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==View or Print jumper settings using Fixedsys or New Courier fonts==

M601 + M602 V1.3A-F 486 VESA Motherboard

        - AMI BIOS ID string   40-0100-001437-00101111-080893-4386-F
        - AMI BIOS ID string   40-0101-001437-00101111-080893-UMC491-F
        - AWARD BIOS ID string  1990 Pheonix Technologies S-B16-V16-Foff
        - 8-30 pin SIMM slots (1-64meg FPM DRAM)
        - 64k-256k CACHE support in 8-28pin sockets + 2 TAG RAM socket
        - 3-32bit VESA Local Bus slots
        - 7-16bit ISA slots
        - AMI/AWARD Modular BIOS V4.50 1993 Auto-Detect Bios
        - UMC/SARC RC4018A4 Chipset
        - CPU socket, uses any 486 Intel/AMD/Cyrix to 66Mhz CPU
        - possibly manufactured by: -FUGU TECH ENTERPRISE CO., LTD.
                                    -PC Chips
                                    -COMMODORE CPTs and others
If you encounter a BIOS generated 'VIRUS WARNING' when upgrading your
operating system to WIN95/98 the cause could be any of the following:

- try hitting the f8 during the boot up and go to the dos prompt,
  then go to WIN95 and see what happens...if it does work then there is
  a problem in the set up files themselves.
- if you cannot get WIN95 to install because of the warning type setup/?
  for the other options and there is one for no will
  install the files then you will have to add the hardware drivers
  and stuff after manually.
- is the WIN95 a full version or the upgrade and is it on disk or cd.
  If on disk they had a lot of problems with Ver:A of both series.
  The 'B' version is more revised with less problems...if someone has
  tried to tamper at all with the disks then it will come up with that
  warning....they are formatted to 1.77meg on purpose to make it harder
  to hack...but it still can be done... :-)
- another way is to copy all the disks into one directory leaving the
  cab files as cabs then run this from the dos prompt.
  If they have been hacked or tampered with whether disk or cd this
  usually gets around it since it is reading itself and not another
  drive so error correction is at a minimum level...hope this helps.

- Disabling Award BIOS v4.50g Virus Protection
  This webpage explains the full procedure if you have this bios.

- and finally your BIOS's external cache might be incompatible.
  Most 32bit OS's advise disabling all external caching during install
  on older boards.  The problem resides in the older BIOS versions.
  Some M601 mainboards will not support WIN95's caching system with any
  BIOS dated 1993 or older. Try to disable/remove the onboard cache or
  buy a newer bios, BUT, try all the above procedures first.
  Once WIN95 is installed try enabling/installing the cache and reboot.

Purpose                 Location        Purpose                 Location
External battery        JP1             Power LED + keylock     JP10
Speaker                 JP11            Turbo LED               JP12
Reset switch            JP13            Turbo switch            JP14

Power 9000 VGA card installed   JP23    2-3
All other video cards           JP23    1-2

Battery                 JP1
Rechargeable            2-3
Clear CMOS              3-4   (short for 3-4secs only with power off)
External          installed   (pin1 VDD 3.6volt lithium, pin4 ground)


VESA Bus Wait States    JP15
   0 W/S        25MHZ   OPEN
   1 W/S        33MHZ   OPEN
   2 W/S        50MHZ   1-2


CPU Selector settings   JP16            JP17
   486DX/DX2          1-2,3-4           1-2
   486SX(Cyrix 486)     2-3             open
   P23N               1-2,3-4            2-3


Clock Generator         Speed   JP7     JP8
    TK9207              33MHZ   1-2     1-2
                        40MHZ   2-3     1-2
    KTS0808C/0801C      40MHZ   1-2     1-2
    AV9107              50MHZ   2-3     1-2
    TK9307              25MHZ   1-2     1-2
                        33MHZ   2-3     1-2
                        40MHZ   1-2     2-3
                        50MHZ   2-3     2-3     JP24
   PhaseLink            25MHZ   2-3     1-2     1-2
   PLL52C05             33MHZ   2-3     2-3     1-2
   KTS KDN-802          40MHZ   1-2     1-2     2-3
                        50MHZ   2-3     1-2     2-3


Cache|     C  A  C  H  E           M  E  M  O  R  Y    |  TAG RAM
Size | U22   U23   U24   U25   U29   U30   U31   U32   | U21   U28
64K  | 8Kx8  8Kx8  8Kx8  8Kx8  8Kx8  8Kx8  8Kx8  8Kx8  | 8Kx8  -----
128K | 32Kx8 32Kx8 32Kx8 32Kx8 ----  ----  ----  ----  | 8Kx8  -----
256K | 32Kx8 32Kx8 32Kx8 32Kx8 32Kx8 32Kx8 32Kx8 32Kx8 | 8Kx8  8Kx8
256K | 32Kx8 32Kx8 32Kx8 32Kx8 32Kx8 32Kx8 32Kx8 32Kx8 | 32Kx8 -----

Cache   JP2     JP3     JP4     JP5     JP6
64K     OPEN    1-2     OPEN    1-2     OPEN
128K    OPEN    1-2     1-2     2-3     2-3
256K    1-2     1-2     1-2     1-2     1-2

=======================END OF DATA ON M601=============================

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