Full Yes motherboard information

This is what I have found on my harddisk, it is by no means complete. I do not own a Full Yes product nor do I know anything specific about these motherboards. This is all information I have got. Note: some boards were also sold by BJMT/Nimble.

82430I rev A CPU setting charts (finally found something)
82430IB (430FX chipset) HTML jumper settings
82430I full manual (590k zipped pages), donated by Alan Kensington. This is another B revision, not sure if B1 or B2
82430TX (HTML converted Word document, 150k in all)
FYI-VT580 (zipped Word document, 22k) picture   detail
FYI-VT597 AKA FYI-597VP3 (zipped Word document, 29k) picture
FYI-VT598 AKA FYI-VIA598 (MVP3) (zipped scanned manual ) picture
82440LX (zipped Word document, 13k)
82440BX (zipped Word document, 52k)
FYI-5598-TX (page with JUMPER SETTINGS)
82440FX text file with info/settings. Picture


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