Deskpro EN SDT

Identifying System Board Connectors and Jumpers

CR28  3.3V Aux LED
CR29 3.3V Main LED (NI)
CR31 Power Button LED (ON)/PS_ON_LED (OFF)
E49 Password Header (Installed=Enabled - Removed=Cleared)
SW50 Clear CMOS
P1 Power Supply Connector
P5(pins 1-9) Power Button - Pwr LED and HD LED Connector
P5(pins 10-11) SCSI LED Connector
P6 Speaker Connector
P7 CD-ROM Audio
P701 CD-ROM Audio
P8 Chassis Fan Connector
P12  SOS Connector
P214 Hood Intrusion Sensor
P215 Hood Lock Solenoid Connector
P10 Diskette Drive Connector
P20 Primary IDE Connector
P21 Secondary IDE Connector
P70 CPU Fan
P100 ITP Connector
J20-24 PCI Slots
J40 AGP/AIMM Connector
XBT1 External Battery
XMM1-3 DIMM Memory Slots
Xu1 Primary Processor Socket


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