Model: AM-430TX+

Intel® Triton™ 430TX Motherboard w/512k


Technical Specifications
ZIF Socket 7.
Full support for the Intel® Pentium™ Processor with MMX™ technology using socket 7.
Supports 50/55/60/66 MHz bus speed including all Pentium™ processors from 90-233MHz.
Supports Cyrix™/IBM™ 6x86/6x86L, MX and AMD™ K5/K6 processors.
Cache Memory
The external cache policy is direct-mapped, write-back.
512k synchronous pipeline burst cache is supported.
Intel® 430TX Chipset.
System Memory
A total of four 72-pin SIMM sockets and two 168-pin DIMM sockets.
both 5V Fast Page Mode and EDO DRAM types are supported by SIMM sockets.
3.3V SDRAM or 5V FPM/EDO DRAM can be supported by DIMM sockets.
Expansion Slots
Four PCI bus master slots (rev 2.1 compliant, with one PCI slot sharing with one ISA slot).
3 ISA slots (one ISA slot sharing with one PCI slot).
Power Management
APM specificatio 1.2 compliant.
Support auto display off and hard disk standby.
Activity monitoring for non-APM power management.
Support external SMI push-button.
Comply to the Energy Star "Green PC" program.
Advanced System Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI).
On Board I/O
Two enhanced IDE channel supporting up to four ATA or ATA2 or Ultra DMA IDE devices.
Bus Master IDE function enhances multitasking performance.
One ECP/EPP parallel port (via a header).
Two 16550-compatible UART serial ports (via a header).
One floppy port supporting two FDDs.
Two USB ports (via a header).
PS/2 mouse port (via a header).
Infrared (IrDA) support (via a header).
Plug and Play
Supports PnP specification 1.1.
Plug and Play for DOS®, Windows® 3.x/95.
Fully steerable PCI interrupts.
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