Model: AM-609LX ATX

Intel® 440LX Pentium-II™ Motherboard


Technical Specifications
Intel® Pentium-II™ CPU at 233-300MHz.
Single Edge Contact (SEC) cartridge (slot 1).
Cache Memory
Pentium-II™ CPU with MMX™ technology built-in 256k/512k L2 cache.
Cacheable 512MB.
Intel® 82440LX chipset.
System Memory
Using 3x168-pin DIMM sockets, provide three banks of 64-bit wide path up to 384MB SDRAM or 768MB EDO DRAM (with parity chip ECC support).
Expansion Slots
Supports one AGP slot, four PCI and three ISA slots.
On Board I/O
Dual Master IDE connectors support Ultra DMA/33 up to four devices in two channels for connection of high capacity hard disk drive, CD-ROM and tape drive, etc.
PS/2™ keyboard and mouse connector.
Two USB header.
One FDC port supports two devices up to 2.88MB each.
Two 16550a fast UART compatible serial ports.
One ECP/EPP parallel port.
Supports ACPI power management/OSPM (OS directed Power Management).
Other Features
High speed Ultra multi-I/O chipset.
Support Infrared transfer (IrDA TX/RX) connection.
Built-in switching voltage regulator.
Built-in LM78, LM75 supports Intel® LDCM (optional).
Supports auto-detect CPU core voltage range from 1.8V to 3.5V.
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