Edom/Win Technologies/Wintac motherboard information

This is what I have found on my harddisk, it is by no means complete. I do not own a Edom product nor do I know anything specific about these motherboards. This is all information I have got.


MP064 photo


Jumper setting text files 80486 boards
 MV008  MV035D  MP039
 MV018  MV045  MP042
 MV020  MP032F  MP046
 MV026  MP033  MP060

Jumper setting text files Pentium (Socket 4,5,7)
 MP039  MP054  MP058b
 MP064  MP066  MP058d
 MP068  MP071  MP076
 MP078  MP080  MP082

MV035xx (not sure of the revision) jumper settings
MP082 zipped scanned pages from the manual
W6LXB zipped PDF manual
W6BXA-O jumper settings txt file

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