev:D VS486F-3VL
FOREX 486 R:VL3M MS-4126 V:2.2 SIS 486G 3.3/5V Rev:E VS486G-3VL
Motherboards Sorted by ==> pcchips
Manuals Manuals Manuals Manuals
M506 Pentium M537DMA33 M560TG M573
M507 Pentium M539 M565 M575
M519 Pentium M549 M567 M577
M520 v1.0 Pentium M550 M570 M590
M525 V1.2 M558 M571 M596
M530 M559 M571LMR M598
M535 M560 M572 M599
Motherboards Sorted by ==> pentium
Manuals Manuals Manuals Manuals
5itxa rev:c LS-P54CE rev:A MS-5118 Pentium Rhino 9 PCI
GA-586VX LS-P54CE rev:F P54VL-PCI Pentium RT-5SI Pentium PCI
GALAXY V ver:1.0 MB-54VP Pentium P5i437p4/FMB ver:1.3 SI54A Pentium

Folders: 7
Total Manuals: 166

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