There was something strange going on here. I had two sources of information, but the voltage jumper settings were exactly opposite. Someone has sent me scanned pages from the original manual.

The best processor this board can support is an AMD K6-III+ or K6-2+/450ACZ, the difference between these is the III has 256KB on-chip cache whereas the -2+ has 128KB. Both can run at 6x FSB frequency using the "x2" setting on the board, ie: 75MHz and 450MHz on the SP-586TB. The core voltage for these is 2.0v and you need to load the latest BIOS (A.5) with a patch from Jan Steunebrink (A.5 J1 or J2) before fitting the chip.

Others might like to know the non-"mobile" K6-2 demands too much power from the supply and should not even be attempted.

Nobody has been able so far to get more than 256MB RAM on this board and that had to be low density chips too (using 3v PC100 DIMMs). I've also heard some bus mastering PCI devices (like SCSI controller cards) do not like the 75MHz FSM setting. The same may apply to CDROMs which don't support PIO mode 4 when the board's driven faster than 66MHz on the FSB. The 430TX chipset and System BIOS Cacheable don't mix well - turn it off. Also, you need to run a register setup program to get the best out of the K6+ as they have features the BIOS won't know about ... WA Monitor II or CTU work well for this.

text file with jumper settings

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