Compaq Presario 633
August 1994
Compaq P/N - 198340-002

Standard Features
Processor Intel 486SX/33MHz
Upgradable Upgradable using Intel OverDrive Processors
Memory Four MB of RAM standard, upgradable to 56MB
Hard Drive 200MB
Modem Integrated Fax (9600 BPS) Modem (2400BPS) with telephone answering machine
Graphics 1024x768 resolution with 1MB of DRAM
Expansion Bays Three 8/16 bit ISA expansion slots
Diskette Drive One 3.5 " 1.44MB Diskette Drive, and One 5.25" 1.2MB Diskette Drive
Interfaces Parallel, serial, mouse, video, keyboard, game port
Cache 8 KB internal
Security MultiLock security features: Power-on password, keyboard password, key lock, cable lock provision, diskette drive control, diskette boot control, network server mode, parallel and serial interface control, administrator password, and asset management
Power Supply Steady state 145 watts with user selectable 120V/220V
Preinstalled Software Preinstalled software for the Presaio 633 consists of:

- Microsoft MS-DOS Version 6.0
- Microsoft Windows Version 3.1
- Claris Works
- CD-ROM Titles (CDS Model only)
- Compaq-specific DOS/Windows utilities and drivers
- Compaq-generated "Welcome Center" and "Control Center" that provide easy access to information.

Pointing Device Compaq Mouse included
Warranty Compaq Care: Provides a wide range of offerings including 3-year, limited warranty; lifetimetoll-free 7 x 24 customer support; and RemotePaq allowing technical support engineers to remotely troubleshoot hardware and software configurations.

486DX2/50 Processor Versachip Upgrade 141091-001
486DX2/66 Processor Versachip Upgrade 141240-001
1MB Memory Module 141682-001
2MB Memory Module 141683-001
4MB Memory Module 141684-001
8MB Memory Module 141685-001
84-MB Hard Drive 141070-001
120-MB Hard Drive 141071-001
240-MB Hard Drive 143620-001
340-MB Hard Drive 160043-001
60-MB Tape Drive 131251-001
80/120-MB Tape Drive 131247-001

VGA Color Monitor 143650-001
SVGA Color Monitor 143800-501
SVGA Color Monitor Low Emissions 143800-503
1024 Color Monitor 141564-501
1024 Color Monitor Low Emissions 141564-503
151 FS Color Monitor 147250-501
151 FS Color Monitor Low Emissions 147250-503
171 FS Color Monitor 190901-001
QVision 200 Color Monitor 163350-001