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5itxa rev:c Motherboard
data provided by: Mike Caetano
        - Award Bios id string  06/16/1998 - i430TX-ALi513-2A59IF99C-00
        - 4-72 pin SIMM slots  (8-256meg FPM/EDO 60ns DRAM)
        - 2-168pin DIMM slot   (16Mx4, 8Mx8, 4Mx16 SDRAM pc66)
        - 4-32bit PCI Bus slots
        - 4-16bit ISA slots
        - 256k or 512k Onboard Pipelined Burst synchronous L2 cache
        - PS/2 Mouse Connector + USB connectors
        - Intel i430TX Pentium PCI chipset
        - 321pin ZIF socket 7 which supports these processors:
          INTEL Pentium 75~200MHz P54C, P55C MMX 166~266MHz
          CYRIX/IBM P120~P166,6x86M2 MMX, and AMD K5/K6 CPUs
        - Supports 50/60/66/75 MHz external clock speeds
        - Multi-I/O chip supports:
          2 PCI Enhanced IDE Ports (Supports 4 Devices PIO 0-4)
          2 High Speed Serial Ports (16550 UART Compatible)
          1 Enhanced Parallel Port (SPP, EPP, ECP capable)
          1 Floppy Drive Port (Supports 2 Floppy Drives)
        - Manufactured by: FordLian/Redfox/Polaris/Bravo Baby