Model: AM-608FX ATX

Intel™ 440FX Pentium® II PCI Motherboard (ATX)


Technical Specifications
Full support the Pentium II processor using the Slot 1. Supports 60/66 MHz bus speed operating from 200MHz to 466MHz.
Voltage Regulator Modules
Flexible motherboard design with on-board VRM 8.1 for easy upgrade with future Intel™ overdrive® processors.
Cache Memory
Processor built-in L2 cache (Tag RAM and 2/4 BSRAM for 256k or 512k).
Intel™ 82440FX Chipset.
System Memory
8MB to 640MB.
A total of four 72-pin SIMM sockets and one 168-pin DIMM socket.
Supports Fast Page Mode (FPM), Burst Extended Date Output (BEDO) and Extended Data Output (EDO) DRAM on DIMM and SIMM sockets.
Expansion Slots
Four PCI bus master slots (rev 2.1 compliant, with 1 PDCI slot sharing with 1 ISA slot).
Three ISA bus slots.
Power Management
Supports SMM and APM.
Break switch for instant suspend/resume on system operation.
Comply to the Energy Star Green PC program.
On Board I/O
Two PCI fast IDE ports supporting up to 4 ATA2 IDE devices.
Supports Bus Mastering IDE and PIO Mode 4 (ujp to 22MB/sec) transfer.
One ECP/EPP parallel port, two USB ports, PS/2 keyboard port, PS/2 mouse port and two 16550 compatible UART serial ports.
One floppy port supporting two FDDs and Infrared (IrDA) support via a header.
Plug and Play
Supports PnP specification 1.1 PnP for DOS®, Windows® 3.x/95. Fully steerable PCI interrupts.
System BIOS
1MB or 2MB flash BIOS supporting PnP, APM, ATAPI and Windows® 95. Jumper selection for 5V or 12V flash memory. Auto detects and supports LBA hard disks with formatted capacities up to 8.4 GB. Easily upgradable by end-user.
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