Mitsubishi/Apricot boards information and files

These were donated to me recently and since they're nowhere online I thought it wise to publish them.

IN440 Micro ATX   Intruder
TN810 ATX   Tornado
FC810 Micro ATX   Falcon
HN440 ATX   Hornet
HU430 NLX   Hurricane
PH440 NLX   Phantom
TC440 NLX   Tomcat
PCL5100 LPX   Spitfire
MR810 specsheet    
still missing:    
MR810 datasheets   Mirage

Info on the LN440 Lightning BX, PCL6100 Lightning LX, PCL5200 Mustang, Trent and Diamond motherboard can be found on this page

Mitsubishi Insight Online and the BBS files have been retrieved somehow and are now available here:

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