Model: AM-520GX

Cyrix® Gxi™ Chipset PCI Motherboard w/VGA &Audio


Technical Specifications
Cyrix GXi Processor.
Implements a UMA (Unified Memory Architecture) system.
Includes Cyrix VSA (Virtual System Architecture) enabling eXpressGraphics™ and eXpressAudio™.
Cache Memory
16k Byte unified L1 cache or 12k unified L1 cache and 4k scratched for SMM and graphics.
Speeds offered at 166/180/200 MHz.
Integrated floating point unit.
Enhanced re-entrant system management mode (SMM).
XpressRAM Memory Sub-System
64-bit EDO DRAM controller.
Tight coupling to CPU core (XpressRAM™).
Runs at core clock frequency.
UMA implementation with Display compression Technology™.
CAS-before-RAS or self-refresh support.
Supports up to 128MB in four banks.
Expansion Slots
Two 32-bit PCI slots.
Three 16-bit ISA slots.
On Board I/O
Two controllers with support fort up to four IDE devices.
Four 32-it prefetch and write buffers.
Supports PIO mode 4.
Bus mastering supported without DMA handshake.
One floppy controller supports two floppy devices up to 2.88MB.
Two Serial ports.
One Parallel Port.
Supports PS/2 mouse through optional header.
Optional USB v.1.0 and Intel™ Universal HCI v.1.0 compatible.
Power Management
Automated CPU suspend modulation.
Software SMI and stock clock for APM support.
Keyboard and mouse activity detect for screen wake up.
Shadow register support for legacy controllers for zero-volt suspend.
Other Features
Microsoft™ Windows® 95 and Plug and play BIOS compliant.
Use flash EEPROM (2M Bits) to allow easy BIOS update.
Wake up system, switch system to power save mode.
Optional ATX power supply.
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