Parts List 8362

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Index    FRU P/N
1 Logic Unit Model A52 and A53 (Ethernet)
w/o L2 Cache, memory SIMMs, and PCMCIA drive
(A52-07L7563, A53-07L7564)    08L0460
Logic Unit Model A22 and A23 (Token-Ring)
w/o L2 Cache, memory SIMMs, and PCMCIA drive
(A22-07L7560, A23-07L7561)    08L0462
Logic Unit Cover (8362)    07L7565
2 100-240 Vac power module
3-pin connector (grounded).
see Detachable Power Cords    11J8956
100-240 Vac power module
2-pin connector (ungrounded), Japan
see Detachable Power Cords    11J8974
3 8361 / 8362 - Keyboards
4 Mouse (Two-button)    76H5080
NOTE: Memory Upgrades must be done in pairs of EDO memory.
5 16 MB EDO Memory SIMM    91H3749
32 MB EDO Memory SIMM    91H3750
6 512 KB SRAM L2-Cache    75H5462
7 PCMCIA drive option    07L8336

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