Compaq Presario 510cds
September 1994
Standard Features
Design All-in-one design
Processor and Cache 486 SX/33 Microprocessor with internal 8-KB cache
CD-ROM Drive One internal "double speed" CD ROM drive standard
Hard Drive 270 MB, upgradeable to 525 MB
Monitor 14" built-in, .28mm dot pitch, high resolution SVGA color monitor, supports 800x 600 at 256 colors --non-interlaced and 1024 x 768 at 16 colors -- interlaced
Diskette Drive 3-1/2" 1.44 MB diskette drive
Upgradeability 486 overdrive upgradeability to 486 DX2/66
Memory 4 MB of RAM standard, expandable to 64 MB
Audio Integrated 16-Bit stereo sound with built-in, tuned port speakers
Power Supply Steady-state 145 watts of power, EPA Energy Star Compliant low-power mode
Expansion Slots Two (8/16 bit) ISA expansion slots, unoccupied
Expansion Bays Three drive bays (populated with floppy, hard drive and CD-ROM drive)
Graphics 512K Video RAM, ISA with Local Bus Graphics
Compatibility Plug & Play compatible
Speakerphone Simultaneous, 2-way (full duplex) speakerphone with speed dialing capability, utilizes AT&T technology
Fax/Modem Built-in 14.4K bps fax/modem
Caller ID Supports Caller ID when service is activated by your local phone company
Personal Message Center Includes telephone answering machine with 10 individual, password-accessible, remote access voice mailboxes and electronic address book with speed dial
File Player WAVE file player and recorder; MIDI file player and recorder
Security MultiLock security features: Power-on password, keyboard password, diskette drive control, diskette boot control, parallel and serial interface control, set-up password
Interfaces Parallel, serial, mouse, video, keyboard, gameport (Compaq mouse and keyboard included)
Software Features MS-DOS 6.2, Microsoft Windows 3.1, TabWorks, MediaPilot (CD Sound System, Address Book, Phone Center, Fax Center), Welcome Center/Control Center/Learning Center, Microsoft Works for Windows CD, Microsoft Encarta CD, Quicken for Windows Special
Edition, Home Survival Toolkit, KidSoft CD, Crayola Art Studio (free via KidSoft CD), Dream Team Early Math (free via KidSoft CD), Dream Team Basic Spelling Tricks (free via KidSoft CD), Prodigy (free trial membership), America Online (free trial membership), CompuServe (free trial membership), ImagiNation Network (free trial
membership) and The Even More Incredible Machine
Warranty Covered by CompaqCare unprecedented, 3-year limited warranty
Customer Support Lifetime toll-free customer support 24-hours a day, 7 days a week by calling (800)-OKCOMPAQ
RemotePaq Allows technical support engineers to remotely troubleshoot hardware and software configurations
486 DX2/66 -- Processor Upgrade 194305-001
4 MB Memory Module (70ns/Non-Parity) 147522-001
8 MB Memory Module (70ns/Non-Parity) 147523-001
16 MB Memory Module (70ns/Non-Parity) 147524-001
32 MB Memory Module (70ns/Non-Parity) 147525-001
525 MB Disk Drive 196410-001
Tilt & Swivel Stand 177037-001