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8361/8362 - Network-Station Keyboards

8361 / 8362 - Network-Station Keyboards
Specific Language    FRU P/N
Arabic    8131596
Belgian (Dutch)    75H9514
Belgian (French)    75H9513
Brazilian (Portuguese)    73H4616
Bulgarian    75H9515
Chinese (Simplified)    07H0705
Chinese (Traditional)    75H9505
Czech    75H9516
Danish    75H9517
Dutch    75H9518
English (UK)    75H9540
English (US)    75H9505
English (US ISO)    75H9548
Finnish    75H9536
French    75H9519
French (Canadian)    75H9507
French (Canadian 1988)    42H1295
German    75H9520
Greek    75H9522
Hebrew    75H9523
Hungarian    75H9524
Icelandic    75H9525
Italian    75H9526
Japanese Kanji    66G0507
Korean (106)    07H0706
Norwegian    75H9527
Polish    75H9528
Portuguese    75H9529
Romanian    75H9530
Russian Cyrillic    75H9531
Russian    75H9532
Serbian Cyrillic    75H9533
Slovakian    75H9534
Slovenian    75H9541
Spanish    75H9535
Spanish (Latin-America)    75H9509
Swedish/Finnish    75H9536
Swiss/French    75H9537
Swiss/German    75H9537
Swiss/Italian    75H9526
Thai    75H9545
Turkish (F)    75H9539
Turkish (Q)    75H9538

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