These manuals are no longer available at the websites of the manufacturers. Some may still be around on other places on the web.
I realize it isn't complete, I'll try and put as much as possible online here. One of the best options to find a manual for an old 486/586 motherboard is the
WebHQ motherboard manual page
which used to reside on (now gone, Steve has given me the files to host here)

If you cannot find it below or on WebHQ, there's a good chance it is in the MOBOKIVE copy here since Toby B. has had some server problems.
It seems the original is no longer recoverable making this the last surviving copy. The mobokive was originally setup by Hardware Junkie (Nic D.)

At one time a person named Kuriaki had loads of files online, I was never able to collect the whole set, the parts I did manage to download can be found in The KURIAKI Archives index

Update nov 6 2020: Currently working on a new project that will make use of the archives. Stay tuned!

If you found something useful as a result of visiting this website I would appreciate a donation:

Intel BIOS numbers All I ever found about which board has which bios and what the OEM codes are.
OEM boards info Compaq, Dell, eMachines (some), Gateway, HP, Medion, Mitsubishi/Apricot, Sony and Time/Tiny (in progress) info
Laptop Manuals Donated by PJ (PurpleJulia at Acer, Compaq, Dell, Gateway, HP, IBM, NEC, Sony and Toshiba
Gericom laptop files It seems they have taken their FTP-server offline permanently...
IBM EPRM Electronic Pocket Reference Manual (info on older systems)
A-trend ATC-1415, ATC-1425A, ATC-1425B, ATC-1442G and manuals + bioses for many many more
Abit AG4, AN4, AN4R2, PB4, AH6, AT6 + more recent stuff in the mobokive
ALR Gavin Hubbard ALR 6x6 Software Archive for the Unisys Aquanta HS/6 as collected by the ALR preservation community
Anson/Ansoon/Amaquest AL576-2
ASK Technologies AVX55C
BCM LX770, FM540/FM541, FM567/FM568, SQ572, SQ573
BEK BEK-3739, BEK-3779, BEK-P405, BEK-P407, BEK-5723, BEK-5731
Biostar MB-1433UHT = Quantex MBD-4MZ2
Chicony CH-471A, CH-471B, CH-491E, CH-491K, CH-498B,CH-1451A, unknown board
CTX Cybernote X953NL/Ezbook 700
DataExpert some manuals
Edom/Wintac MV008, MV018, MV020, MV026, MV045, MV035D, MP032F, MP033, MP039, MP046, MP054, MP058, MP060, MP064, MP066, MP071, MP071B, MP080, MP082,W6BXA-O
ENPC bioses and manuals
FIC P4M-915GD1 P4M-915PD1 P4M-910GL manual
Flagpoint P5VX
Flytech several older manuals
FordLian 5IHXA, 5IVXA, 5IVXB, 5ATXB, TX-5IB2, 5ITXA revA, 5ITXA revC, AGP-ALI, AGP-VIA, LX-370, ZX-370 and quite a few others
Freetech/Flexus 486F23 486F30 486F38 586F56/586F60 586F61-PB
Full Yes Inc. SIS471MU, 82430I, 82430IB, 82430VX, 82430TX, VT-580(VX), VP-597 (VP3), VIA-598 (MVP3), 82440FX,82440LX, 82440BX, FYI-5598TX
GCT SuperTek some manuals and settings
IWill P6AN
Jetway J-435/J437 (zipped html page) J403 (scanned pages) + more recent stuff in the mobokive
Kaimei/Jamicon KM-T5-T3 (=KM533A-AT), KM-T5-2, KM-T5-T1, KM-T5-V, KM-V5-VPX
LuckyStar Manuals
M-tech (Rise) R-547 Mustang manual pages
Olivetti Service documents
Pine Manuals
Procomp Manuals & Bios
QDI / Legend V4S471/G Ver 9.0, V4P895P3/SMT/V5, V4P495L/V2, V4S471/250/V3, V4P895GRM/SMT V1.1, P4U880A/IO Ver 1.1,
P4U885GRN/MB4-P4U885P3 Ver 2.1, P5S5480P3 + more recent stuff in the mobokive
Rectron RT-523SM, RT-523X, RT-5Si, RT-5Ti, RT-4S3
Seritech 486VLA
Shuttle/Holco HOT-403H HOT-409
Soltek SL-KT400-C manual
Superpower, San-Li, Hope Vision SP-586TB, SP-586TX, SP-A586B, SP-V586B and SP-V586A jumper settings, SL-586VP/SL-586V+ rev 1.0 and 1.1, SP-P2LXB, SP-P2BXA
SYE/Luckytech SYE-P5MVP3 / SYE-5700/SYE-P55TX / SV-P55V
Taemung/Fentech KBT5A-1 and KBT5A-2 settings / TB-486-OB settings + compatible bios.
TMC (Taiwan MyComp) PCI54ST, PCI54IM,PCI54IT, PAT48AV and some manuals.
Totem Manuals for several of their boards. Zipped word documents.
TriGem This site is also holding the Trigem motherboard files, that may be useful to eMachine owners.
Viglen 486 PCI board with on-board SCSI (DT-PCI) and more info
Vision Top Technologies VT586VXB VT586TX
Vtech bios strings to the boards, some manuals for 486 boards
ZIDA manuals for several boards
ZZ-misc unknown manufacturer boards



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