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TS-486-1.1 Motherboard

        - Award Bios ID string  07/02/96-ALI-1487/89-2A4KD008C-00
        - Award Bios ID string  05/13/96-ALI-1487/89-2A4KDSEIC-00
           flash Bios file   Terminator 486/5x86 system PCI-25 MAY/13/1996
        - 2-72 pin SIMM slots  (1-128meg all FPM EDO DRAM)
        - 3-32bit PCI slots , 1 shared
        - 4-16bit ISA slots
        - 64/128/256/512kB CACHE support in 4-32pin sockets + 1 TAG RAM socket
        - Award Plug and Play Flash ROM BIOS Power Management.
        - ALi 1487/89 chipset
        - RTC chip - Real Time Clock
        - ZIF CPU socket 3 which supports 3.3v/3.45v/3.6v/4.0v/5v CPUs
          INTEL 80486DX2/DX/SX/DX2-SI,486DX4(P24C), P24D, P24T
          IBM 486DX/DX2
          CYRIX CX486DX4/DX2/DX/S,5x86
          AMD AM486DX2/DX4,AM5x86
          TI 80486DX2 , UMC U5
        - Supports speeds of 25/33/40/50/66/75/80/100/120/133 MHz.
        - PCI Bus master IDE interface for upto 4 IDE devices.
        - Multi-I/O chip supports:
          Two PCI Enhanced IDE Ports (Supports 4 Devices PIO 0-4)
          Two High Speed Serial Ports (16550 UART Compatible)
          One Enhanced Parallel Port (SPP, EPP, ECP capable)
          One Floppy Drive Port (Supports 2 Floppy Drives)
        - Possibly manufactured by: Newtech (data supplied by Garry Gall)