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Last modified: 20-06-2001

This site relates to the JT-586SV4 mainboard. There is little or few known about this mainboard. Often when trying to retrieve the manufacturers name Joss Technology is called. Unfortunatly trying standard websites like www.josstechnology.com, www.josstechnology.com.tw or www.joss-technology.com doesn't work. The first will lead you to an existing website of a German company, that has nothing to do with mainboards. They do have an e-mail adress on their site, to which you could e-mail for support, but I haven't had any reaction sofar from that. The other two website's just don't exist. This mainboard has been produced in aproximately 1996 or 19997 when the Pentium was in it's middle age as I would put it. The mainboard supports Pentiums with speeds rangin from 75 to 200 (no MMX!). This mainboard also supports a Pentium clones like the Cyrix 6x86 and the AMD K5. Most of the information presented here is derived from the original manual and of course my own experience's with several of these mainboards.



Why did I create this page ?

Because of my work I need to know everything about a mainboard. Since the manual left many questions I decided to surf the internet. Until recently I never found a site mentioning this board. While surfing I found that there were many 'unofficial' site's, describing just the things I was looking for.  This gave me the idea to set up an identical site for this and in the future many other unknown motherboards.

NOTE: The information presented here is mostly derived from the site of original manual. Therefore all this information is presented as is. The author of this site isn't liable for any damage what so ever resulting from the use of this information..

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