TMC Mycomp PCI54IM settings as found somewhere on the web some time ago

I don't know where I found these. Let me know if they work for you. I have found an archived copy of the original product page.

Quick Reference Guide


- Base board on Intel FX drivers
- Onboard VGA (Western Digital) WDC9710 drivers
- OnBoard Sound Modulator (ESS) ESS1788F drivers
- Onboard Dual IDE (INTEL) 371SB drivers

JP9 JP10 Bus Clock
Off Off 1.5
On Off 2
Off On 3
On On 2.5
JP7 JP8 Bus Speed
ON On 50
Off On 60
On Off 66
JP1 - Off = Onboard VGA Enable
JP18 =Disable Setup
JP19 = Clr Password
JP20 = Clr CMOS

JP16 JP17  
Off Off P.Burst
On Off Burst
Off On Async
JP14 JP15  
Off Off 0k Cache
On Off 256k Cache
Off On 512k Cache
W2=Off W3=Off Cache Disable


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