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Our 486 vintage Motherboard Database contains many hard to find manuals and extra information on popular 486 motherboards. The actual motherboard model numbers were frequently never printed on the boards making if very difficult to identify. This database has been specially designed to sort the various 486 motherboards by slot count sub-sections such as 1VLB 2VLB 3VLB (brown Vesa slots) 1PCI 2PCI 3PCI (white PCI slots) and further by memory slot counts for faster searching when the model number is unavailable.

Model#'s aren't always accurate so view each layout in your slot group to find a match.

Confused about slot counts? click here to view diagram

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3 PCI 3 ISA 4dps km-s4-1 LS-486e r:c2 LS-486e r:d
LS-486e r:f mp032 j-446Av2 j-446B
mp4-p4u885 4sig ver2    
4 ISA 486-pio-3 as496 bek-p407 v:2 dx-9500
LS-486e mb-4dupm pm486pu sa486p v1
tk8880f r418 v2 um8810p v2 um8810p v1
ms-4134 ms-4143 ms-4144 ms-4145
486-VIP atc-1415 atc-1425A atc-1425B
exp8449 p4u880a1 pt-432b s486 rev2b
j-426 Lx770 sa486p v2 m918i
SYL8884PCI m921 ver:1.1 m919 ver:1 m919 ver:3
ts-486-1.1 4spm gxa486spm  
5 ISA acer486 leopardVIP ch-881a  
4 PCI 3 ISA 486-vip-io exp8049 pt-431  
4 ISA 4vip3/486vip 80486vip galaxy 2  
486vp v1.0 486vp v1.1 ali m-1487 j-435/437
5 ISA pm486pa      
VLB 1 VLB mb-495sx super eisa UL 486  
2 VLB 2vlg-a486b 4386-vc-v 486-gio-vt2 4gpv3
ch-471b clt486vl2 g486svl hot-409
mb1433aea pat48pr um4981 v1 um4981 v2
486-gvt opti495SLC Leo 486gav 486vav revB1
ih4077 ih4077d ih4077h uc4915
um486v isa486sv2 r3.1 cougar486BL 486sv2g1
486sv2g2 486sv2 v1.7 486sv2 v2.5 LX400 a/g
pat45pvs exp4407v2 486FLE2 4glx3
ms-4125 cq30c ch-486 33/50 486SLC2
pat48pv pt-426 486VC-H VL 486
3 VLB 7 ISA exp 4049[6isa] ch-491e v:1 forex r:VL3M ks-tg919 v:1
ks-tg919 v:2 m601 m912 v1.4 m912 v1.7
m912 fake mb-1433 uiv ms-4126 v:2 ms-4132g v:2
ms-4138 sis 471 r:b sis 486-471G sis 486 si3g
sis 486g v:d sis 486g v:e sis 486g v:h tk8498f
vi15g 4gpv5 umc498 vi12g
486dlc40 exp4045 g486vli ms-4131v1
ms-4131v2 opti 1442g pat48an pat48pg4
8 ISA 486ei v:1.0 486ei v:1.2 4dms HL3G vs486f-3vl
vs486g-3vl 486vlg 4gpv4  
bekv429s leopard plus Opti895 R407
1 XT 486a3gx4 ch-471a v:1 ch-471a v:3 ga-486vs/vf
mb-1433 ucv pm486ga pt-428 px486p3
sis 471g inv7 sis 471g inv9 sis 486-471A sis486p3 v:3
turboexpress um4980 v:1 v4p895p3 v:1 v4p895p3 v2-5
v4s471/472p v:1 pt-428 pt-429g 486sh v3
4dvs AGVL AV7542 ch-498b
g486avb pt-430 s801 uc4914
UL486p3 hot-419r1 s486g Vi11
2 XT ms-4137 j-403tg v:2 opti-495sx genoa486vl
hot-419 mv045 uc-4913 un13a5
ISA XT+ISA 4386c 4386-vc-hd 4386-vio 486-vc-hd
cam33-p2 eri-486 m-423 mb-1433fa
mb-1433v pat48pm pat48px pcs30-40
um486ii us 3486 isa486gxi  

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