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Use our 5 STEP process to locate your motherboard manual. These Motherboard Manual Databases are sorted by motherboard expansion card slot counts. Example: if your Pentium board has 5 white PCI slots look in the 5 PCI sub-section. Begin by selecting the Database CPU class for the motherboard you're searching for or browse the full Index if you have the motherboard model number.

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STEP 2 If you couldn't find a layout match in our Database above then Search the Internet using partial strings from the model#, bios id, chipset... Searching for Motherboard Manuals can be difficult especially if no model number is found on the board surface. One method is to first obtain the BIOS ID string which is displayed during start up as the BIOS POST runs. You can press the pause key to halt the POST and write out the ID string then press spacebar to continue the boot process. You can also run diagnostic utility programs to extract and read the ID string such as then with the ID string you can search our website or the internet for a matching model number which is then used to locate the correct manual.

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STEP 3 If you were unable to locate your motherboard manual in STEP's 1 & 2 but you know the Manufacturer/Vendor name browse these other huge databases. Search our WebHQ_NL Partner Website ELHVB Database - Motherboard Information and the massive MoboKive

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STEP 4 If your search for motherboard data wasn't successful in STEP's 1, 2 & 3 we offer a unique service not found anywhere else in the world. Submit a Search Request by filling out our form with a detailed description of your board and we'll initiate a complete search of our OFFLINE resources.

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STEP 5 If our search for your motherboard data wasn't successful in STEP 4 we invite you to post a message in our Motherboard Message Forum. Post your questions on our Message Board where our volunteer techs and visiting hobbyists will reply with suggestions or solutions. If you've been unable to locate a manual, one of our visitors might have it.

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