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the boards behind the numbers. more to follow.

1.00.xx.CS15: MBD001056/MBD001075 Millennia® Pro 1/ClientPro® XVI (Venus P6/VS440FX)
1.00.xx.DB05: MBD001052 Home MPC® Series (Marl P5/Advanced/ML)
1.00.xx.DH05 MBD001078 Millennia® LXA/ClientPro® MTA (Tucson P5/TC430HX)
1.00.xx.DT05: MBD001084 Millennia® XRU (Portland/PD440FX)
BT84510A.86A: MBD001167 Millennia® TS2 (Blue Mountain/D845EBT)
BZ87510A.86A: MBD001185 Millennia® 920i/ClientPro® 545 (D875PBZ)
CB81010A.86A: MBD001143 ClientPro® CF lp (Calabasas/D810E2CB)
EA81510A.86A: MBD001134 ClientPro® CN (Easton/D815EEA)
EA81520A.86A: MBD001152 ClientPro® CH (Fayetteville/D815EEA1)
GB85010A.86A: MBD001150/MBD001139 ClientPro® CG/Millennia® Max XS (Garibaldi/D850GB)
HV84510A.86A: MDB001151 Millennia® Max XR/ClientPro® CR (Havre/D845HV)
MV85010A.86A: MBD001156/MBD001165 ClientPro® CG2/ClientPro® 525 (Maryville/D850MV)
OR840703.86E: MBD001126 ClientPro® DX5000 (Outrigger/OR840)
PT84510A.86A: MBD001157 Millennia® TS (Billings/D845BG)
RG84510A.86A: MBD001164 ClientPro® 325 (D845GRG)
RG84510A.86A: MBD001188 OTC (Rexburg 2/D845GERG2)
RG84510A.86A: MBD002155 ClientPro® 155(Seabreeze/D845GBV)
VA84510A.86A: MBD001186 ClientPro® 145 (D845GLVA)

Provided by Gregg Eshelman:
Tyan S1854 Tazer II series are in fact stock Tyan Trinity 400 series boards and the Tyan BIOS files may be used on them without problem,
providing many more user-settable features that can improve performance and CPU support beyond what the
Micron or Tyan specifications say. (These have both Socket 370 and Slot 1, use only one at a time.)

I had one labled 99MOAB REV C. Extensive searching revealed this revision would support PIII "Flip Chip"
CPUs with the latest Tyan BIOS for the Rev. 3.0, even though Tyan's specifications say it won't.

It correctly recognized a PIII 933Mhz and ran Windows XP with no problems. (Still running fine with its
new owner.) I've no idea what the fastest CPU is it could support. I suppose it mainly depends on what
ability the BIOS has to detect the CPU voltages and reprogram the voltage controller to match. (Which was
supposed to be why this particular board could not support flip chips.)

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