Kaimei/Jamicon motherboard information

This is what I have found on my harddisk, it is by no means complete. I do not own a Kaimei/Jamicon product nor do I know anything specific about these motherboards. This is all information I have got.

KM-S4-1 manual 1500k pdf here is the page of the original author

KM-T5-2 html

KM-T5-T1 html

KM-T5-V rev 2.0 jumper settings html

KM-T5-V rev 3.x jumper settings takes you to another website, I've made a local copy.

KM-T5-T3 aka Informtech 533T-AT aka Mentor BN533T aka BCM SQ572 aka SanLi/Superpower SM-P5TX3 140k pdf manual

KM-V5-VPX text jumper settings

pinout for COM port and USB port pdf document.
picture of an USB type A in the document. With type B, pin 1 of the second port is on the lower right pin (count bottom to top). KM-T5-V is type B.

pinout for PS/2 port (click picture in table for larger view) on the KM-T5-V rev 3.1, this may be the same on other boards/revisions

Mouse Data
No connection
Mouse Clock
No connection

(Pictures of PS/2 and USB + info for PS/2 connector are contributed by Ranmamez)

More BIOS files and documentation (KM-T5-V3+, KM-T5-T3, KM-T6-AL1): astrocom's download page

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