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Miscellaneous - OPTIONs/FEATUREs - Matrix


TP PCMCIA 4x CDROM (no sound) 75H9499 75H9492       X
TP PCMCIA 4x CDROM (with sound) 75H9500 75H9605       X
° NiCd CDROM Battery 75H9480 41H9727       X
° CDROM AC Adapter 75H7522 41H9723       X
° CDROM PCMCIA Card 75H7523 ---       X
° CDROM I/F Cable 75H9590 ---       X
6157 Tape Adapter 37F6718 92X1458   X    
Bus Adapter 00F2101   X      
Bus Adapter 61X8910   X      
Data Acquisition Adapter (DAC) 6181768 6451502 X      
Game Control Adapter 8529151 1501300 X      
GBIB Adapter 6181770 6451503 X      
Internal Tape Backup Unit 87F9787 30F5279 X X    
° Adapter Cable 34F2717     X    
° Formatted Blank Tape 30F5277     X    
Microphone (UltiMedia systems) 42G2783     X    
MIDI Adapter Unit 81X8624   X      
Multifunction Adapter 30F5447 30F5364 X      
° 1MB Memory Module 74X8637 30F5360 X      
PC Music Feature 81X8620 81X8630 X      
Serial/Parallel Adapter 8286147 6450215 X      
° Serial Adapter Cable 8286170 6450217 X      
° Serial Adapter Connector 8286194 6450242 X      
Speech Adapter 61X8921 1501216 X      
SpeechViewer Adapter 15F8511 6450610 X      
Pageprinter Adapter 75X8213 75X8627   X    
° Printer Accessory Kit 1183003     X    
° Printer Cable 8529214 1525612 X      
Misc. Screw/Jumper Kit - incl. HDD screws (PS/2) 92F0141     X    
Flight Controller (FLIGHTST)
76H1572 76H0130        
2-Button Mouse 400 DPI
(1000Km Mouse)
76H0107 76H0104        
TP Microphone (Simply Speaking)
Microphone Kit NC50 (Rel. with SW)
ISA VoiceType Dictation Adapter 71G6641 70G8976 X      
MC VoiceType Dictation Adapter 71G6642 70G8977   X    
° Headphone Option 68G2583 8123953 X X    
° Microphone Option 68G2584 8123954 X X    
PCMCIA VoiceType Dictation Adapter 89G2854 OSPCH3Y       X
° Microphone 61G1268         X
° External Jack Box 89G2848         X
Store Loop Adapter 34G1185 83X8187   X    
Store Loop Controller Adapter 83X7575
74G0072 X      
Two Slot Front Access PCMCIA
Adapter for ISA
  81G4246 X      
° ISA Card-2 Slot 81G4632          
° Drive Bay Assembly 81G4633          
° Cable Kit 81G4635          
Two Slot Front Access PCMCIA
Adapter for Micro Channel
  81G4256   X    
° MCA Card-2 Slot 81G4261          
° Drive Bay Assembly 81G4633          
° Cable Kit 81G4635          
S/370 Channel Emulator 70X5061 6193413 X      
° S/370 Channel Emulator Cable 70X4865   X      
° S/370 Channel Emulator
HMM :Disks
75X3256   X      
S/370 Channel Emulator/A Adapter 06F3160 1674899   X    
° S/370 Channel Emulator/A Cable 70X4865     X    
S/370 MCA to Mainframe Connection 12G8067     X    

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