Superpower/San-Li/Hope Vision/Sejin/Omega motherboard information

This is what I have found on my harddisk, it is by no means complete. I do not own a Superpower product nor do I know anything specific about these motherboards. This is all information I have got.

SP-586TX   zip file with scanned pages from the manual
SP-A586B jumper settings
SP-V586A jumper settings
SP-V586B jumper settings
SL-586V jumper settings
SL-586T jumper settings
SL-586VP rev 1.0 and rev 1.1 jumper settings
SP-586VT3 specifications
SP-P2LXB html manual (150kbyte) also sold as BCM / GVC KR-635LXB, 4 PCI, more likely to be Taiwan Commate, not Superpower
SP-P2LXB specifications (pretty sure this is San-Li variant)
SP-P2LXC specifications
SP-P2BXA jumper settings

Some newer boards are listed at SCE USA, get them while you can.
Some boards and many bioses are listed at the TH2CHIPS Superpower Page
Adhoc Germany no longer has info or files online for a these boards: SP-586TA SP-586VT3 SP-A586B SP-P2LXB SP-P2LXC SP-P2BXA

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