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Q: Spring Circle ST586 rev. P550 it is the same as P564 revision?

A: No. Known Spring Circle mainboards listed in the table below:

No. BIOS ID         Chipset      Model/Revision

  1. 2A59CS9AC   Intel FX       ST586 Rev. P550 - ???
  2. 2A59CS9BC   Intel FX       ST586 Rev.P550-Uxx
  3. 2A59FS9AC   Intel HX      ST586 Rev. P571-1,2
  4. 2A59FS9BC   Intel HX      ST586 Rev. P571-3
  5. 2A59GS9AC   Intel VX      ST586 Rev. P561...P565 - U0x, UMC(?) IO Chip
  6. 2A59GS9BC   Intel VX      ST586 Rev. P561...P565, LGS IO Chip
  7. 2A59GS9CC   Intel VX      ST586 Rev. P566-I0x
  8. 2A5IDS99C   SiS 5511      ST586 Rev. P5C01
  9. 2A5R5S91C   Forex 601-613 SF586 Rev. VIP3A
  10. 2A4IBS91C   SiS 496        486-family mainboard
  11. AMI: 40-0G00-001398-00101111-080893-4X521-H
                       Forex FRX46C512A  4X521


Q: Can I use BIOS update from your site for my ST586 P561-4/P550/P571/P561-U03 etc.  mainboard?

A: BIOS update could be used only if:

  • Award ID string of your BIOS and ID string of the BIOS update are identical.  Example of ID string: 2A59GS9BC (see when computer reboots at the bottom of the screen)

In any case, BIOS update for one chipset cannot be used with mainboards, based on another chipset.

If you can not read ID string from your original BIOS, determine what is the chipset of your mainboard and (important!) mark of an IO chip (to check chipset type see labels of chips on the mainboard beside CPU (Intel SB 82437VX - is Intel VX chipset, Intel SB82437FX-66 is Intel FX chipset, etc.), to check I/O chip, see label on the chip at left of the lowest PCI slot (for LGS is  "LGS Prime 3C"). 

Q: What happens after writing of incorrect BIOS update?

A: At the best, you can not use floppy drive and ports (COMs, LPT) - BIOS update is not compatible with IO chip on your mainboard.

At the worst, computer will not starts. May be if you wrote BIOS for another chipset.

Q: Computer is not started after writing BIOS update. What can I do?

A: First, try switch off/on computer several times. Clear CMOS, remove all unused expansion cards (sound, network etc.), try replace PCI video card with ISA card.

If computer still does not starts, you need re-write old BIOS.

Q: BIOS does not support HDDs largest than 8.4 GB. Where can I find update?

A: Manufacturers of hard disks usually provide special utilities or DOS drivers to solve this problem. If you work most time under Windows 9x/NT, try just re-partition HDD through disk utilities like a Partition Magic (allows use all space of your HDD) or re-partition disk on computer that supports large drives.

Q: Where can I find description of jumpers for my P56x/P57x etc.  mainboard?

A: All descriptions of jumper settings placed on this site are valid only for mainboards of specified revision (but concurrences are probable). Additional information.




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