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OPTIONs By IBM / OBI - Install/Setup/Adjust


This section contain SAMPLES and how to Install and Configure ADAPTERs and OPTIONs (OBI). Try first, to use the ORIGIN Manual(s) and/or Help/Readme/Doc file(s) (diskette), received with Option/Adapter.

< Identifying Adapters

< SCSI / DASD / CD-ROM and Adapter



< PCMCIA / Keyboard and Adapter

< PROCESSOR Upgrades / SelectaBus for Series 700

  -IMPORTANT- Please understand
What/where is the difference between FRU - OPT - MKT P/Ns

  Option P/N - Feature P/N - Matrix

Because extreme IPF-code complexity - this section could'nt be converted
Please be patient, I'am hard working to solve ...

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