Compaq Presario 4784
January 1997


Presario 4784
Compaq P/N 271210-004 
UPC 743172429629


Dimensions and Weight Dimensions and Weight (D x W x H)
Unit: 17.1" x 9.25" x 17" (21 lbs)
Package: 24" x 22" x 24.5" (55 lbs)
Processor Intel Pentium® 200 processor with MMXTM technology
Memory 32 MB SyncDRAM (16 MB on system board), expandable to 80 MB (SyncDRAM DIMM Required)
Hard Drive 4.3GB hard drive
Zip Drive 100-MB Zip Drive; stores 100 MB of data on removable discs
CD-ROM Drive Internal 16X Max CD-ROM drive
Talk and Send DSVD Modem 33.6K/14.4K bps data/fax modem. Free Compaq software offer allows simultaneous transmission of digital voice and data (DSVD)5
Simultaneous, 2-way (full-duplex) speakerphone with Adaptive Echo Cancellation (Optimized for use with Presario 1425, 1525 and 1725 monitors)
Fax Center
Receive, mark-up and save incoming faxes; send faxes, with options to schedule send or group broadcast.
Video Phone
Free Compaq Video Phone software offer allows full color video receive capabilities.
Compaq Phone Center Includes telephone answering capabilities, with up to 4 individual, password-protectable voicemail boxes; electronic address book with speed dial; and remote access to voicemail boxes.
Cache Internal 32 Kbytes; External 512K (optional) Pipeline Burst
Graphics Hardware-accelerated 3D graphics using S3 ViRGE*
2 MB EDO Video Memory
PCI 64-bit accelerated graphics
Video feature connector
Maximum non-interlaced resolution of up to 1280 x 1024 (when supported with monitor)
Full motion MPEG video playback "tuned" for MMX technology
Recommended Monitors Presario 1425, 241500-001 (14" monitor with 12.9" viewable area)
Presario 1525, 241503-001 (15" monitor with 13.5" viewable area)
Presario 1725, 241506-001 (17" monitor with 15.6" viewable area)
Compaq SmartQ Includes Help Center, Technical Support, and ability to create up to eight (8) customized Windows 95 environments.
Easy Access Buttons Audio CD Player (Play/Pause, Stop, PreviousTrack, NextTrack)
Phone Message
Message Indicator Light
SmartQ Help
Compaq Audio JBL Pro stereo speakers
Integrated 16-bit Stereo Sound
Wavetable Sound
Spatializer® 3D Surround Sound
Headphone Jack®
User controllable volume/bass/treble, with 3 Band Equalizer
Compaq Multimedia Audio CD player, Video Player (AVI, MPEG, and others) WAV maker/player/editor, MIDI maker/player /editor, voice recorder.
Diskette Drive 3-1/2" 1.44 MB diskette drive
Peripherals Compaq Standard Keyboard
Compaq Mouse
Compatibility Plug and Play compatible
Power Supply Steady-state 145 watts
Expansion Slots Two 16-bit ISA expansion slots
Two PCI expansion slots
One PCI/ISA combo slot
One Compaq reserve slot for modem
Expansion Bays Five drive bays (populated with 3.5" diskette drive, hard drive and CD Drive; two 3/4 height drive bay open for expansion)
I/O Interfaces Two USB Connectors (Drivers not included),
Serial RS-232C compatible, DB9 connector (16550)
Parallel EPP/ECP standard centronics-compatible interface (DB25 connector)
Joystick/MIDI compatible game port
Two RJ11 phone jacks (1 input, 1 output)
Four Audio (headphone/speaker, microphone, line-in/out)
Mouse & Keyboard port
Software Microsoft Windows 95
Compaq SmartQ1
Compaq Phone Center1 (Speakerphone, Address Book, voice and fax Message Center)
Compaq Multimedia
Microsoft Works
CorelDRAW 54
Compton's Interactive Encyclopedia 1996
Quicken Special Edition Multimedia
PGA Tour 96
Magic Carpet
Yukon Trail
America Online (free trial membership)
GNN (free trial membership)
Netscape Navigator (free trial membership)
CompuServe Information Manager (free trial membership)
PointCastTM Network
Hot new software for MMX TM technology (Pod and Ultimate Human Body 2)
QuickRestore CD
Technical Support Available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Toll-free technical support is available for Compaq hardware defects during warranty period at (800) OK-COMPAQ. Hardware usage and software support is also available through this number at a per resolution fee. (900)733-HELP2 A rate of $23 per minute will be charged to your telephone bill not to exceed $30.3
Limited Warranty Covered by Compaq 1-Year Limited Warranty - 1 year parts and 1 year carry-in labor with first 90 days on-site.




Option Part#

Compatibles by Compaq Scanner Keyboard
Compaq Presario Video Phone System



1- Compaq Exclusives
2 - Under 18 years of age must have Guardian approval.
3 - Subject to change without notice
4 - Libraries include 100 clipart imagesc and 10 TrueType® fonts; Corel VENTURA 5 not included
5 - Over standard lines.
6 - Drivers not included.
* - Optimized for use with Presario 1425, 1525, and 1725 monitors.

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