Model: AM-519Opti

Opti Viper-M Chipset PCI and ISA Motherboard

Technical Specifications
586 type processors up to 200MHz with ZIF and VRM sockets.
Cyrix™ 6x86
Cache Memory
Supports 160-pin second level cache connector.
OptiŽ Viper-M Chipset.
System Memory
Supports 256k/512k async or pipelined sync SRAM module.
DRAM auto-banking DRAMup to 512MB.
Mixed FPM/EDO and burst EDO DRAM bank-by-bank.
On Board I/O
Interfaces host buses with the PCI local bus operation at 33.3MHz.
Supports I/O controller: two IDE connectors, two RS232 connectors, one parallel connector and one FDC connector.
Expansion Slots
Four ISA slots and three PCI slots.
System BIOS
Flash EPROM BIOS updated by flash memory programming utility.
Power Management
One CR2032 3V lithium battery on board.
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