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M6Me Manual Addendum

The M6Me motherboard requires a specific power supply. Your standard AT or ATX power supply will not work with this particular board. The power supply may be obtained from various computer resellers, including:

  • Sparkle ................ 408 945 1314
  • Fortron Source ......... 510 440 0188
  • US Power ............... 915 774 0066
  • EMACS .................. 915 599 2688
  • PowerSpec .............. 408 748 9900

Be sure to specify that you need the correct power supply for the Micronics M6Me motherboard.

The connections are as follows:

  • J34 - AT Power Supply. This is the standard AT power connector (normally marked P8 and P9 on the wires). They fit as normal, with the GROUNDS in the center.
  • J35 - 3.3V Power Supply. This is the secondary power connector (normally marked P10 and P11 on the wires). They fit so that the GROUNDS are on the ends, and the 3.3V wires are in the center.
  • J46 - Soft Power Standby. This is the soft power connector (normally marked P13 on the wires). It fits so that the SIGNAL is on pin 1, the 5V is on pin 2, and the GROUND is on pin 4.
  • J53 - Additional Power. This is a 5 volt power connector (normally marked P12 on the wires). It fits so that the 5V are on pins 1-3 and the GROUNDS are on pins 4-6.