Model: AM-590

SiS PC100 Pentium Motherboard

Technical Specifications
Pentium™ Processor at 90-233MHz.
Intel® Pentium™ P54C and P55C (MMX),
Cyrix™/IBM™ 6x86/6x86L, MX, MXII,
AMD™ K5/K6/K6-2.
Cache Memory
Onboard 1MB Pipelined Burst Synchronous L2 Cache
SiS PC100
IDE AUTO LBA Mode Supports HDDs over 8.4GB
Anti-Virus Protection
System Memory
2x168-pin DIMMs
2x72-pin SIMMs
Supports SDRAM & 3.3V EDO
Up to 256MB
Expansion Slots
2xISA Bus Slots (1 ISA Slot Shared With 1 PCI Slot)
3xPCI Bus Slots (1 PCI Slot Shared With 1 ISA Slot)
Onboard I/O
Supports Two PCI EIDE PIO Mode3, Mode4 and Ultra DMA 33 HDDs
Twin Headers for Four IDE Device
Supports Two FDDs
One ECP/EPP Parallel Port, Two 16550 UART Serial Ports, Two USB Ports (Optional ATX Form Factor Card)
PS/2 Mouse Port (Optional Adapter Cable), Keyboard Port, IrDA Port (Optional TX/RX Module)
Onboard AGP VGA
Built-in High Performance 64-bit 3D AGP Graphics Accelerator (SiS 6326 Chipset) with 8MB Frame Buffer
Onboard Sound
3D Sound Pro Chipset Supports HRTF Positional Audio
DirectSound & Software Wavetable Synthesizer, Digital Audio Interface (SPDIF IN/OUT)
Support SB16, WSS & Game
Plug and Play
Plug and Play Specification 1.1
Plug and Play for DOS®, Windows® 3.x and Windows® 95
Other Features
PC97/98 Ready
Supports SMM, APM and ACPI
Comply to Energy Star "Green PC" Program
Trend Micro's Chip Away Virus and PC-Cillin included
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