Luckytech / Shining Yuan Enterprises motherboard information

This is what I have found on my harddisk, it is by no means complete. I don't know anything specific about these motherboards. This is all information I have got.

P5MVP4 zipped word97 manual
P5MVP4 rev C zipped bios ID string 05/18/1999-VP4-686A-2A5LHSH9C-00 which should support harddrives up to 128GB

P5MVP3_A zipped word97 manual, probably for rev 1.3
P5MVP3 rev 1.6 zipped word97 manual
P5MVP3 bios rev. D ID string is: 06/14/2000-VP3-586B-SMC6-2A5LESHDC-00 this bios has been reported to support harddrives up to 120 Gbyte, it may even support more. Let me know if it works for you.
I have three seperate reports this bios works on the revision 1.4 board with original bios string: xx/xx/xxxx-VP3-586B-SMC6-2A5LESHCC-00
I have more than ten reports now it works on all board revisions that have the bios string xx/xx/xxxx-VP3-586B-SMC6-2A5LESHDC-00
Page about the P5MVP3 with photo and specs. This was on the (now dead) UK luckytech site at

SM-P6BX2/SM-P6BX2-C user manual (pdf)

SYE-5700/SYE-P55TX picture
SYE-5700/SYE-P55TX scanned pages from the manual, donated by Giorgio Griffini
SYE-5700/SYE-P55TX bios rev 1.4 ID string is: 03/03/98-i430TX-2A59ISH9C-00

SV-P55V picture, I have found some jumper settings (pdf) which I think should match the board. Use at your own risk, let me know if they make any sense.

Use this Award bios flash utility V7.63 as I have reports that the latest version 8.02 will not work.

Flashing the bios is at your own risk, I will not be held responsible for a non-functional board if it is not done properly, on the wrong board or otherwise. Your board should have the same bios ID string apart from the date! SAVE YOUR OLD BIOS TO FLOPPY BEFORE FLASHING THE NEW ONE. The command to use is:
awdflash /Pn /Sy backup.bin

If things go wrong, you might try this technique also on your own risk ofcourse.

The P5MVP3/A3 is made by QDI, it's their Advance 3 board

Last updated February 16, 2006

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