Model: AM-608LX ATX

IntelŽ 440LX Pentium™ II Motherboard


Technical Specifications
IntelŽ Pentium™ II CPU running at 233-333 MHz.
Single Edge Contact (SEC) cartridge (Slot 1).
Cache Memory
CPU bulit-in level 2 cache.
IntelŽ 82440LX PCI set.
System Memory
Up to 512MB SDRAM or 1GB EDO.
4x168-pin DIMMs (64-bit).
SDRAM & 3.3V EDO DIMM supported.
Depth of 1MB, 2MB, 4MB, 8MB, 16MB and 32MB.
Support ECC using parity DRAM modules.
Expansion Slots
3xISA, 4xPCI, 1xAGP (Accelerated Graphics Port).
On Board I/O
Support 2xPCI IDE channels including PIO Mode 3/Mode 4/UDMA33 and CD-ROM drives.
Supports 2xFDD, 1xECP/EPP parallel port, 2x serial ports, 2xUSB ports, PS/2 keyboard/mouse port, 1xspeaker out (optional), 1xMIC-In (optional), 1xline-in (optional), 1xMIDI/game (optional).
On Board Sound (Optional)
CreativeŽ Vibra™ 16XV, Sound Blaster™-16 compatible, full duplex 16-bit record/playback.
Hardware Monitoring (Optional)
LM79/75, voltage, temperature, fan speed monitoring, CPU over-heat protection.
Plug and Play
Plug and play specification 1.1
Plug and play for DOS™ and Win 3.1/95.
Other Features
PC 97 ready.
Supports SMM/APM and ACPI.
Comply to Energy Star Green PC program.
On board VRM 8.1
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