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BCM 540/541 Motherboard Overview

Battery The battery is embedded in the DS12887 RTC (real time clock) IC (integrated circuit).
BIOS Phoenix Technologies Flash BIOS, (Boot Block, PLCC).
Bus One EISA riser slot for ISA and PCI buses
Cache 0K/256K/512KB, Write Back Direct Mapped organization in a
Card Edge Low Profile (CELP) socket for flexible
SRAM type support (Asynchronous and Synchronous Pipeline Burst).
Chipset Intel 82430FX PCI/ISA Chipset (Triton).
CPU Intel P54C 166/66*, 150/60*, 133/66, 120/60*, 100/66, 90/60, and 75/50
Interfaces VGA Port.
Two aynchronous serial ports using high speed 16C550 compatible ports with 16-byte FIFOs.
Keyboard and Mouse PS2 ports.
25 pin Parallel Port supporting EPP, ECP and Centronics Interface.
Audio Line In.
Audio Line Out.
Speaker Out.
Mic In.
Two pin infrared port with IrDA (HPSIR), ASKIR and Consumer Remote IR support.
RAM 4 SIMM Sockets, Burst Mode Read-Write support.
8 MB minimum to 128 MB maximum using 4, 8, 16, 32MB non parity,
60ns EDO or 70ns Fast Page or faster.
Video Options PCI GUI Accelerator and Motion Video playback controller using Alliance's ProMotion-6422TM
Standard 1MB memory upgradable to 1.5MB or 2MB using 256Kx16 DRAM.
Audio Options

OPTi930 Sound Blaster compatible single chip (82C930A).
upgradable via a standard WaveBlaster(tm) module.
Audio Features

  • Built-in 16-bit 128x Oversampling Sigma-Delta Stereo Codec with 85dB S/N ratio.
  • Built-in 5-channel 16/32 step MPC compatible stereo mixer with master volume, and sample rates up to 48khz stereo.
  • Dual DMA channel and built-in FIFOs (First in First out) for full duplex simultaneous playback and record in 16-bit stereo.
  • Sound Retrieval System (SRS) for 3D sound effects.
  • 20 Voice FM synthesis with OPL3.
  • MIDI and Game port interface.
  • 16-bit CD-quality WAVE audio up to 44.1Khz.
  • Built-in MPU-401 MIDI port with FIFOs.
  • Joystick and game port timer.
  • Silence mode to turn off all audio functions
  • Power-down mode for power savings.
  • SB-ADPCM and IMA-ADPCM Compression

* Not available in all configurations.

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