Model: AM-607LX

Intel® 440LX Pentium™ II Motherboard


Technical Specifications
Fully supports for the Intel® Pentium™ II processors using the Slot 1 connector.
Supports 60/66 MHz bus speed including all processors operating from 200 to 333 MHz.
VRM On Board
On-board VRM 8.1
Cache Memory
L2 cache is CPU bulit-in.
Intel® 440LX PCIset.
System Memory
Up to 384MB SDRAM or 768MB EDO.
A total of three 168-pin DIMM sockets (3.3V EDO/SDRAM).
Supports 3.3V EDO DRAM at 50ns/60ns speed and SDRAM up to 66MHz.
The board has DIMM sockets arranged as banks 0, 1 and 2. The BIOS automatically detects the size, type and banks of installed memory.
Supports ECC using parity DRAM modules.
Expansion Slots
Two ISA bus slots, four PCI bus slots (with one shared).
One Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP).
On Board I/O
Supports two PCI enhanced IDEs PIO Mode 3/4 and Ultra DMA/33 HDDs. Twin Headers for four IDE devices including IDE HDDs and Cd-ROMs.
Supports two FDD, two 16550a UART serial ports, two USB ports, one PS/2 mouse ports, one AT keyboard port and IrDA port.
Plug and Play
Plug and Play specifiation 1.1
Plug and Play for DOS®, Windows® 3.x/95.
Full steerable PCI interrupts.
Other Features
PC97 ready.
Supports SMM, APM and ACPI.
Break switch for instant suspend/resume on system operation.
Energy Star "Green PC" compliant.
Supports ATX power supply by optional transfer wire.
LM79/75 hardware monitoringcircuitry is supported which monitors voltage, temperature and fan speeds.
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