I/O card information

This is part of what I found on my harddisk, these are requested the most.
Check out these pages too:
Gigagon ISA card settings page
PC-DISK: harddisk and controller card jumper settings
Goldstar controller card settings Prime 2 and Prime 3 chips, HDC 3290U, MTM 2183M, VL 400GG

DLU 270 or TK 82C862 2J D20 FT FCC ID: HBQUMC862A
Webest Tech FCC ID: HBQUMC8635D01 and/or FCC ID: KR4MGUMC82C863F, also MG-863-J1 by MG PRODUCT
IDE Plus V4 kentech esio v4-hj3 FCCID=kjdken-ide-plus-v4
ESIO V1.1 gif with layout and jumper settings found here
FSIO-UC3 and layout
FSIO-UC5.1 and layout
kingroyal FCC ID: J59H7578BF (partial and not confirmed yet)
Pantek PIO-001 as sold by Octek
55pm11100A (probably the PM-111) FCC ID:ILUPM540G --> this ID is used on loads of other cards as well for which I do not have settings yet
PTI-227W rev 1 FCC ID: KDDPTI227W (probably made by DTK)
PTI-217 (DTK)
PTI-227 (DTK) scan
PTI-227B (DTK)
PTI-227W (DTK)
S1363-004 (Rev. 1.0)
AB-757 or SAB-757 FCC ID: ID2-W83757
IDE PLUS-V2 (on the back), M5105 A4E chip, no further markings, scan
Chicony CH-101B

Donated info:
1100CX marked: Enhance 2S1P, FCC ID: I8PHLC-1100CX made by Hsin Lin scan and info sent in by Nick Semmens

These are settings for some other cards (formerly available at TDN services):

AB-862G Super I/O IDE Controller image1
2serial-1parallel pdf
CA8390 IDE Controller image1
CA8391/CA8392 IDE Controller image1
CA9341F pdf
CA9342 pdf
DTC2280 Super I/O with IDE Controller W83757F/W83758Pimage1image2

DTC2280E Super I/O with IDE Controller image1image2
E-315E Super IDE image1
GW 2760 PX Super I/O card image1
M5105 A4 Mini Super IDE image1
M5105 ECS CI90 PDF
UN-1072 IDE I/O Card image1image2
ATIO V8 MULTI I/O Card image
CA8201/CA8202 AT Multi I/O image1

CA8262 AT Multi I/O image1
Paradise AutoSwitch EGA VIDEO CARD image1

Pine PT602A pdf
Pine PT604 pdf
Pine PT604A pdf
Pine PT606 pdf
Pine PT606E txt
Pine PT606G pdf
Pine PT607G pdf
Vitex pdf

Last change: June 6, 2004