Model: AM-600FX

Intel 440FX Chipset Pentium® Pro Motherboard


Technical Specifications
Intel Pentium® Pro Processor at 150-200MHz
Cache Memory
L2 cache is CPU built-in.
Intel 440FX chipset.
System Memory
Use 72-pin SIMM modules x 4 auto bankign in multiple configuration up to 512MB. Supports EDO & FPM DRAM.
Expansion Slots
Four PCI and three ISA slots.
Power Management
Supports Green feature function.
System BIOS
On Board I/O
On board super Multi-I/O chip supports two serial ports that are 16550 fast UART compatible. Supports on eparallel port with EPP and ECP capabilities; two floppy disk drive interface. Two Universal Serial Bus (USB) (option); One PS/2® Connector. One IrDA/ASKIR Interface Port.
Plug and Play
Supports Plug and Play EPROM.
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