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FOREX 486 R:VL3M Motherboard
Photo wanted: please send high-res 200dpi 24bit color scan of board

        - AMI BIOS ID string   40-P301-001437-072594-DGREEN-H
        - revisions covered: R:VL-3M   R:VL-1A 421A/422   R:VL-IC 421A/422
        - 2-72pin SIMM slots (1-32meg FPM DRAM)
        - 4-30pin SIMM slots
        - Supports 256k, 1M, 4M, 8M, 16M and 32M SIMMs
        - 3-32bit VESA local bus slots
        - 7-16bit ISA slots
        - Forex486 -FR46C521A Chipset
        - Two-third of the baby AT size board (220mm x 260mm)
        - Supports Intel 486(and 487)SX/20/25/33,
          486DX/25/33/40/50, 486DX2/50/66 and P24T CPUs
        - AMI BIOS
        - Manufactured by: FOREX Computer Group