Model: AM-548P

TX Pro-II Pentium™ PCI Motherboard

Technical Specifications
Intel® Pentium™ P54C/P55C.
Cyrix®/IBM® 6x86/6x86L/6x86MX.
AMD® K6/IDT C6 with external clock speed at 50/55/60/75 MHz.
Cache Memory
Supports on-board 64-bit 512k L2 cache.
TX Pro-II BGA chipset/66MHz AGP (Advanced Graphics Port).
System Memory
Supports 3 banks of FPM/EDO SIMM/DIMM and SDRAM DIMM expandable memory up to 384MB.
4x72-pin SIMM sockets and 2x168-pin DIMM sockets.
Supports 64-bit DRAM/SDRAM.
Supports single piece of SIMM working capability.
Expansion Slots
4xPCI and 4xISA bus slots. All 4 PCI slots support bus-mastering mode.
On Board I/O
Supports Ultra DMA/33, PCI Bus master IDE interface on board with 2 connectors which support 4 IDE devices in 2 channels.
The PCI IDE controller supports PIO mode 0 to mode 4 plus Ultra DMA/33 at maximum transfer rate of 33MB/s and bus-master IDE DMA mode 2.
System BIOS support 4 IDE hard ddrives which do not need device driver for software application and the capacity of each harddisk can be up to 8.4GB.
On board super multi-IO chip supports 2 serial ports with 16550 UART compatible, one parallel port with ECP/EPP, and one floppy disk drive interface.
Supports PS/2™ mouse connector, USB and infrared connectors.
Other Features
Provides dual 20-pin ATX power connector and AT 12-pin power connector, and ATX power support modem ring on and suspend switch.
Supports both ACPI and legacy PMU.
System BIOS supports green feature function and Plug and Play flash ROM.
Special Features
Supports embedded 64-bit Graphics Controller: - High performance 64-bit GUI accelerator with excellent video playback capability.
- System memory shares up to 4MB with video buffer.
- High resolution graphic modes up to 1280x1024.
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