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Our old Pentium Motherboard Database contains many hard to find manuals plus extra information on popular ZIF Socket 7 motherboards. The actual motherboard model numbers were frequently never printed on the boards making if very difficult to identify, especially board manufactured by PC Chips. This database has been specially designed to sort the various Pentium motherboards by slot count sub-sections such as 1PCI 2PCI 3PCI (white PCI slots) 1DIMM 2DIMM 3DIMM (memory slots) for faster searching when the model number is unavailable.

Model#'s aren't always accurate so view each layout in your slot group to find a match.

Confused about slot counts? click here to view diagram

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3 PCI  0 DIMM  mb-54vp ms-5118 p54vl-pci
km-t5-v2 km-t5-v3 pt-726 82430i
5sba ga-586at opti viper  
m506 m507 m519  
1 DIMM LS-p54ce r:f m520 sl-586v avx55c
mp071 mp082    
2 DIMM exb831b m570 m590 m596
m715 v75m    
3 DIMM m577 m598 m599  
4 PCI 0 DIMM galaxy 5 p5i437p4 LS-p54ce r:a 5ivxb
82430i mp039 mp054 rt-5si
ch-1451a ms-5106 ms-5128 si54a
p5i430hx rhino9 si54a m558
1 DIMM m525 82430vx 82430tx p5510vx
2 DIMM km-t5-t1 km-t5-2 km-t5-t3 ga-586vx
82440bx 82440lx pci500c-h4 m530
m535 m537 m537dma33 m539
m549 m550 m559 m560
m567 m571 m571LMR m572
m573 5itxa rev:c    
3 DIMM sp-a586b m575    
5 PCI 3 DIMM m560tg m565    

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