Model: AM-433TX/ATX

Intel® 430TX chipset PCI Motherboard


Technical Specifications
Intel® Pentium™ (P54C) at 90-200MHz.
Intel® Pentium™ MMX™ 166-233MHz.
AMD® K5/K6.
Cyrix® 6x86/6x86L/6x86MX.
Cache Memory
Built-in 512k synchronous pipelined burst cache.
Intel® 82430TX chipset.
System Memory
4x72-pin SIMM sockets for FPM/EDO.
2x168-pin DIMM sockets for EDO/SDRA.
Maximum memory size is 256MB.
Supports mixing EDO/FPM/SDRAM.
Expansion Slots
Support four PCI bus master revision 2.1, interface compliant slots and three ISA slots.
On Board I/O
Supports ACPI (Advanced Configuration Power Interface).
Supports two PCI enhanced IDE PIO mode 3/4, Ultra DMA/33 IDE, LS-120/ZIP and CD-ROM.
One FDC supporting two floppy drives, two 16550 UART serial ports, one ECP/EPP parallel port, two USB port and one PS/2™ mouse connector on board.
Other Features
Auto Power Off for Win95.
Support both AT and ATX power supply.
Plug and Play BIOS using flash EEPROM.
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