Model: AM-430TX

Intel 430TX Chipset PCI (DIMM) Motherboard


Technical Specifications
Pentium® Processor at 90-233 MHz. Intel Pentium® P55C (MMX™ Support). Cyrix/IBM 6x86/M2. AMD K5/K6.
Cache Memory
Direct Mapped L2 Write Back Cache.
512k on-board Synchronous Pipelined Burst SRAM.
Intel 430TX chipset.
System Memory
Use 72-pin SIMM modules x 4 auto banking in multiple configuration up to 256MB.
Supports SDRAM/EDO DRAM/Page Mode DRAM use 168-pin DIMM x 3.
Expansion Slots
Four PCI slots (One PCI share slot), and three ISA Bus slots (One ISA share slot).
Power Management
Supports Advanced Power Management (APM) and SMM.
Comply to the Energy Star "Green PC" program.
On Board I/O
Support ACPI (Advanced Configuration Power Interface). Support Two PCI Enhanced IDEs PIO MOde 3 and Mode 4 and "Ultra 33" Mode HDDs,
Twin Headers for Four IDE Devices including IDE HDDs and CD-ROMs.
One ECP/EPP Parallel Port,
Two 16550A UART Serial Ports, Two USB Ports (optional), One PS/2® Mouse Port (Optional).
Plug and Play
Supports PnP specification 1.1.
Plug and Play for DOS®, Windows® 3.x, and Windows® 95.
Other Features
1MB Flash EPROM (Support PnP, APM, ATAPI, DMI & Windows® 95).
IDE Auto LBA Mode Supports HDDs up to 8.4GB.
Anti-Virus Protection.
On-board Lithium or NiCd Battery.
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