567 Motherboard Overview

Battery Socketed 3 volt Lithium coin cell battery.
BIOS Flash EEPROM - Phoenix
Plug and Play 1.0a spec., support for Windows 95.
Bus Architecture PCI 2.1/ISA based system bus
Cache L2 cache
256KB Pipelined Burst Cache which is soldered on board and not upgradeable.
Chipset Intel Triton 82430VX PCI
CPU MMX Pentium 166 MHz (Model 3010)
MMX Pentium 200 MHz (Model 3020)
Uses Type 7 CPU Zero Insertion Force (ZIF) CPU Socket. Supports Pentium Overdrive.
Interfaces Serial DB-9 Serial port for COM2
Parallel DB-25 Parallel port
Keyboard PS/2 keyboard port
Mouse PS/2 mouse port
S-Video I2C and S-video IN
USB Side-by side USB connector
VGA DB-15 VGA port
Soft On/Off 4-pin locking header
I/O Box 4-pin locking header
FDD Connector 34-pin on-board header connector
HDD Connector 40-pin PCI IDE (fast PIO-4)
HDD Connector 40-pin PCI IDE (fast PIO-4)
VESA Feature Connector 34-pin header connector
Infrared Serial Connector 5-pin header connector
Sleep Mode Support 2-pin header
IRQ Availability 5, 10,11, 15
The available IRQs may vary depending on the system configurations. When determining available IRQs always check for printers, sound cards, CD-ROM drives and any other devices in the system.
See Also: IRQ Availability
Network Certification To be determined.
RAM 32MB installed standard/128M maximum
Uses 4/8/16/32 MB 72-pin SIMMs, EDO or Fast Page RAM
Use only non-parity DRAM
Speaker On-board piezo speaker.
UART Two high speed NS16C550 compatible Serial Ports
Video ATI Rage GT 3D graphics controller with ATI VT/2 Accelerator (NEC567)
ATI 264GT 2D graphics controller (NEC568)
Both configurations upgradeable to 4 megabytes of ram.
Sound Yamaha OPL/3 FM Synthesizer
Yamaha OPL/4 Wavetable Synthesizer
Systems Ready 9712

IRQ Availability

IRQ Description Used Handled By
0 Timer Yes Default Handles
1 Keyboard Yes Default Handles
2 Cascade Yes BIOS
4 Modem COM1 BIOS
5 Sound Blaster Yes BIOS
6 Floppy Disk Yes Default Handlers
7 LPT1 Yes System Area
8 Real-Time Clock Yes Default Handlers
9 Redirected IRQ2 Yes BIOS
11 Available Free *1 BIOS
12 PS/2 Mouse Yes Default Handles
13 Math Co-processor Yes BIOS
14 Primary IDE Yes Default Handlers
15 Secondary IDE Free *2 Default Handlers

*1  If a PBTV4 card is installed then IRQ 11 is used.
*2  If an IDE CD-ROM is used then IRQ 15 is used.

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