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Power Cords

Country    FRU P/N
Arabic Countries    14F0033
Australia    93F2365
Belgium    13F9979
Bulgaria    13F9979
Canadia    93F2364
Czech Republic    13F9979
Denmark    13F9997
Finland    13F9979
France    13F9979
Germany    13F9979
Hungary    13F9979
Israel    14F0087
Italy    14F0069
Latin American    93F2366
Netherlands    13F9979
New Zealand    93F2365
Norway    13F9979
Poland    13F9979
Portugal    13F9979
Serbia    13F9979
Slovakia    13F9979
South Africa    14F0015
Spain    13F9979
Switzerland    13F9979
Switzerland (French, Germany)    14F0051
U.S.    93F2364
U.K. Ireland    14F0033
Yugoslavia (former)    13F9979

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