Trang Bow motherboard KB5TA-1 (2A59GT1AC) as found somewhere on the Price Technology website some time ago

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This information is the result of "hunting and pecking" the jumpers on this board to determine the bus speed and multiplier. They apply to the KBT5A-1 board. Both the owner of the original page and me would appreciate some feedback and info on this board.

One CTX-508 board is also reported with i430VX-2A59GT1AC-00


As you can see, Cyrix processors make good guinea pigs.

The raw data is provided first for your own reference. The diagram was made up in Paint (sorry, I'm no artist) and is based on my conclusions from the information obtained during the time spent on the bench. Processor voltage data will be posted here (someday) when I get a chance to spend more time with this board.

Again, use this information at your own risk.


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