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  • September.2017 - HUGE NEWS our 21 year old website has been saved again! We are now being hosted by our WebHQ Netherlands Division. I really appreciate Edwin's offer to host our files at www.elhvb.com/webhq/

  • July.2017 - WebHQ's - Motherboard Manuals & More website has been online for 21 years, the last 15 years hosted on MBarron.net which has now shutdown. We are very greatful to Michael for supporting WebHQ for so many years and wish him well in the future.

  • April.2017 - Due to continued abuse the Message Board Forum is offline. Unknown if or when it will be restored.

  • January.2014 - New Windows Diagnostic Tools added to Diagnostic Tools Download section to aid Troubleshooting and Repairs.

  • May.2012 - Due to continued abuse the Search Request Service and Message Board Forum are both read only, no new requests or posts are allowed.

  • October.2008 - Minor update to Search Request Form which is now fully functional. The Form can now accept more JPG GIF file attachments.

  • March.2006 - After some extensive server upgrades by our Mbarron Host our Forum is running smooth with improved performance.
  • WebHQ welcomes all Computer related Tech Support Providers and Webmasters. We invite you to advertise your website and services in our Forum and on a selected webpage. You may supply a graphic logo or banner and short text description of your website with email & url link. In Exchange we ask that you place a reciprocal link from our website on yours.
  • Other areas of the website will be redesigned and the databases expanded. Look for additional features in the coming weeks.

  • February.2006 - Visitors looking for manuals not listed in our Database can now use our new Search Request Form to fillout a complete description of the motherboard. The Form can now accept photo attachments which will aid in tracking down the manuals by our WebHQ Search Team.

  • January.2006 - UPDATE: all downloadable manuals are now being hosted by our WebHQ Netherlands Division. Complete database file archive migration will be completed shortly.
  • The Canadian FTP server has been shutdown after many years of service. This means all the archived manuals are temporarly offline until a solution is found for file storage.
  • The main website www.elhvb.com/webhq will continue working as normal. Search Requests for motherboard manuals will continue to be completed in the Online Message Forum.

  • October.2005 - Many changes made these last two months. The Message Board Forum has more topic categories and new colour templates. Added and updated Pentium entries in database and improved the archive download links. Written a new Spyware, Trojan and Virus Removal Tools webpage for those needing some powerful antivirus cleaning.

  • March.2005 - Web server and FTP server have been moved to faster machines. File archive migration has taken place and everything is up an running. New Message Forum is online replacing the Bravenet Forum which had very annoying popunder ads. All posts to new Forum require user logins.

  • July.2004 - FTP server is back online with extra speed. The motherboard database is being expanded over the next 30days with pentium 2,3 and 4 manuals being added. Collection site in Vancouver BC is ready to accept hardware donations.

  • April.2004 - FTP download server is offline.

  • July.2003 - File download links restored. We are currently testing an alternate Message Board on our own server which should make posting and searching for data much easier.

  • Nov.2002 - WebHQ will be attending a multitude of events and meetings in Ontario Nov.14-Dec.2 covering the Toronto, Hamilton, Niagara Falls and surrounding areas. First up on the agenda is the awesome ATi Technologies manufacturing plant tour with complimentary T-shirt and coffee mug! WebHQ invites you to our booth at Computer Fest 2002 - Ontario's largest computer swap-meet/supersale, Over 100 Exhibitors New,Closeouts,Used,Overstocks! Win a free gift if you find me with my WebHQ logo T-shirt on! We'll also be out collecting hardware donations, so if you live in the area and have unwanted hardware and motherboard manuals contact me ASAP. Who knows you might even see me doing some dumpster diving to give all those vintage machines new homes with people less fortunate.

  • Nov.2002 - HUGE NEWS our website has been saved! Work is currently underway on moving everything including 300meg of never seen before scanned original rare manuals. Christmas has come early! Special thanks to MBarron.Net for supporting WebHQ with an excellent domain hosting package. The personal touch MBarron.Net provides sets this hosting service above the rest. If you maintain an 'electronics, or programming' website check them out today.

  • Feb.2002 - File archive links being retored. We are currently testing an alternate file storage system for all linked downloads. This server is extremely SLOW so be patient when viewing and downloading large files.

  • Dec.2001 - our website and email restored. WebHQ was shutdown during mid-November and December because our website host reduced the maximum bandwidth to 5gig per month. WebHQ used 10.5gig during the first 3 weeks of November. After removing all archive links we still used more than 5gigs per month. This means huge cut backs to the entire website until a solution is found. Hopefully someone will grant us 100-300 megs of file storage space.

  • Support our efforts by keeping vintage motherboards alive with a monetary donation. We now offer a convenient and secure way for our patrons to send their donations to WebHQ. The PayPal link above utilizes a protected and very secure PayPal server to handle simple donations from 26 countries to us here in Canada. You can use this method even if you don't have a PayPal account, simply follow the online procedure to create one completely free. When you send money through PayPal, you can fund your payments with your credit card or checking account.

  • November.2000 - The Search Engines found on the Database page are turning out to be a life saver for alot of visitors. For some reason their indexing finds more hardware related data than many other search engines.

  • Feedback from our Diagnostic Tools download page indicate the programs are extremely popular and downloading like hotcakes. We recommend everyone try HWiNFO, we've arranged a 20% registration discount for all WebHQ visitors.

  • August.1999 - HAPPY99 Worm Virus is back! If you've received any odd email attachements that when run display some fireworks graphics your system is infected. We suggest you download and run the automatic remover from this site: http://www.davecentral.com/9742.html Let us know if you require further help.

  • June.1998 - Our Message Board is getting alot of attention and kudos to everyone answering posted questions.

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