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    WebHQ Canada's Motherboard Manuals Data and More website is operated by a group of volunteer techs from around the world dedicated to helping hobbyists locate vintage 486 & pentium motherboard manuals & jumper settings. We also provide extensive troubleshooting resources, diagnostic utilites and repair and upgrade advice. Over the years we've collected 100's of old motherboard manuals most of which are listed in our free online Database. Each entry contains the specs for each model along with a click-to-enlarge layout diagram. Some manuals and data are kept offline, simply click and request the data via email its free. Our other technical support services include: Bios and Motherboard Manufacturers website listing, an excellent Troubleshooting guide, free downloadable Diagnostic Tools and a Message Board Forum to post questions. We also offer a very unique service to those poor souls that have almost given up searching for their long lost motherboard manual... the WebHQ Search Request for motherboards not listed in our online database. Fillout the search request form with a complete description of your motherboard and we'll search our combined offline resource collection which has been compiled over the years by our members. These searches are very labour intensive and we hope you'll consider supporting our website with a contribution.

    Our goal at WebHQ Canada is to provide free assistance to the many hobbyists out there with questions or requiring data on older unsupported motherboards/hardware. The time and effort involved is immense and sometimes yielding negative results but we enjoy a challenge and will do our best to help you. Much of our time is spent handling Search Requests for jumper data on motherboards not listed in our database. If you'd like to show your appreciation for our services with a postcard or monetary or hardware donation we would appreciate it.

    We've setup collection points throughout Canada and United States to handle hardware and printed manual donations. If you'd like to volunteer your time and become a collection point for your area join WebHQ as a Partner. We are currently looking for Collection Points in central and western United States plus a few dedicated hobbyists in Vancouver Canada. Any business willing to volunteer as a Collection Point will be given advertising space. We're also looking for volunteers to help us answer questions on the Help Desk. And for those volunteers with unlimited web access, excellent searching skills and enjoy a challenge we have the Special Request Search Team. We look forward to hearing from you.

    Monetary Donation
    Individuals wanting to support our website with a monetary donation may do so by:
  • transmit electronic donation using PayPal and your local currency
    The PayPal link above utilizes a protected and secure PayPal server to handle simple donations from 26 countries to us here in Canada. Simply follow the online procedure, then send money through PayPal with your credit card or bank account.
    Data Donation
    If you have old 486 or pentium manuals you'd like to contribute to our database let us know.
    FTP server uploads have been discontinued, but you can send us an email listing the manuals you'd like to contribute. - in an effort to reduce file sizes we suggest these settings:
  • save documents at 200dpi using 1bit-2colours as GIF 87a noninterlaced images.
  • save detailed photo/layout at 150dpi using 24bit-16mil colours as JPG 18% compression.
  • Snail mailed original manuals are much appreciated, contact us for our mailing address.
    Did I mention we also enjoy receiving postcards?
    Hardware Donation
    Here in our 'hardware dungeon' we collect unwanted boards for detailed data extraction, layout scans, salvaged components and bench testing to solve specific visitor help requests. We're always on the lookout for more boards and usually in need of various cpus to verify compatibility issues and determine upgrade potential. Any and all hardware donations are appreciated including memory, cpu's, video cards, hard drives. All contributions are used in house and not resold for profit. With the support of very dedicated hobbyists in Canada we have collection points throughout North America available to receive all hardware donations as prepaid parcels. Support our website and join the growing list of contributors.

    Without the support from visitors like you and our sponsors below WebHQ wouldn't have lasted 21 years.

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