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Since there is much confusion about what system has which board and the official HP support site is somewhat awkard to navigate when looking for this info I decided to put this thing together. Far from complete, still a bit messy, progressing slowly. As you may have noticed, the Presario line is now included as well. Why? Because it's a pain to filter them out really and they are sold by HP too nowadays.

I need to find the names to some model numbers and I need to find out what the difference is between two different names for the same board (MS-6367 vs. Mambo/Samba to name one). I found out HP in its inexplicable wisdom has decided to use more than one board in the same system ( with the MS-6367 and P4S-LA and the XE734 with the MEW-AM and CUW-AM), more than one board to the same codename (Falcon with MEB-VM and MEZ-VM), a whole load of codenames to the same boardname, but wait the chipsets differ (the chameleontic A7N8X-LA), not to mention the numerous flaws they have been producing in linking boards to names/bioses and systems, makes this somewhat of a challenge. I have seen at least 50 occasions where the info given on the support pages is plain wrong (been browsing some more).

In my latest search there it appears they are adding specification pages for all their boards, slowly but steadily. All we need now is a decent description (both codename and brand/model) on these pages. Another thing would be a table of what board is used in what system. That would render this page pretty obsolete but it would also mean I've achieved part of my goal: decent support for these HP/Compaq board and systems...

A few days ago Toby B. which is a fellow-mod in the forums at has come up with a compiled list of boards and systems. So I am now adding this truckload of info to this page. The ??? in some places may have been filled in already but this thing is growing as you read...

A somewhat complete list of current boards

Latest: HP seems to move around their pages a lot, so sometimes the links won't work. Sorry for any inconvenience, I'll try my best to keep them current.


Real name Codename (if link = HP bios) Settings Specs
6110ZU/VA D7600-60004   MiTAC 6110ZU/VA Choose the "motherboard" link then the "Pentium2/3 M/B" link then "6110Zu/Va" and finally the "Go" button.
6515WU Airwave (D9820-60007) also known as Airwalk? Computex page
865G7MF-SH Spruce   Specs
A7N8X-LA Escape   Escape variant
A7N8X-LA Explorer GL6E   another nForce2 variant
A7N8X-LA Explorer 4   yet another nForce2 variant
A7N8X-LA Focus   ASUS A7N8X-LA or N8X-LA specifications (Focus)
A7N8X-LA ???   nForce2 400 SPP variant


Bermuda or Bora-Bora

  ASUS A7M266-M specifications


Lanai (Lani)


A7V-ML (or VM)



A7V-ML (or VM)



A7V-ML (or VM)





  ASUS A7V-VE specifications



  Asus A7V-VM specs



  Asus A7V-VM



  A7V-VM specs
A7V8X-LA Kamet2-GL6E   ASUS A7V8X-LA with KM400 chipset specifications (Kamet2)
A7V8X-LA Kelut-GL6E   Motherboard Specifications, ASUS A7V8X-LA (Kelut)
A8AE-LE Amberine-GL6E AMD away driver Specs
A8AE-LE AmberineM-GL6E   Specs
A8M2N-LA Naos-GL6   Specs
A8M2N-LA Nodus   Specs
A8M2N-LA NodusM   Specs
A8M2N-LA NodusM3-GL8E   Specs
A8MN-BR Hematite-GL8E   Specs
A8N-BR Pyrite-GL8E   Specs
A8N-LA Nagami   Specs
A8N-LA Nagami2   Specs
A8N-LA Nagami2L   Specs
Advanced/MN LPX/S Talladega   Intel Talladega
Advanced/MN S64 Holly   Intel Advanced/MN LP
Advanced/RU Ruby   Intel Advanced/RU
AL440LX Atlanta   Intel AL440LX
AM35 4Mbit bios London   FIC AM35 specs
AM37 4Mbit bios Salsa   FIC AM37 specs



  FIC AZ33 specs

Cognac (31511)

Cognac 2.x

  Trigem Cognac (31511)
more on the Cognac (eMachine version)
more on the Cognac+ (eMachine version)
Cupertino 20011022 (31841) Cupertino   TriGem Cupertino (31841) specifications






Asus CUV-NT  


Mercury/Tortuga 1.x 2.x 3.x ASUS CUW-AM
I know the 3.x link says Santa-Fe, ignore it, look at the file name
ASUS CUW-AM specifications alternate
D845PT (rumoured, not proven) ???    
Dublin (31811) Dublin    
FM562 FM562   BCM/GVC FM562
FR35 Verona    






  FW37E specs
FW37T Oslo   FW37T specs
GA-8S661FXM-775 Shiva   Specs
GA-K8VM800M-RH Dragon   Specs
H9800 Topaz    
Imperial 129504 (31891) Imperial   TriGem Imperial (31891) specifications eMachine version
Imperial-GLVE Glendale   TriGem Imperial-GLVE (Glendale) board specifications
eMachine version
TriGem Imperial-GLVE (Glendale) Wallmart version board specifications
IPIBL-LB Benicia-GL8E   Specs
K7M Pandora Asus K7M  
K8AE-LM Opal   Specs
K8N8X-LA DOM-UL6E   ASUS K8N8X-LA specifications
K8N8X-LA PES Diablo-UL6E Asus K8N8X-LA PES and another page with a typo in the model number. It's the same board without the PCI-slot extender.  
K8S-LA Salmon-GL6E   K8S-LA specifications
KL97-A   Asus KL97-A  



Asus KL97-XV
more Asus KL97-XV
KZM-6120   VL8i series  
KZM-6121   VL8i series  
L4S5MG3 PCB 3.0 K2-GLE/K2-GL6E   K2 board specifications
Lomita 011027 (71481) Lomita   TriGem Lomita specifications
Lomita information (eMachine version)
MD2000/MS-6318 Medion 2000A    
MEB-VM Falcon pdf manual from Asus  
MES-VM D7580-69001    



MEW-?? Blackjack    

MEW-AM 810 (Yamaha audio)

Mercury/Tortuga 1.x 2.x 3.x

Asus MEW-AM pdf manual from Asus
I know the 3.x link says Santa-Fe, ignore it, look at the file name
CUWE/MEWE-?? 810e Mercury/Tortuga 1.x 2.x 3.x
I know the 3.x link says Santa-Fe, ignore it, look at the file name
MEZ-VM Falcon Asus MEZ-VM  
MOCA-AR Calcite   Specs
MSI MS-6340 MS-6340?    

MSI MS-6367


  MSI MS-6367 specs

MSI MS-6367


  MSI MS-6367 specs

MSI MS-6382


  MSI MS-6382 specs
MSI MS-6390 VER3.0b Crossfire GL   MSI MS-6390 VER3.0b specs
MSI MS-6507E ?Argon, ULA?   MSI MS-6507E specs
MSI MS-6541 ver 1.0 Raptor    
MSI MS-6575 rev 3.1 Kungur   MSI MS-6575 v3.1 specs
MSI MS-6577 rev 1 Xenon   MSI MS-6577 Rev 1 specs
MSI MS-6577 rev 2.1     MSI MS-6577 Rev 2.1 specs
MSI MS-6577 rev 2.1 Xenon3   Xenon3 variant
MSI MS-6577 rev 2.1 Xenon4   Xenon4 variant (845GE)
MSI MS-6577 rev 3.1 Neon   MS-6577 v3.1 specs (845GE)
MSI MS-6577 rev 4 Neon2   MS-6577 rev 4 specs
MSI MS-6577 rev 3.1 Giovani-GL6   Giovani-GL6/Giovani2-GL6 specs
MSI MS-6577 rev 3.x Gamila   MSI MS-6577 Rev 3.X specs (845GV)
MSI MS-6577 rev 4.0 Gamila2-GL6E   MS-6577 rev 4.0 specs
MSI MS-6577 rev 4.0 Giovani2-GL6   Giovani-GL6/Giovani2-GL6 specs

MSI MS-6579


Specifications MSI MS-6579 zipped PDF manual
MSI MS-6716 ??? used in pavilion 345k  
MSI MS-6732 Durango   MSI MS-6732 v1.x specs
MSI MS-7025 Tonto-U8LE    
MSI MS-7093 v1.X Ahi   Motherboard Specifications
MSI MS-7093 Ahi2-UL6E   Motherboard Specifications
MSI MS-7093 Albacore-GL6E   Motherboard Specifications
MSI MS-7174 Graphite-GL8E    
MSI MS-7174 Gypsum-GL8E   Motherboard Specifications
MSI MS-7184 AmethystM   Motherboard specifications
MSI MS-7184 Amethyst   Motherboard specifications
MSI MS-7225 Nash   Specs
MSI MS-7225 NashM   Specs

MVPD1-07 (315C1)

Santa Fe-L


MVPD1-07 (315C1)

Santa Fe-MV

NARA-M Nara-M    
NR110   used in Evo D310  
P2000 QuickSilver I    
P2B-VE Condor 1 Asus P2B-VE  
P2B-VE Condor 2 Asus P2B-VE 8485Z, 8495  

P2B-VT 440BX


Asus P2B-VT Intel 440BX (video enable/disable jumper is in the same spot as on the P2B-VE)  
P2B-VT VIA Kestral Asus P2B-VT VIA Apollo/133  
P2B98-XV Leopard
Brio84xx 85xx
Asus P2B98-XV 6370Z, 6353 + 83xx series  
P2B98-XV Neptune    



Asus P2L98-XV 8360, 8366
Asus P2L98-XV 63xx



ASUS P4B266-LA ASUS P4B266-LA specifications



  Asus P4B-LA I know it says P4U on the page, but not on the board :-)
P4B-MX ? (Vectra VL420) ASUS P4B-MX
Status panel layout
USB header layout
P4C800E DeLuxe Henry   ASUS P4C800E DeLuxe specifications

P4G533-LA or P4G533-GL

Echo GL

  ASUS P4G533 specifications
ASUS P4G533 Wallmart version specifications
P4G-LA Corolla   ASUS P4G-LA specifications
P4GV-LA Guppy-GL6E   Motherboard Specifications
P4GV-LA Govii-GL6E   Specs
P4IM533GV Sneha   Specs



  ASUS P4S333-M specifications
P4S8X-LA Miata    



  ASUS P4S-LA specifications
P4SD   in bussiness desktop d330/d338/d530/d538  
P4SD-LA PES Oxford-UL6E   ASUS P4SD-LA PES specifications
P4SD-LA (ICH5) Cobra-GL6E   ASUS P4SD-LA specifications (ICH5 version)
P4SD-LA Stingray   ASUS P4SD-LA specifications (w/ graphics)
P4SD-LA Yale   ASUS P4SD-LA specifications (w/o graphics)
P4SD-LE Blazer   ASUS P4SD-LE specifications
P4SD-LE Yukon   ASUS P4SD-LE specifications


2.x 3.x

  ASUS P4T specifications
P4U-LA Amazon ASUS P4U-LA ASUS P4U-LA specifications
P4U-LA Dublin ASUS P4U-LA ASUS P4U-LA specifications
P5BW-LA Basswood-UL8E   Specs
P5BW-LA Buckeye-GL8E   Specs
P5LP-LE Emery   Specs
P5LP-LE Emery2   Specs
P5LP-LE Leucite   Specs
P5LP-LE Leucite3   Specs
P5LP-LE Limestone-GL8E   Motherboard Specifications
P5LP-LE Lithium-UL8E   Motherboard Specifications
P5LP-LE Lithium2   Specs
P5RC-LA Agena   Specs
P5RC-LE Altair-GL8   Specs



ASUS PSS-VM (this is the P5S-VM but someone at HP needs binoculars I think)
PD440FX Portland    
PGTD2-LA Piranha   ASUS PGTD2-LA specifications
Pinole (71441) FresnoCognac   Trigem Pinole (45xx/65xx/85xx FresnoCognac)
PL5400VF   Brio 82xx series  
PTGD-LR Bailey   Motherboard Specifications
PTGD-LR Bailey-P    
Goldfish-GL8E   Motherboard Specifications
Goldfish2-GL8E   Motherboard Specifications
PTGD-LA Goldfish3-GL8E   Motherboard Specifications
PTGD1-LA Grouper-UL8E   Motherboard Specifications
PTGD1-LA Puffer-UL8E   Motherboard Specifications
PTGD1-LA PufferM-UL8E   Motherboard Specifications
PTGD1-LA Puffer2-UL8E   Motherboard Specifications
PTGV-DM Onyx2   Specs
PTGV-LA Grafito-GL8E   Motherboard Specifications
PTGV-LM Onyx   Specs
RC410-M Alhena-GL6   Specs
RC410-M Asterope-GL8E   Specs
RC410-M AsteropeA   Specs
RC410-M Asterope2   Specs
RC410-M Asterope3    
RU430HX Ruby   Intel RU430HX
Santa-Fe Santa Fe (not Tortuga)   (both -L and -KM versions)
eMachine version
SF2/661FX Snapper   Snapper specs ECS SF2 specs
SPAXM-I Puma 1 Asus SPAXM-I  


Puma 2




  ASUS TUSL-L specifications



TUW-LA Greenland   ASUS TUW-LA specifications
TX97-XV "Arnold3" Asus TX97-XV 8140, 8160  
TX98-XV Venice Asus TX98-XV 8240, 8246  


QuickSilver II




  VC31 specs



  VC35 specs
VC37 TAP   FIC VC37 specs
VC820 Vancouver   Intel VC820



  FIC VG31 specs



  FIC VI31 specs



  FIC VI31E specs
WMT-LX Sonic    
YNRC-BR Magnetite   Specs


More specifications
(not in the table because not clear yet which is which):
ASUS A7V-VM specifications
ASUS A7V-VM (GA, GLA) specifications
ASUS A7V-VM (GAS, GLAS) specifications
ASUS A7V-VM (GLAS) specifications

FIC Athlon/Duron board specs used in 79xx series
FIC Pentium 4 board specs used in 79xx series
FIC Celeron socket478 board specs used in 79xx series
More settings
(not in the table because not clear yet which is which):

More pages that cannot be categorized yet

82440FX chipset
AMD Athlon AMD751 Irongate

3100 Series
3200 Series
5030 mobo and mem specs
6140 mobo and mem specs
6170S mobo and mem specs
70xx mobo and mem specs
7400 Series

400 and 700 series information table

By bios and info found on other HP support pages (preliminary and may contain errors!):

Hewlett Packard name Real manufacturer name: models it's used in. cfg-PC means configurable PC or CTO model.

Agena Asus P5RC-LA: Pavilion a1328x Desktop PC, Pavilion a1329x Desktop PC

Ahi-UL6E MSI MS-7093 v1.X:, d1000e CTO PU032AV/PU032AVR,,,,,

Ahi2-UL6E MSI MS-7093:,,

Airwave/Airwalk (D9820-6000x) MiTAC 6515WU: Vectra VL400 series

Albacore-GL6E MSI MS-7093: a1070cl, a1056cn, a1017c PW636AA, a1017kr (Korea) ED766AA, a1018hl PW724AA, a1056cn PW651AA, a1057cl PW668AA, a1070cl PW647AA, a1114n PX748AA, a1129n PY029AAR, a1129n PY029AA, a1130n PX769AAR, a1130n PX769AA, a1132n PX770AAR, a1132n PX770AA, u1050cl PW645AA, v1222kr (Korea) PY119AA, d4000e-2 CTO PY200AV, Media Center m7050e CTO PX154AV, d4000e CTO PX151AVR/PX151AV, v1132kr (Korea) PW590AA, Presario SR1420KR (Korea) PW596AA, Presario SR1460AN PW583AAR, Presario SR1460AN PW583AA, Presario SR1409AL PW625AA, Presario SR1420AP PW666AA, Presario SR1548HK (Hong Kong) EC504AA

Alcatraz 1.x Asus P4T: 9760(P3035A-ARS), 9795C, 9720

Alcatraz 2.x Asus P4T (same board as Kayak XU700/xxx series): 8720(D7206S-ABA), 8720(D7206T-ABA), 8720(D7206U-ABA), 8720(D7206V-ABA), 9760(P3035A-ARS), 9795C(P1501A-ABA), 9800(D7207H-ABA), 9800(D7207J-ABA), 9800(D7207W-ABA), 9800(D7207Y-ABA), 9800(D7208A-ABA), 9800(D7208B-ABA), 9800(D7208L-ABA), 9800(D7208M-ABA), 9810(P2431A-ABS), 9810(P4029A-ABF), 9810(P4031A-ABU), 9850(P3132A-ARS), 9850(P3132A-UUB), 9851(P3133A-ARS), 9851(P3133A-UUB), 9853(P2387A-AB2), 9870(P3952A-ABA), 9871(P2998A-ABM), 9880(P2943A-ABA), 9900(D7209B-ABA), 9900(D7209C-ABA), 9900(D7209D-ABA), 9900(D7209E-ABA), 9900(D7209F-ABA), 9900(D7209G-ABA), XV799(P2990A-ABA), XV880(P3016A-ABA), XV886(P3948A-ABA), XV976(P5172A-ABA), 8720/9720/8710 CTO D7206S/D7206T/D7206U/D7206V, 9760 P3035R, 9795c P1501AR, 9800 CTO D7207H/D7207J/D7207W/D7207Y/D7208A/D7208B/D7208L/D7208M, 9810FR (France) P4029A, 9810SW (Sweden) P2431A, 9810UK (United Kingdom) P4031A, 9850 P3132AR, 9850 P3132R, 9851 P3133R, 9853 P2387R, 9855 P6282R, 9870 P3952AR, 9880 P2943AR, 9895 P3933AR, 9910NW (Norway) P1250A, xv799 P2990AR, xv886 P2950AR, xv888 P5161AR, xv888 P5161A

Alcatraz 3.x Asus P4T (same board as Kayak XU700/xxx series): 8720(D7206S-ABA), 8720(D7206T-ABA), 8720(D7206U-ABA), 8720(D7206V-ABA),9760(P3035A-ARS), 9795C(P1501A-ABA), 9800(D7207H-ABA), 9800(D7207J-ABA),9800(D7207W-ABA), 9800(D7207Y-ABA), 9800(D7208A-ABA), 9800(D7208B-ABA), 9800(D7208L-ABA), 9800(D7208M-ABA), 9810(P2431A-ABS), 9810(P4029A-ABF), 9810(P4031A-ABU), 9850(P3132A-ARS), 9850(P3132A-UUB), 9851(P3133A-ARS), 9851(P3133A-UUB), 9853(P2387A-AB2), 9870(P3952A-ABA), 9871(P2998A-ABM), 9880(P2943A-ABA), 9888(P6264A-ARS), 9895(P3933A-ABA), 9900(D7209B-ABA), 9900(D7209C-ABA), 9900(D7209D-ABA), 9900(D7209E-ABA), 9900(D7209F-ABA), 9900(D7209G-ABA), 9971(P5196A-ABM), 9977(P5200A-AKV), XV799(P2990A-ABA), XV880(P3016A-ABA), XV886(P3948A-ABA), XV976(P5172A-ABA), 8720/9720/8710 CTO D7206S/D7206T/D7206U/D7206V, 9760 P3035R, 9795c P1501AR, 9800 CTO D7207H/D7207J/D7207W/D7207Y/D7208A/D7208B/D7208L/D7208M, 9810FR (France) P4029A, 9810SW (Sweden) P2431A, 9810UK (United Kingdom) P4031A, 9850 P3132AR, 9850 P3132R, 9851 P3133R, 9853 P2387R, 9855 P6282R, 9870 P3952AR, 9880 P2943AR, 9895 P3933AR, 9910NW (Norway) P1250A, xv799 P2990AR, xv886 P2950AR, xv888 P5161AR, xv888 P5161A

Alhena-GL6 ???:

Altair Asus P5RC-LE:

Amazon Asus P4B-LA or Asus P4U-LA (11/22/2001-<I845>-P4B-LA 3.11) : 7905 cfg-PC, 7910 cfg-PC, LA 7942, LA 7952, SW 7955, LA 7959, LA 7962, US/CAN 7965, FR 7965, SW 7965, US/CAN 7966, LA 7972, US/CAN 7975, SW 7975, UK 7975, LA 7979, 9905 cfg-PCXT978, XT975, XT959, XT958, XT948, AP 8962, AP 8980, AP 8982, AP 8983, AP 8986, AP 8988, AP 8990, AP 8992, AP 8993, AP 8994, AP 8995, XV998

Amberine-GL6E Asus A8AE-LE

AmberineM-GL6E Asus A8AE-LE: Presario SR1675CL, Presario SR1630NX, Presario SR1650NX, Presario SR1617CL, Presario SR1616NX, Presario SR1603WM, Presario SR1602HM

Argon MSI MS-6579 (05/10/2002-i845-6A69VM4XC): 732c?, 772n

Argon ULA MSI MS-6507E (07/25/2002-i845-6A69VM4XC-00): 702k P9821A, 722a P8571A, 722a P8571R, 722k P8582A, 732a P8572A, 732a P8572R, 732d P8578A, 732d P8578R, 732k P8583A, 742k P8584A, 752m P8348A, 762 CTO (D7217C), 762d P8579A, 762d P8579R, 762n, 772 CTO (D7217K), 772m P8349A, 772n, 772t P8352A, 792n, 792 CTO (D7217D), 792 CTO (D7217E)

Arnold/Arnold3 Asus TX97-XV: US 8140 & 8160, Asia Pacific 8100, 8111, 8120, 8130 & 8155P

Asterope-GL8E ECS RC410-M: SR1705AL home PC (Asia Pacific) EL583AA, Presario SR1707AL home PC (Asia Pacific) EL584AA, Presario SR1720TW home PC (Asia Pacific) EL574AA, Presario SR1730AP home PC (Asia Pacific) EP272AA, Presario SR1730KR home PC (Asia Pacific) EP023AA, Presario SR1740CF (ER938AA) CTO home PC ER938AA, Presario SR1745CF (ER939AA) CTO home PC ER939AA, Presario SR1748CF (ER940AA) CTO home PC ER940AA, Presario SR1750KR home PC (Asia Pacific) EL530AA, Presario SR1770CF (EK497AV) CTO Desktop PC EK497AV, Presario SR1770KR home PC (Asia Pacific) EL531AA, Presario SR1780CF (EK498AV) CTO Desktop PC EK498AV, Media Center a1329kr home PC (Korea) EL521AA, Media Center m7377d home PC (AP) EN975AA, Pavilion A1348HK home PC (Asia Pacific) EL561AA, Pavilion a1312kr home PC (Korea) EL520AA, Pavilion a1320a home PC (Asia Pacific) EL533AA, Pavilion a1328hk home PC (Asia Pacific) EL560AA, Pavilion a1340l home PC (Asia Pacific) EL588AA, Pavilion a1345l home PC (Asia Pacific) EL591AA, Pavilion a1348d home PC (Asia Pacific) EL592AA, Pavilion a1350a home PC (AP) EP020AA, Pavilion a1350l home PC (Asia Pacific) EL579AA, Pavilion a1354l home PC (Asia Pacific) EL580AA, Pavilion a1357l home PC (Asia Pacific) EL581AA, Pavilion a1359l home PC (Asia Pacific) EP018AA, Pavilion a1360d home PC (Asia Pacific) ER179AA, Pavilion a1362d home PC (Asia Pacific) EP026AA, Pavilion a1370tw home PC (Asia Pacific) EL570AA, Pavilion a1388d home PC (Asia Pacific) EN972AA, Pavilion u1306cn Home PC (Asia Pacific) ER110AA, Pavilion u1367cl home PC (AP) EN983AA, Pavilion v1442kr home PC (Asia Pacific) EL524AA, Pavilion v1447kr home PC (Asia Pacific) EL525AA, Pavilion w5363cl home PC (Asia Pacific) ER109AA, Pavilion w5367cl home PC (AP) EN987AA

Asterope2 ECS RC410-M:

Asterope3 ECS RC410-M:

AsteropeA ECS RC410-M:

Atlanta Intel AL440LX (4A4LL0X0.21A.0024.P07.9711031534): US 8190

Bailey Asus PTGD-LR 63-0308-000070-00101111-032205-I915-A0080050: z5xx Digital Entertaiment Center

Bailey-P Asus PTGD-LR 63-0308-000070-00101111-032205-I915-A0080050: z5xx Digital Entertaiment Center (z552fr PS570AA, z552 PS503AA, z555 PS501AA, z557 PS502AA), Media Center m1277c PW522AAR, Media Center m1277c PW522AA, Media Center m1280n PP133AAR, Media Center m1280n PP133AA, Media Center m7050y CTO PX153AV, Media Center m7070n PS590AA, Media Center m7087c PS593AA, d1000y CTO PU031AVR/PU031AV, d4000y CTO PX152AVR/PX152AV, m7077c PS591AA

Basswood Asus P5BW-LE:

Berlin FIC VI31 (04/30/2002-SiS-650-6A6IXF0BC-00):,,,,,,,,

Bermuda 2.x Asus A7M266-M (Bermuda Asus Tech A7M266-M 1.04): 7875, XT878

Bermuda 3.x / BoraBora 3.x Asus A7M266-M (BoraBora Asus Tech A7M266-M 1.06): 7905 cfg-PC D7213G/D7213H, FR 7954, UK 7965, FR 7971, 700 cfg-PC D7212P/D7212Q/D7212S/D7212V/D7212W/D7213B/D7213C/D7213D, 710 cfg-PC D7214S/D7214T, 9905 cfg-PC, 900 cfg-PC D7212T/D7212U/D7212Y/D7213A/D7213E/D7213F, 901 cfg-PC D7214E/D7214F, AP 8996

Blackjack Asus CUW-??/MEW-?? (10/24/2000-i810-BLACKJCKC-00 IJ.26.04(QIJ.03.03)): Brio BA 400

Blazer Asus P4SD-LE : Pavilion 8000T CTO P8655B/P8655K/P8655C/P8656D/P8656T/P8657A

Buckeye-GL8E Asus P5BW-LA:

Budapest FIC VC35 (12/27/2001-i845-LPC47M19-6A69VF0AC-00):,,,,,

Cobra GL6E Asus P4SD-LA: a445w DW137AR, a445w DW137A, a465c DT160AR, a465c DT160A, a548hk DY088A, a558hk PE536A, a566n PE501AR, a566n PE501A, a605d PL330AAR, a605d PL330AA, a625d PL331AAR, a625d PL331AA, a636n PE549AR, a636n PE549A, t440d DT235A, t448hk DT138A, t449hk DW153A, t450i DT105A, t458d DT236A, t460a DT079AR, t460a DT079A, t460a DT079R, t460i DY006A, t467k DT092A, t469hk DW151A, t478d DT237A, t482k DT093A, t489hk DW152A, t530i DY062A, t558d DY075A, t560i DY063A, t567k DY048A, t568hk DY089A, t578d DY077A, t580d DY078A, t588hk DY090A, t610i PE459AA, t617k PE448AA, t630i PE460AA, t630m PG103AA, t658d PE473AAR, t658d PE473AA, t667k PE450AA, t702k PL461AA, t730m PP013AA, v447k DW148A, v462k DT098A, v477k DW149A, v547k DY052A, v647k PE454AA, v648k PL367AA, v742k PL464AA , Media Center PC m490k DT239A, Media Center PC m492k DT099A, Media Center m438cn DT137A, Media Center m488cn DT240AR, Media Center m488cn DT240A, Media Center m497k DW147A, Media Center m588cn DY110A, Media Center m590k DY059A, Media Center m591k PE538A, Media Center m592k DY060A, Media Center m598cn DY111A, Media Center m692k PL312AA, Media Center m798cn PP116AA, Presario S6280AP DT128A, Presario S6540IN DT110A, Presario S6650KR DW154A, Presario S6700NX DQ182AR, Presario S6700NX DQ182A, Presario S6800CF CTO P8657BV, Presario SR1034NX PE403A, Presario SR1044BB PC090AR, Presario SR1044BB PC090A, Presario SR1080CF CTO P9902BVR/P9902BV, Presario SR1088AP DY085A, Presario SR1100CF CTO (PL444AA, Asia Pacific), Presario SR1135AP PL333AAR, Presario SR1135AP PL333AA, Presario SR1180AP PE482AAR, Presario SR1180AP PE482AA, Presario SR1180CF CTO P9902DVR/P9902DV

Cognac 2.x TriGem Cognac (31511.STD.0000.D.0107191953): 6630, 6700, 6701, 6726, 6730, 6738, 6745C, 6746C, 6830CN, 6830KR, 6830MX, 6835, CAN 7917, US/CAN 7920, US/CAN 7940, XG823, XG843, XE793, XE763, XE749, XE744, XE742, XE732, XT931, XT914, XT913, XT846, XT856, AP 8803, AP 8831, AP 8833, AP 8835, AP 8850, AP 8903, AP 8904, XT858, Brio BA200, Brio BA210, Brio BA300, Vectra XE310 series 1

Columbia Asus A7V-VE (06/19/2002-KLE133-A7V-VE ): 322n, 521c, 521n, 731k (la), 741k (la)

Condor 1 Asus P2B-VE: U.S./Canada 6460, 6466, 6470Z, 8400x CTO, AP 8415, 8480Z, 8490, 8496, 8500x CTO, 8570C, 8576. AP 6404, 6404H, 6405, 6408, 6408H, 6409, 6409H, 6415, 6416, 6418, 6418H, 6425, 6426, 6426H, 6428, 6429H, 8415, 8415H, 8418, 8428. FR 6405, 6410, 6415, 6420. Spain, 6410, 6420, 6430. Sweden, 6420, 6430. UK 6405, 6420

Condor 2 Asus P2BVE: 8485Z, 8495

Corolla Asus P4G-LA (09/24/2002-I845G/ICH4-P4G-LA ): 512d P8574A, 512d P8574R, 522n, 722d P8577A, 722d P8577R, 743g DA179AR, 743g DA179A, 752n

Cozumel Asus CUSL-L (03/05/2001-I815 -CUSL-L ): AP 8870, 7840FR (France) P2879A, 7850NW (Norway) P3078A, 7850SP (Spain) P3083A, 7860NL (Netherlands) P3067A, 7864 P5224A, 7865FR (France) P4000A, 7865NL (Netherlands) P2424A, 7865SW (Sweden) P2423A, 7867 P3953AR, 7867 P3953A, 7870UK (United Kingdom) P3060A, 7890UK (United Kingdom) P3062A, 7895SW (Sweden) P2414A, 7900 CTO D7209V, 7929UK (United Kingdom) P1018A, 8860 P3123A, 8860 P3123R, 8870 P3126A, 8870 P3126R, 8874 P2384A, 8874 P2384R, xt860 (PeoplePC) P3015A, xt865 P4040A

Crossfire GL MSI MS-6390 VER3.0b (07/01/2003-KM266-8233-6A6LVM4FC-00): 325c, a287x DM178AR, a287x DM178A, a288n DQ092AR, a288n DQ092A, a210t DK377A, a210m DF294A, a207m DT255A, a205v DN105A, a200t DK376A, a200m DK375A, a324x DQ041AR, a324x DQ041A, a310t DM155A, a310m DM149A, a308d DN066A, t220m DF296A, t220t DK378A, Presario S4010LA DK202A, Presario S4010LS DK381A, Presario S4020WM DK214AR, Presario S4020WM DK214A, Presario S4220NX DK396AR, Presario S4220NX DK396A, Presario S5000CL DN024AR, Presario S5000CL DN024A, Presario S5000J CTO P8656S, Presario S5010AN DN039AR, Presario S5010AN DN039A, Presario S5010AN DN039R, Presario S5010IL DN058A, Presario S5020AN DN040A, Presario S5020AN DN040R, Presario S5030AN DN089A, Presario S5030AN DN089R, Presario S5030NX DN000AR, Presario S5030NX DN000A, Presario S5080AP DN154A, Presario S5140WM DM197AR, Presario S5140WM DM197A, Presario S5314ST DT070AR, Presario S5314ST DT070A

Cupertino TriGem Cupertino (31841.HPD.0000.D.0201211032): 720a, 730k, 740k (ap), 750k (ap)

Danube Asus P4B266-LA (11/22/2001-<I845>-P4B266LA ): 530k, 530t, 740k (la), 750c, 750k (la), 750n,, 760c, 760n, 760t,,, 770c, 770k,, 780n,,, 790k, 790n, 790t, 980c, 990c

Diablo UL6E Asus K8N8X-LA PES: 8000Z CTO P8656Z, a450e CTO D7222S, a530n DW234AR, a530n DW234A, a536cl DY105A, a550e CTO D7223BR/D7223B, , a640n PE528AR, a640n PE528A, a642n PE544AR, a642n PE544A, a643n PE550AR, a643n PE550A, a646c PE564AR, a646c PE564A, a650e CTO D7223KR/D7223K, t480d DT120A, , t640m PG104AA, Presario 8000Z CTO P8657CR/P8657C, Presario S6090AN DT086AR, Presario S6090AN DT086A, Presario S6090AN DT086R, Presario S6700CL DW140AR, Presario S6700CL DW140A, Presario S6900NX DW142AR, Presario S6900NX DW142A, Presario SR1030LA DW284A, Presario SR1080AN DY043A, Presario SR1080AN DY043R, Presario SR1090NX DW258AR, Presario SR1090NX DW258A,,

DOM UL6E Asus K8N8X-LA: Presario SR1119UK, Presario SA4000Z CTO P8657MR/P8657M

Dragon Gigabyte GA-K8VM800M-RH:

Dublin TriGem Dublin (31811.HPD.0000.D.0202061658): US/CAN 7955

Echo GL Asus P4G533-LA/P4G533-GL (10/16/2003-I845G/ICH4/IT8708-P4G533LA 11/05/2002-I845G/ICH4/IT8708-P4G533LA) : 354n DC486AR(US/CAN), 354n DC486A(US/CAN), 505w DF237AR, 505w DF237A, 506x DK335AR, 506x DK335A, 515x DF254AR, 515x DF254A, 525w DD291AR, 525w DD291A, 526x DK390AR, 526x DK390A, 533w (serno MX IT8708F), a210n, a206x DK320AR, a206x DK320A, a210n DF210AR, a210n DF210A, 504d DB244A, 513g DB213AR, 513g DB213A, 513m P9865A, 513n P9850AR, 513n P9850A, 513t P9871A, 514x DC412AR, 514x DC412A, 524g DC416AR, 524g DC416A, 525x DK222A, 533w P9859AR, 533w P9859A, 544n DC406AR, 544n DC406A, 545x DF285A, 553x DA188AR, 553x DA188A, 564w DC443AR, 564w DC443A, a300n DM166AR, a300n DM166A, a305I DN062A, a305w DM181AR, a305w DM181A, a305w DM181B, a305wm DQ045A, a307I DN063A, a312d DN067A, a316n DQ108AR, a316n DQ108A, a318d DN064A, a320d DN068A, a328d DN065A, a335w DM185AR, a335w DM185A, a336n DT156AR, a336n DT156A, a345w DT096AR, a345w DT096A, a412n DY112AR, a412n DY112A, a422n DW270AR, a422n DW270A, a424x DT049AR, a424x DT049A, t102d DD236A, t108d DK281A, t150d DD283A, t335d DN142A, Presario 6205AP DB284A, Presario 6208AP DB250A, Presario 6245AP DB285A, Presario 6260AP DB286A, Presario 6265AP DB251A, Presario 6270AP DB257A, Presario 6301RSH, Presario 6325CL, Presario 6326SE DA240AR, Presario 6326SE DA240A, Presario 6330US, Presario 6333OM DA211AR, Presario 6333OM DA211A, Presario 6350US, Presario 6351RSH, Presario 6422SE, Presario 6454NX DF203AR, Presario 6454NX DF203A, Presario S3000AP DD339A, Presario S3080AP DF293A, Presario S3090AP DK279A, Presario S3100AP DD245A, Presario S3130AP DK280A, Presario S3130AX DK324A, Presario S3150AP DD247A, Presario S3160AP DD338A, Presario S3200AP DD248A, Presario S4010CL DF262AR, Presario S4010CL DF262A, Presario S4010AP DK289A, Presario S4040AP DK263A, Presario S4040AP DK263B, Presario S4040AP DK263C, Presario S4200NX DF215AR, Presario S4200NX DF215A, Presario S4210NX DK332AR, Presario S4210NX DK332A, Presario S4300CL DK333AR, Presario S4300CL DK333A, Presario S4600AL DN143A, Presario S5030AP DN140A, Presario S4500AL DK307A, Presario S4550AL DK308A, Presario S4560AL DN097A, Presario S5000LA DN152A, Presario S5000NX DM171AR, DM171A, Presario S5008NX DQ187AR, DQ187A, Presario S5010HK DN087A, Presario S5010LA DM145A, Presario S5010LS DQ035A, Presario S5010NX DN032AR, DN032A, Presario S5020LA DM146A, Presario S5020LS DQ036A, Presario S5100NX DM172AR, DM172A, Presario S5150AP DN074A, Presario S5180AP DN092A, Presario S5190AP DT245A, Presario S5200NX DM173AR, DM173A, Presario S5300NX DM174AR, DM174A, Presario S6306RC DT059AR, DT059A

Emery-UL8E Asus P5LP-LE:

Emery2 Asus ???:

Escape Asus A7N8X-LA 63-0306-000001-00101111-083104-nFORCE-A0029016:,,,,,,,,,,,

Explorer-GL6E Asus A7N8X-LA: 525c DD210AR, 525c DD210A, 725n DF247AR, 725n DF247A, 735n DC472AR, 735n DC472A, 775E CTO D7218T/D7218W/D7218X/D7218Y, t162k DD264A, t172k DD265A, t182k DK286A, Presario S3100AN DD231A, Presario S3100AN DD231R, Presario S3100KR DD267A, Presario S3120AN DK231A, Presario S3120AN DK231R, Presario S3180AN DD232A, Presario S3180AN DD232R, Presario S3260AN DD233A, Presario S3260AN DD233R, Presario S3270AN DK233AR, Presario S3270AN DK233A, Presario S3270AN DK233R, Presario S4500NX DK301AR, Presario S4500NX DK301A

Explorer 2-GL6E Asus A7N8X-LA 63-0306-000001-00101111-083104-nFORCE-A0029016: a245c DF279AR, a245c DF279A, a250e CTO (D7219L), a264w DK394AR, a264w DK394A, , a220n DK218AR, a220n DK218A, a230n DF211AR, a230n DF211A, a250e CTO (D7219L), a296n DN128A, a310e CTO (D7222A), a320m DM150A, a320n DM168AR, a320n DM168A, a320t DM156A, a330n DM169AR, a330n DM169A, a345c DN116AR, a345c DN116A, a387x DN016AR, a387x DN016A, a413cl DY021A, t202cn DK269A, t206cn DK270A, t222k DK236A, t227k DK385A, t272k DK239A, t282k DK240A, t302cn DN078A, t306cn DN079A, t307k DN046A, t308cn DN132A, t310i DN055A, t317k DN047A, t325m DQ033A, t325t DN149A, t327k DN048A, t370k DT241A, t402cl DT131A, t408cl DT133A, t415cn DT234A, Presario 6000T CTO P8654A/P8654B/P8654C/P8654D/P8654P/P8654Q/P8655G/P8655H, Presario 6000Z CTO P8654E/P8654F/P8654G/P8654H, Presario S4000Z CTO P8655Y/P8655Z/P8656A/P8656H, Presario S4110CL DF263AR, Presario S4110CL DF263A, Presario S4100KR DK241A, Presario S5000HK DQ136A, Presario S5040AN DN041A, Presario S5040AN DN041R, Presario S5060AN DN042A, Presario S5060AN DN042R, Presario S5100CL DQ106AR, Presario S5100CL DQ106A, Presario S5100KR DN052A, Presario S5150KR DQ191A, Presario S5200CL DN025AR, Presario S5200CL DN025A, Presario S6110IN DY010A

Explorer 4-GL6E ???: a505cn PE507A, a506cl DY103A, a510cl DY104AR, a510cl DY104A, a520n DW233AR, a520n DW233A, a525cn DY108A, a530e CTO D7223D, t512k DY045A, t517k PC154A, t522k DY046A, v532k DY055A, Presario SR1012NX DW269AR, Presario SR1012NX DW269A, Presario SR1020KR DY057A, Presario SR1050NX DW257AR, Presario SR1050NX DW257A

Falcon Asus MEZ-VM/Asus MEB-VM (phoenix bios): 4407(H), 4409, 4411(H), 4413, 4416, 4420, 4422, 4425, 4430, 4435, 4445, 4450, 4451, 4455, 4456, 4457, 4460? , 4463, 4473, 4483, 4536, US/CAN 4540, 4541, 4546Z, 4550Z, 6413(H), 6465, 6467, 6468, 6475Z, 6532, 8520, 8561

FM562 BCM/GVC FM562: 5235, 5255, 5305, 5320, 5322, 7125 GVC, 7230P

Focus Asus A7N8X-LA 63-0306-000001-00101111-083104-nFORCE-A0029016:,,,,,,,,,,,,,, a384x, a350e CTO (D7222T), a384x DT170AR, a384x DT170A, a430n DQ176AR, a430n DQ176A,, t371k DT242A, t372k DT243A, t422k DT089A, t427k DT090A, t432k DY031A, v420k DT094A, v422k DW295A, v427k DW296A, v452k PE526A, Presario S6100KR DT100A, Presario S6200KR PC067A, Presario S6600KR DY009A

FresnoCognac 3.x TriGem Pinole (71441.STD.0000.D.0109171730): 6501, 6530, 6535, 6601, 6611, 6617, 6621, 6634U, 6635, 6636, 6638, 6642d, 6642f, 6644d, 6644f, 6645c, 6649f, 6683, 6700, 6701, 6726, 6738, 6740C, 6745C, 6746C, 6830CN, 6830KR, 6830MX, 6835, US 7915, CAN 7917, US/CAN 7940, XG823, XE793, XE763, XE749, XE746, XE744, XE742, XE736, XE732, XT931, XT914, XT913, XT846, XT856, AP 8803, AP 8831, AP 8833, AP 8835, AP 8850, AP 8903, AP 8904, XT858, XT963

Gamila-GL6 MSI MS-6577 version 3.x (11/25/2003-i845G-W627-6A69VM4YC-00): a400n DQ173AR, a400n DQ173A, a400y CTO D7222K, a404x DT041AR, a404x DT041A, a405n DW146AR, a405n DW146A, a408l DT111A, a408x DT166AR, a408x DT166A, a410n DQ174AR, a410n DQ174A, a412d DT380A, a414x DT037AR, a414x DT037A, a418d DT114A, a418l DT112A, a418x DT045A, a420d DT272A, a422d DT270A, a426d DT273A, a428d DT115A, a446x DT051AR, a446x DT051A, a450a DT065AR, a450a DT065A, a450a DT065R, a502l PE431A, a503I PE432A, a504I PE433A, j405cl DT132A, t430i DT104A, t438d DT117A, u400cl DW297A, u401cl DY020A, S6030AN DT082AR, S6030AN DT082A, S6030AN DT082R, Presario S6010AN DT081AR, Presario S6010AN DT081A, Presario S6010AN DT081R, Presario S6010HK DT258A, Presario S6020HK PC152A, Presario S6060IL DY008A, Presario S6070IL DT386A, Presario S6080IL DY116A, Presario S6090IL DY007A, Presario S6104NX DY113AR, Presario S6104NX DY113A, Presario S6150AP DT124A, Presario S6180HK DT141A, Presario S6200CF CTO P8657AV, Presario S6280HK DT142A, Presario S6308NX PC066AR, Presario S6308NX PC066A, j405cn

Gamila2-GL6E MSI MS-6577 version 4.0: a1000la PW700AA, a1006n PW755AA, a1010n PS563AAR, a1010n PS563AA, a1100la ED778AA, a400y CTO D7222K, a500y CTO D7222W, a508I DY120A, a508hk DY086A, a509I DY121A, a518I DY122A, a518d DY067A, a518x DW244A, a520d DY068A, a522d DY069A, a522n PC153AR, a522n PC153A, a524x DW248AR, a524x DW248A, a526d DY070A, a528d DY071A, a528hk DY087A, a538hk PE535A, a600d PE465AA, a600y CTO D7223FR/D7223F, a602hk (Hong Kong) PJ462AA, a603hk (Hong Kong) PL313AA, a608hk PE494AA, a608l PL307AA, a609l PE463AA, a610l PL315AA, a612x PC107AR, a612x PC107A, a614l PN202AA, a614n PE542AR, a614n PE542A, a614n-b, a615m PG100AA, a618l PE464AA, a620d PE466AA, a622n PC108AR, a622n PC108A, a624x PC125AR, a624x PC125A, a626d PE468AAR, a626d PE468AA, a628d PE469AAR, a628d PE469AA, a628hk PE495AA, a645w PE512AR, a645w PE512A, a647c PC141AR, a647c PC141A, a700y CTO PJ618AVR/PJ618AV, a700y CTO PJ710AVR/PJ710AV, a700y CTO PU062AVR/PU062AV, a700y CTO PU063AVR/PU063AV, a708n PP095AAR, a708n PP095AA, a710m PP009AA, a712n PL438AAR, a712n PL438AA, t510i DY061A, t511i PC172A, t520a DY033AR, t520a DY033A, t520a DY033R, t530m DW288A, t538d DY073A, t617m PJ446AA, t620a PG051AAR, t620a PG051AA, t627m PJ470AA, t638d PE470AAR, t638d PE470AA, t725m PP011AA, t727m PP012AA, u501cl PC145A, u502cl DY102A, u508cn PC166A, u601cl PG061AA, u602cl PE483AA, u605cn PG062AA, u608cl PJ495AA, u631cl PE488AA, SR1234NX PP097AAR, SR1234NX PP097AA, Presario S6020AL PC088A, Presario S6120AL PC089A, Presario SR1010AN DY039AR, Presario SR1010AN DY039A, Presario SR1010AN DY039R, Presario SR1020CF CTO P9902AV, Presario SR1020IL DY118A, Presario SR1020LA DW283A, Presario SR1028HK DY091A, Presario SR1030AP PC156A, Presario SR1030IL DY119A, Presario SR1048HK DY092A, Presario SR1050AP DY081A, Presario SR1055IN DY064A, Presario SR1104AL PG094AA, Presario SR1105AL PG095AA, Presario SR1107AL PL305AA, Presario SR1108AL PL306AA, Presario SR1113NX PE569A, Presario SR1115IL PG117AA, Presario SR1120AP PG082AAR, Presario SR1120AP PG082AA, Presario SR1120CF CTO P9902CVR/P9902CV, Presario SR1128HK (Hong Kong) PE499AA, Presario SR1130AP PG060AA, Presario SR1130IL PG079AA, Presario SR1148HK (Hong Kong) PE500AA, Presario SR1150AP PE478AA, Presario SR1155IN PE462AA, Presario SR1215LA PP015AA, Presario SR1220LA PP016AA, Presario SR1224NX PJ531AAR, Presario SR1224NX PJ531AA, Presario SR1415LA PW761AA, , Presario SR1429NX PW504AA, Presario SR1502LS ED888AA, Presario SR1504X PY032AA, Presario SR1515LA ED781AA

Giovani MSI MS-6577 version 3.1: a410y CTO D7223E/D7222Q, a610y CTO D7223GR/D7223G, Presario S6000NX DQ178AR, Presario S6000NX DQ178A, Presario S6000V P8656U, Presario S6010NX DT264AR, Presario S6010NX DT264A, Presario S6010V CTO P8657E, Presario S6020WM DT055AR, Presario S6020WM DT055A, Presario S6100NX DQ179AR, Presario S6100NX DQ179A, Presario S6220WM DT057AR, Presario S6220WM DT057A, Presario SR1023WM PC159AR, Presario SR1023WM PC159A, Presarion S7300CL DW263AR, Presarion S7300CL DW263A, a705w

Giovani2-GL6 MSI MS-6577 version 4.0: a410y CTO D7222Q, a610y CTO D7223GR/D7223G, a705wm PP022AA, a705w PJ562AAR, a705w PJ562AA, a709l PL416AA, a712d PS175AA, a716d PL404AA, a800y CTO PU000AV, a804n PW727AA, a806l PS553AA, a808l PS554AA, a809rs PW673AA, a1008hl PW656AA, a1028hk (Hong Kong) PW661AA, a1128hk (Hong Kong) EC594AA, a1138hk (Hong Kong) EG189AA, u702cl PL446AA, u721cl PL447AA, u808cl PS190AA, u821cl PS192AA, SR1218AP PS113AA, SR1228HK (Hong Kong) PL454AA, SR1248HK (Hong Kong) PL455AA, Presario S6000V CTO P8656U, Presario S6010V CTO P8657E, Presario SR1000V CTO P8657FR/P8657F, Presario SR1010NX DW254AR, Presario SR1010NX DW254A, Presario SR1010V CTO P8657GR/P8657G, Presario SR1010V CTO PU025AVR/PU025AV, Presario SR1010V-2 CTO PJ687AVR/PJ687AV, Presario SR1011NX DW259AR, Presario SR1011NX DW259A, Presario SR1020NX DW255AR, Presario SR1020NX DW255A, Presario SR1033WM DY026AR, Presario SR1033WM DY026A, Presario SR1102BD PE560A, Presario SR1103WM PC182AR, Presario SR1103WM PC182A, Presario SR1110AL PG093AA, Presario SR1110NX PC129AR, Presario SR1110NX PC129A, Presario SR1111NX PC130AR, Presario SR1111NX PC130A, Presario SR1112BD PC131A, Presario SR1114NX PE521AR, Presario SR1114NX PE521A, Presario SR1120NX PC132AR, Presario SR1120NX PC132A, Presario SR1123WM PC184AR, Presario SR1123WM PC184A, Presario SR1207AL PL391AA, Presario SR1208AL PL392AA, Presario SR1210NX PJ505AAR, Presario SR1210NX PJ505AA, Presario SR1211NX PJ527AAR, Presario SR1211NX PJ527AA, Presario SR1216AL PS439AA, Presario SR1218NX PP104AAR, Presario SR1218NX PP104AA, Presario SR1219AL PS440AA, Presario SR1220AL PL394AA, Presario SR1220AP PL474AA, Presario SR1220CF CTO PJ599AV, Presario SR1228AP PS448AA, Presario SR1238AP PS449AA, Presario SR1300CF CTO PJ745AV, Presario SR1305CF CTO PJ743AV, Presario SR1307AL PS165AA, Presario SR1308AL PS166AA, Presario SR1328HK (Hong Kong) PS171AA, Presario SR1340AP PW787AA, Presario SR1400CF CTO PU194AV, Presario SR1405CF CTO PU193AV, Presario SR1407AL PW623AA, Presario SR1408AL PW624AA, Presario SR1500AL ED827AA, Presario SR1506AL PY143AA

Glendale/Imperial-GL TriGem Imperial-GLVE (31891.HPD.0000.D.0310140908): 503a P9897A, 503a P9897R, 503g DB217AR, 503g DB217A, 503n P9849AR, 503n P9849A, 503w P9855AR, 503w P9855A, 504a DB234A, 504a DB234R, 504n DA190AR, 504n DA190A, 505n DC470AR, 505n DC470A, 513a P9877A, 513a P9877R, 513c P9919AR, 513c P9919A, 513n P9850AR, 513n P9850A, 513w P9857AR, 513w P9857A, 522 CTO (D7217A), 522a P8569AR, 522a P8569A, 522a P8569R, 523a P9878A, 523a P9878R, 532w, 533a P9895A, 533a P9895R, 533c P9939AR, 533c P9939A, 533w P9859AR, 533w P9859A (serno KR or CH), 534a DB236A, 534a DB236R, 542x, 544a DD303A, 544a DD303R, 554X DC414AR, 554X DC414A, 563w DB215AR, 563w DB215A, 564a DD304A, 564a DD304R, 564x DK325A, 576x DK392A, 712a P8570A, 712a P8570R, 742c, 752 CTO (D7217B), 752c, 752n, 754v DC461AR, 754v DC461A, a200y CTO (D7219M), a400y, a210n DF210AR, a210n DF210A, a200n DF209AR, a200n DF209A, a376x DN014AR, a376x DN014A, a342n DT169AR, a342n DT169A, 503x DC424AR, 503x DC424A, 512a P9822A, 512a P9822R, 743g DA179AR, 743g DA179A, 513 CTO (D7217L), 533 CTO (D7217M), 543 CTO (D7217C), 554Y CTO D7218E/D7218F/D7218S, 555Y CTO D7218Z/D7219A, a300y CTO D7222C/D7222U, a302x DQ111AR, a302x DQ111A, a305w DM181AR, a305w DM181A, a310n DM167AR, a310n DM167A, a317x DN010AR, a317x DN010A, a320a DN035AR, a320a DN035A, a320a DN035R, a335w DM185B, a335w DM185AR, a335w DM185A, a340a DN036A, a340a DN036R, a347x DN012AR, a347x DN012A, a412n DY112AR, a412n DY112A, Presario S5000NX DM171AR, Presario S5000NX DM171A, Presario S5000V CTO P8656P/P8656Y/P8657B, Presario S5020NX DQ047AR, Presario S5020NX DQ047A, Presario 6000T CTO P8654A/P8655G/P8655H, Presario 6202AN DB240A, Presario 6202AN DB240R, Presario 6211IL DB271A, Presario 6235IN DB267A, Presario 6421US, Presario S3000V CTO P8654S/P8655J/P8655L, Presario S3030IL DD271A, Presario S3040SE DF222AR, Presario S3040SE DF222A, Presario S3210IN DD273A, Presario S4000NX DF213AR, Presario S4000NX DF213A, Presario S4010OM DK331AR, Presario S4010OM DK331A, Presario S4100NX DF214AR, Presario S4100NX DF214A, Presario S4214BD DM142A

Goldfish-GL8E Asus PTGD1-LA: a744x PN151AAR, a744x PN151AA, Presario SR1005T CTO PJ688AVR/PJ688AV/PU028AVR/PU028AV

Goldfish2-GL8E Asus PTGD1-LA: a1020a (Asia Pacific) PW575AA, a805n PS519AAR, a805n PS519AA, a809l PS153AA , a810y CTO PU002AV, a815n PS512AAR PS512AA, a815y CTO PU146AV, a816d PS158AA , a817n PS483AAR, a817n PS483AA, Pavilion a818n PS453AAR PS453AA, Pavilion a819n PS526AAR PS526AA, Pavilion a820n PP165AAR PP165AA, Pavilion a824n PS500AAR PS500AA, Pavilion a835tw (Taiwan) PW789AA, Pavilion a844n PW525AAR PW525AA, Pavilion a847c PP169AAR PP169AA, a1019h PS568AA, a1020a PW575AAR, a1020d PW626AA, a1030l ED793AA, a1048hk (Hong Kong) PW786AA, a1068hk (Hong Kong) PW663AA, a814x PW729AA, w5010la PW706AA, w5020la PW701AA, w5030la PW707AA, w5040la PW708AA, w5072l PY111AA, Presario SR1005T CTO PJ688AVR/PJ688AV/PU028AVR/PU028AV, Presario SR1318NX PS461AAR PS461AA, Presario SR1319RS PS463AAR PS463AA, Presario SR1320CF CTO PJ747AV, Presario SR1325CF CTO PJ746AV, Presario SR1334NX PS560AAR PS560AA, Presario SR1348HK (Hong Kong) PS174AA, Presario SR1350NX PP196AAR PP196AA, Presario SR1368HK (Hong Kong) PS491AA, Presario SR1315TW (Taiwan) PX737AA, Presario SR1415AL ED782AA, Presario SR1417LA PW702AA, Presario SR1418LA PW762AA, Presario SR1420CF CTO PU196AV, Presario SR1420LA PW703AA, Presario SR1425CF CTO PU195AV, Presario SR1430LA PW704AA, Presario SR1448HK (Hong Kong) PW662AA

Goldfish3-GL8E Asus PTGD-LA:

Govii-GL6 Asus P4GV-LA : Presario SR1411NX PW506AA

Grafito-GL8E Asus PTGV-LA :

Graphite-GL8E MSI MS-7174: Presario SR1630IL, Presario SR1607AL

Greenland Asus TUW-LA (08/07/2002-I810E-TUW-LA ): 304n, 330n, 331n, 500d, 501d, 510d, 510k, 510m, 510n, 510t, 510x, 511k, 511n, 511t, 512a, 512c, 512d, 512m, 512n, 512t, 520n, 520w, 521d, 521k

Grouper-GL8E PTGD1-LA ???: a609hk (Hong Kong) PL487AA, a629hk (Hong Kong) PL488AA, a630n PC109AR, PC109A, a708hk (Hong Kong) PL449AA, a718l PL417AAR, a718l PL417AA, a720d PL469AA, a728hk (Hong Kong) PL450AA, a736d PN218AA, a750y CTO PJ621AVR/PJ621AV, a850y CTO PU005AVR/PU005AV, t712k PN247AA, t719k PS441AA, t720a PL396AAR, t720a PL396AA, t740a PL397AAR, t740a PL397AA, w1148hk (Hong Kong) PL451AA, w1156d PL408AA, w1166d PL471AA, , a1002kr (Korea) PW585AA, a1012kr (Korea) PW587AA, a1012tw (Taiwan) PW612AA, a1050l PX735AA, a1050y CTO PU131AVR/PU131AV, a1051l PW619AA, a724n PN225AAR, a724n PN225AA, a730n PJ510AAR, a730n PJ510AA, a747c PJ514AAR, a747c PJ514AA, a749c PN228AAR, a749c PN228AA, a750y CTO PJ621AVR/PJ621AV, a762x PL439AAR, a762x PL439AA, a808hk (Hong Kong) PS152AA, a813w PP177AAR, a813w PP177AA, a818l PS159AA, a820tw (Taiwan) PS161AA, a828hk (Hong Kong) PS162AA, a830n PP166AAR, a830n PP166AA, a832n PS457AAR, a832n PS457AA, a840tw (Taiwan) PW790AA, a850y CTO PU005AVR/PU005AV, a867c PP179AAR, a867c PP179AA, a880l PS573AA, t802k PS183AA, t812k PS184AA, t820a PS432AAR, t820a PS432AA, t840a PS433AAR, t840a PS433AA, u1026cn PX783AA, u1027cl PW643AA, w1208hk (Hong Kong) PW747AA, w1228hk (Hong Kong) PW748AA, w1248hk (Hong Kong) PS403AA, w1256l PS405AA, w1259l PW542AA, w1260d PY103AA, w1266d PW754AA, w1266tw (Taiwan) PS412AA, w1268hk (Hong Kong) PS414AA, w1288hk (Hong Kong) PS419AA, w5028hk (Hong Kong) PW657AA, w5048hk (Hong Kong) PW658AA, w5068hk (Hong Kong) PW659AA, w5088hk (Hong Kong) PW660AA, SR1330TW (Taiwan) PS173AA, SR1450KR PW598AA, Presario SR1010T CTO PJ651AVR/PJ651AV, Presario SR1222NX PN233AAR, Presario SR1222NX PN233AA, Presario SR1250CF CTO PJ683AV, Presario SR1250NX PJ534AAR, Presario SR1250NX PJ534AA, Presario SR1280CF CTO PJ600AV, Presario SR1325TW (Taiwan) PX738AA, Presario SR1330KR (Korea) PS525AA, Presario SR1335KR (Korea) PW540AA, Presario SR1360CF CTO PJ749AV, Presario SR1360KR (Korea) PS551AA, Presario SR1365CF CTO PJ748AV, Presario SR1430KR (Korea) PW597AA, Presario SR1430TW (Taiwan) PW617AA, Presario SR1460CF CTO PU198AV, Presario SR1465CF CTO PU197AV, Presario SR1151NX PC135AR/PC135A, Presario SR1230AP PL475AAR/PL475AA, Presario SR1250CF CTO PJ683AV, Presario SR1260AP PS506AA, Presario SR1260KR (Korea) PS443AA, Presario SR1268HK (Hong Kong) PP148AA, Presario SR1280CF CTO PJ600AV

Guppy-GL6E Asus P4GV-LA : a1000n PS567AAR, a1000n PS567AA, a1000y CTO PU128AVR/PU128AV, a1010n PS563AAR, a1010n PS563AA, a1053w PW769AA, a1100n PX739AAR, a1100n PX739AA, a1101n ED822AAR, a1101n ED822AA, a1110n PX743AAR, a1110n PX743AA, Presario SR1020V CTO PU165AVR/PU165AV, Presario SR1401NX PS565AA, Presario SR1408HM PW791AA, Presario SR1410NX PW505AA, Presario SR1420NX PS569AA, Presario SR1503WM PX787AA, Presario SR1510NX PX789AAR, Presario SR1510NX PX789AA

Harold-UL8E ???: GX5010T X Gaming PC CTO P8657P

Harrier Asus P2B-VT 440BX (phoenix bios): 8505(D9310A-ARS), 8508(D9277A-ARS), 8508(D9277A-UUB), 8509(D7501A-ARS),
8509(D7501A-UUB), 8510(D9273A-AB2), 8511(D9213A-ARS), 8512(D9278A-ARS),
8512(D9278A-UUB), 8513(D9283A-AB2), 8513(D9283A-ARS), 8514(D9284A-ARS),
8515(D9214A-ARS), 8515(D9214A-UUB), 8516(D9279A-AB2), 8517(D9285A-UUB),
8518(D9215A-ARS), 8519(D9280A-ARS), 8519(D9280A-UUB), 8520(D9245A-ABS),
8520(D9252A-ABN), 8520(D9274A-AB2), 8521(D9987A-UUB), 8522(D9305A-ARS),
8525(D9246A-ABS), 8525(D9253A-ABN), 8526(D9281A-ARS), 8526(D9281A-UUB),
8528(D9306A-ARS), 8530(D9247A-ABS), 8535(D9248A-ABS),
8535(D9255A-ABN), 8545(D7790A-ABU), 8545(D9241A-ABE),
8550(D9227A-ABF), 8550(D9242A-ABE), 8550(D9300A-ABU),
8556C(D9270A-ABA), 8560(D9308A-ABF), 8566C(D9265A-ABA),
8575C(D7461A-ABA), 8578C(D9266A-ABA), 8580C(D7431A-ABA),
8586C(D9303A-ABA), 8590C(D7432A-ABA)

Hawk Asus MEW-VM: 4535, 4563Z H, 6508, 6540C, 6545C, 6551, 6553, 6563Z, 6573Z, 8506, 8507, 8510 (France), 8515 (Norway), 8525 (France), 8530 (U.K.), 8533Z, 8540 (U.K.), 8543C, 8550C, 8555C, 8560C, 8567, 8750C (US)

Henry Asus P4C800E DeLuxe:

Holly Intel Advanced/MN S64 (Holly 1.00.xx.CA2L): 7050, 7070, 7090, 7160, 5120, 7110, 7110Z, 7125 Intel chipset, 7130P, 7145, 7170

Hudson Asus TUSL-L (03/13/2002-I815 -TUSL-L ): SW 7910, SW 7915, UK 7916, NW 7925, NL 7940, FR 700, UK 710, FR 710,,,,,,

Hummer-UL6E ???:

Indiana Asus P4S-LA/P4S333-VM (07/03/2002-SiS650-P4S-LA):,,, 522n,,,,,,

Jive-GA FIC VI31E (08/21/2002-SiS-650-6A6IXF0BC-00):,,,,,,,,,

K2-GLE/K2-GL6E ECS L4S5MG3 PCB 3.0 (09/18/2003-SiS-645-6A6IXE1DC-00 08/30/2004-SiS-645-6A6IXE1DC-00): a210a DK224AR, a210a DK224A, a210a DK224R, a210y CTO (D7219N), a220a DK225A, a220a DK225R, t220i DK243A, t230a DK226A, t230a DK226R, t230i DK244A, t250i DK245A, t320i, t330i DN056A, t350i DN057A, Presario S4000V CTO P8655P/P8655Q/P8656E, Presario S4030IL DK247A, Presario S4040AN DK232AR, Presario S4040AN DK232A, Presario S4040AN DK232R, Presario S4250IN DK249A, Presario S5030IL DN059A, Presario S5050IL DN136A, Presario S5620IN DN060A

Kamet2-GL6E Asus A7V8X-LA: a420n DQ175AR, a420n DQ175A, a408d DT113A, a410e CTO D7222L, a420a DT063AR, a420a DT063A, a420a DT063R, a428hk PE527A, a532x PC188AR, a532x PC188A, a210a, a465w DT039AR, a465w DT039A, a445c DT158AR, a445c DT158A, a406x DT043AR, a406x DT043A,, t410i DT103A, t428d DT116A, t430m DT299A, Presario S6000Z CTO P8656X, Presario S6020IL DT381A, Presario S6040AN DT083AR, Presario S6040AN DT083A, Presario S6040AN DT083R, Presario S6080AP DT122A, Presario S6080HK DT140A, Presario SR1055CL DW265AR, Presario SR1055CL DW265A, Presario S6000CL DT072AR, Presario S6000CL DT072A, Presario S6030NX DT078AR, Presario S6030NX DT078A, Presario S6200CL DT076AR, Presario S6200CL DT076A, Presario S6300NX DQ180AR, Presario S6300NX DQ180A, Presario S6500NX DQ181AR, Presario S6500NX DQ181A

Kelut-GL6E ???: SR1220KR (Hong Kong) PL456AA, SR1221RS PN231AAR, PN231AA, SR1250KR PP082AA, a300y CTO D7222C/D7222U, a310e CTO D7222A, a350e CTO D7222T, a350y CTO D7222E, a500n DW230AR, a500n DW230A, a505m PE515A, a508d DY066A, a510e CTO D7223Q, a510m DW286A, a510n DW232AR, a510n DW232A, a523x PE529AR, a523x PE529A, a527x PC032AR, a527x PC032A, a535w DW217AR, a535w DW217A, a545c DW236AR, a545c DW236A, a600n PC027AR, a600n PC027A, a604x PC119AR, a604x PC119A, a605m PJ468AA, a605x PC193AR, a605x PC193A, a610d PL478AA, a610e CTO D7223J, a610n PC106AR, a610n PC106A, a618x PC123AR, a618x PC123A, a620n PC028AR, a620n PC028A, a635w PC180AR, a635w PC180A, a645c PC111AR, a645c PC111A, a656x PC199AR, a656x PC199A, a700l PL468AAR, a700l PL468AA, a700n PJ516AAR, a700n PJ516AA, a706n PL382AAR, a706n PL382AA, a710d PN212AA, a710e CTO PJ619AVR/PJ619AV, a710n PJ508AAR, a710n PJ508AA, a714x PP007AAR, a714x PP007AA, a715cn PL448AA, a720n PJ509AAR, a720n PJ509AA, a723cl PP100AA, a735w PL308AAR, a735w PL308AA, a735w PL308ASR, a735w PL308AS, a742x PP081AAR, a742x PP081AA, a800n PP163AAR, a800n PP163AA, a800tl PS150AA, a801cl PS442AA, a802cl PS596AA, a803cl PS151AA, a810e CTO PU003AVR/PU003AV, a810tw (Taiwan) PS156AA, a813cl PW546AA, a823cl PS437AA, a830tl PW788AA, a831cl PW547AA, a845w PP167AAR, a845w PP167AA, m300y CTO Media Center D7222G, t520m DW287A, t525m DY177A, t528d DY072A, t612k PE447AA, t615k PN241AA, t625m PG102AA, t711k PS407AA, t720m PP010AA, t807k PS520AA, v632k PE451AA, v637k PE452AA, v732k PN222AA, w1062d PL479AA, w1063d PL480AA, w1064d PE471AAR, w1064d PE471AA, w1065d PL481AA, w1112kr PL465AA, w1163d PN213AAR, w1163d PN213AA, w1164d PL470AA, w1165d PN214AA, Presario SR1000Z CTO P8657JR/P8657J/PU026AVR/PU026AV, Presario SR1001LA PE516A, Presario SR1002LA PE547A, Presario SR1003LA PE517A, Presario SR1010IL DY117A, Presario SR1010LA DW282A, Presario SR1015IL PC168A, Presario SR1015LA PC097A, Presario SR1028AP DY080A, Presario SR1030AN DY040AR, Presario SR1030AN DY040A, Presario SR1030AN DY040R, Presario SR1030NX DW256AR, Presario SR1030NX DW256A, Presario SR1040AN DY041AR, Presario SR1040AN DY041A, Presario SR1040AN DY041R, Presario SR1053WM DW293AR, Presario SR1053WM DW293A, Presario SR1100AP PE481AA, Presario SR1105IL PG118AA, Presario SR1108AN PG054AAR, Presario SR1108AN PG054AA, Presario SR1110KR PJ538AA, Presario SR1115CL PC139AR, Presario SR1115CL PC139A, Presario SR1115KR PP024AA, Presario SR1120KR PE457AA, Presario SR1124NX PC133AR, Presario SR1124NX PC133A, Presario SR1130NX PC134AR, Presario SR1130NX PC134A, Presario SR1132CU PE558AR, Presario SR1132CU PE558A, Presario SR1135CL PC030AR, Presario SR1135CL PC030A, Presario SR1148AN PG056AAR, Presario SR1148AN PG056AA, Presario SR1150NX PC136AR, Presario SR1150NX PC136A, Presario SR1200NX PN211AAR, Presario SR1200NX PN211AA, Presario SR1208AN PL418AAR, Presario SR1208AN PL418AA, Presario SR1210LA PP199AA, Presario SR1212NX PJ529AAR, Presario SR1212NX PJ529AA, Presario SR1215CB PS114AAR, Presario SR1215CB PS114AA, Presario SR1228AN PL419AAR, Presario SR1228AN PL419AA, Presario SR1232OM PN235AAR, Presario SR1232OM PN235AA, Presario SR1240AP PP162AAR, Presario SR1240AP PP162AA, Presario SR1248AN PL420AA, Presario SR1265CL PJ536AAR, Presario SR1265CL PJ536AA, Presario SR1300AN PS427AAR, Presario SR1300AN PS427AA, Presario SR1300NX PP195AAR, Presario SR1300NX PP195AA, Presario SR1303WM PP150AAR, Presario SR1303WM PP150AA, Presario SR1310KR (Korea) PW574AA, Presario SR1310TL PX736AA, Presario SR1311NX PP153AAR, Presario SR1311NX PP153AA, Presario SR1313CL PS513AAR, Presario SR1313CL PS513AA, Presario SR1315KR (Korea) PW539AA, Presario SR1318HK (Hong Kong) PS562AA, Presario SR1320AN PS428AAR, Presario SR1320AN PS428AA, Presario SR1320KR (Korea) PS169AA, Presario SR1320TW (Taiwan) PS170AA, Presario SR1330NX PP161AAR, Presario SR1330NX PP161AA, Presario SR1405LA PX776AA, Presario SR1500NX PX786AAR, Presario SR1500NX PX786AA

Kestral Asus P2B-VT (04/17/2000-VT693-596A-PELICAN ): 8500(D7202E-ABA), 8500(D7202F-ABA), 8500(D7202G-ABA),
8500(D7202H-ABA), 8500(D7202J-ABA), 8500(D7202K-ABA),
8500(D7202Q-ABA), 8500(D7202S-ABA), 8500(D7202T-ABA),
8500(D7202U-ABA), 8500(D7203F-ABA), 8500(D7203G-ABA),
8562(D9962A-ABA), 8565C(D7429A-ABA), 8595C(D7491A-ABA),
8608(D9980A-ARS), 8608(D9980A-UUB), 8609(D9981A-AB2),
8609(D9981A-ARS), 8609(D9981A-UUB), 8614(D9982A-ARS),
8614(D9982A-UUB), 8616(D9984A-ARS), 8616(D9984A-UUB),
8617(P1311A-UUB), 8618(D9985A-AB2), 8618(D9985A-ARS),
8618(D9985A-UUB), 8619(P1303A-ARS), 8630(P1118A-ABE),
8640(P1120A-ABE), 8650(P1106A-ABF), 8650(P1237A-ABS),
8650(P1246A-ABN), 8655(P1107A-ABF), 8655(P1305A-ABS),
8655(P1306A-ABN), 8660(P1124A-ABE), 8665(P1125A-ABE),
8670(P1094A-ABU), 8670(P1110A-ABF), 8670(P1239A-ABS),
8670(P1248A-ABN), 8670C(D9290A-ABA),
8675(P1111A-ABF), 8676C(D9299A-ABA),
9600I(D7203H-ABA), 9600I(D7203J-ABA),
9600I(D7203K-ABA), 9600I(D7203L-ABA),
9600I(D7203M-ABA), 9600I(D7203N-ABA),
9600I(D7203P-ABA), 9600I(D7203Q-ABA),
9680C(D9291A-ABA), 9682C(P1285A-ABA),
9690C(D9292A-ABA), 9692C(P1286A-ABA)

Kungur MSI MS-6575 VER:3.1 (10/16/2003-SiS-645-6A6IXM4EC-00):,,, t210d DK306A, t222d DK256A, t225d DK323A, t230d DK257A, t230m DF298A, t230t DK379A, t232d DK276A,,,,,,,,, a215m, j208cn DK271A, j210cn DK274A, a215m Media Center DN130A, Presario S4020AP DK261A, S4020AP DK261B, Presario S4020LA DK380A, Presario S4020LS DK382A, Presario S4030LA DK204A, Presario S4030LS DK383A, Presario S4090AP DK310A, Presario S4090AP DK310B, Presario S4120AP DK264A, Presario S4140AP DK265A, Presario S4150AP DK266A, Presario S4160AP DK267A, Presario S4180AP DN099A, Presario S4190AP DN100A, Presario S4220AP DK268A, Presario S4230AP DQ122A

Leucite Asus P5LP-LE:

Leopard Asus P2B98-XV: 6353, 6370Z, 6375, 8290, 8300, 8315, 8315H, 8316, 8318, 8328, 8370, 8380, 8390, 8395, 8396, Brio 84xx, Brio 85xx

Limestone-GL8E Asus P5LP-LE: Media Center m7167c PX722AAR, Media Center m7167c PX722AA, Media Center m7100y CTO PX189AV, Media Center m7160n PX721AAR, Media Center m7160n PX721AA

Lisbon FIC AZ33 (03/12/2002-8363-8231-6A6LSF09C-00): SP 7925, FR 7927, FR 7929, UK 7931, FR 7934, FR 7940, SP 7940, UK 7946, FR 7955, UK 7955, LA 7956

Lithium-UL8E Asus P5LP-LE: Media Center m7170kr (Korea) PY125AA, Media Center m7170n PX724AAR, Media Center m7170n PX724AA, Media Center m7177c PX725AAR, Media Center m7177c PX725AA, Media Center m7183c PX727AAR, Media Center m7183c PX727AA, Media Center m7188d PY137AA, Media Center m7188hk (Hong Kong) EC503AA, Media Center m7199a PY065AA, Media Center m7199cn ED775AA, d4100y CTO PX181AV, Presario SR1599AN PY069AA, SR1879NL

Lithium2 Asus P5LP-LE:

London FIC AM35 (10/07/2002-KM266-8233-6A6LVF0BC-00): 513x, 523n, 713k, 783k

Lomita TriGem Lomita (71481.EM.0000.D.0208091418): 511w, 512w, 520w (?), 531w, 310n, 520n

Magnetite Asus YNRC-BR:

Mambo-GL MSI MS-6367 (09/04/2002-nVidia-CRUSH1-6A61AM49C-00): 701 cfg-PC, FR 702, AP 702K, A935, A925, A915, A913,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 542 CTO (D7217F), 552 CTO (D7217G), 562 CTO (D7217H), 712d P8576A, 712d P8576R, 712k P8581A, 742m P8345A, 742t P8351A, 752k P9913A, 762k P9848A

Maui/Lani Asus A7V-ML: 7815(P2402A-ABU), 7825(P2403A-ABF), 7825(P2412A-ABS), 7825(P2415A-ABN),
7825(P2418A-ABE), 7909(P1019A-ABU), FR 7920(P1387A-ABH), UK 7920(P2428A-ABU),
NL 7920(P4004A-ABN), FR 7920(P4009A-ABF), SP 7930(P2419A-ABE), FR 7930(P4012A-ABF),
8801(P3098A-ARS), 8801(P3098A-UUB), NW 7920

MD6340 Medion OEM version of the MSI MS-6340 (07/06/2001-8363-686A-6A6LMM49C-00):, A835(P3104A-ABD), A860(P3089A-ABD), A875(P3113A-ABD), A877(P4006A-ABD)

Medion 2000A Medion MD2000 which in itself is an OEM version of the MSI MS-6318 (06/13/2001-694X-686A-6A6LJM4BC-00) : A721(P2891A-ABD), A722(P1266A-ABD), A723(P2895A-ABD), A724(P3004A-ABD), A725(P3005A-ABD), A726(P3006A-ABD), A727(P3007A-ABD), A741(P2892A-ABD), A742(P1267A-ABD), A743(P3008A-ABD), A744(P3009A-ABD), A749(P3111A-ABD) <- has MS-6340 listed???, A761(P2893A-ABD), A768(P3115A-ABD), A855(P3107A-ABD), A872(P2434A-ABD)

Mercury 1.x Asus CUW-AM/MEW-AM 1.16 01/09/1998 Intel810(TM) Key String video bios Version 02.14 09/28/1999 15:21:01:
6609 (D9973A-ARS), 6613 (P1316A-AB2), 6615 (P1032A-ABF), 6616 (P1318A-ARS),6616 (P1318A-UUB), 6618 (P1381A-AB2), 6618 (P1381A-ARS), 6619 (P1382A-ARS), 6619 (P1382A-UUB), 6625 (P1034A-ABF), 6633C (D9961A-ABA), 6643 (D9944A-ABA), 6650 (P1026A-ABU), 6651 (P1294A-ABM), 6653C (D9943A-ABA), 6657 (P1344A-AKV), 6671 (P1366A-ABM), 6710UK (P1418A-ABU), 6715FR (P1431A-ABF), 6720UK (P1420A-ABU), 6721 (P1373A-ABM), 6727 (P1377A-AKV), 8601 (P1275A-ARS), 8602 (D9974A-ARS), 8602 (D9974A-UUB), 8603 (D9976A-ARS), 8603 (D9976A-UUB), 8605 (D9978A-AB2), 8605 (D9978A-ARS), 8606 (P1277A-ARS), 8611 (P1301A-UUB), 8612 (P1304A-AB2), 8612 (P1304A-ARS), 8613 (P1302A-ARS), 8613 (P1302A-UUB), 8622 (P1320A-ARS), 8624 (P1363A-ARS), 8624 (P1363A-UUB), 8625 (P1322A-ARS), 8625 (P1322A-UUB), 8626 (P1323A-AB2), 8626 (P1323A-UUB), 8630 (P1086A-ABU), 8630 (P1235A-ABS), 8630 (P1244A-ABN), 8633 (P1364A-AB2), 8633 (P1364A-ARS), 8633 (P1364A-UUB), 8635 (P1087A-ABU), 8635 (P1365A-ARS), 8639 (P1460A-ARS), 8640 (P1104A-ABF), 8640 (P1236A-ABS), 8640 (P1245A-ABN), 8642 (P1518A-UUB), 8643 (P1469A-ARS), 8643 (P1469A-UUB), 8645 (P1105A-ABF), 8645 (P1517A-AB2), 8650 (P1090A-ABU), 8650C (D9288A-ABA), 8651C (D9957A-ABM), 8652C (P1309A-ABA), 8655C (D9949A-ABA), 8656C (D9298A-ABA), 8657C (P1281A-AKV), 8660C (D9289A-ABA), 8661C (D9958A-ABM), 8665C (D9951A-ABA), 8668C (P1308A-ABA), 8671C (P1295A-ABM), 8677C (P1345A-AKV), 8680 (P1096A-ABU), 8691C (P1296A-ABM), 8693C (P1463A-ABA), 8710FR (P1434A-ABF), 8710NL (P1411A-ABH), 8710NW (P1403A-ABN), 8710SW (P1397A-ABS), 8710UK (P1422A-ABU), 8731C (P1374A-ABM), 8737C (P1378A-AKV), 8750C (P1334A-ABA), 8762C (P1467A-ABA), 9741C (P1375A-ABM), 9751C (P1376A-ABM), XE734 (P1371A-ABA), XE743 (P1342A-ABA), XL756 (P1358A-ABA)

Mercury 2.x Asus CUW-AM/MEW-AM 2.07 Intel(R) 8xx Chipset Key String video bios Version 04.01.2102 03/23/2000 09:12:46:
6609 (D9973A-ARS), 6613 (P1316A-AB2), 6615 (P1032A-ABF), 6616 (P1318A-ARS), 6616 (P1318A-UUB), 6618 (P1381A-AB2), 6618 (P1381A-ARS), 6619 (P1382A-ARS), 6619 (P1382A-UUB), 6622 (P3010A-AB2), 6625 (P1034A-ABF), 6633C (D9961A-ABA), 6643 (D9944A-ABA), 6650 (P1026A-ABU), 6651 (P1294A-ABM), 6653C (D9943A-ABA), 6657 (P1344A-AKV), 6671 (P1366A-ABM), 6710 (P1418A-ABU), 6712 (P2974A-ABU), 6715 (P1431A-ABF), 6720 (P1420A-ABU), 6721 (P1373A-ABM), 6727 (P1377A-AKV), 6735 (P1441A-ABA), 6736 (P2907A-ABA), 6751 (P2915A-ABM), 6757 (P2916A-AKV), 6761C (P1482A-ABM), 6831 (P2994A-ABM), 6832 (P3919A-ABM), 6837 (P3023A-AKV), 6839 (P3924A-AKV), 6841 (P3950A-ABM), 6842 (P3920A-ABM), 6849 (P4039A-AKV), 7700 (P2838A-ARS), 7700 (P2838A-UUB), 7702 (P1532A-ARS), 7702 (P1532A-UUB), 7705 (P3027A-ARS), 7705 (P3027A-UUB), 7706 (P3903A-AB2), 7708 (P3961A-AB2), 7760 (P3050A-ABU), 7800 (D7207B-ABA), 7800 (D7207K-ABA), 7800 (D7208J-ABA), 7800 (D7208K-ABA), 7805 (P2405A-ABU), 7810 (P3051A-ABU), 7820 (P3065A-ABH), 7820 (P3070A-ABS), 7820 (P3075A-ABN), 7821 (P1417A-ABE), 7840 (P3056A-ABU), 7845 (P3928A-ABA), 7850 (P2940A-ABA), 7851 (P2996A-ABM), 7852 (P3921A-ABM), 7855 (P3930A-ABA), 7857 (P3024A-AKV), 7859 (P3925A-AKV), 7900 (D7208V-ABA), 8601 (P1275A-ARS), 8602 (D9974A-ARS), 8602 (D9974A-UUB), 8603 (D9976A-ARS), 8603 (D9976A-UUB), 8605 (D9978A-AB2), 8605 (D9978A-ARS), 8606 (P1277A-ARS), 8611 (P1301A-UUB), 8612 (P1304A-AB2), 8612 (P1304A-ARS), 8613 (P1302A-ARS), 8613 (P1302A-UUB), 8622 (P1320A-ARS), 8624 (P1363A-ARS), 8624 (P1363A-UUB), 8625 (P1322A-ARS), 8625 (P1322A-UUB), 8626 (P1323A-AB2), 8626 (P1323A-UUB), 8630 (P1086A-ABU), 8630 (P1235A-ABS), 8630 (P1244A-ABN), 8633 (P1364A-AB2), 8633 (P1364A-ARS), 8633 (P1364A-UUB), 8635 (P1087A-ABU), 8635 (P1365A-ARS), 8639 (P1460A-ARS), 8640 (P1104A-ABF), 8640 (P1236A-ABS), 8640 (P1245A-ABN), 8642 (P1518A-UUB), 8643 (P1469A-ARS), 8643 (P1469A-UUB), 8645 (P1105A-ABF), 8645 (P1517A-AB2), 8646 (P3011A-AB2), 8650 (P1090A-ABU), 8650C (D9288A-ABA), 8651C (D9957A-ABM), 8652C (P1309A-ABA), 8655C (D9949A-ABA), 8656C (D9298A-ABA), 8657C (P1281A-AKV), 8660C (D9289A-ABA), 8661C (D9958A-ABM), 8665C (D9951A-ABA), 8668C (P1308A-ABA), 8671C (P1295A-ABM), 8677C (P1345A-AKV), 8680 (P1096A-ABU), 8691C (P1296A-ABM), 8693C (P1463A-ABA), 8710 (P1397A-ABS), 8710 (P1403A-ABN), 8710 (P1411A-ABH), 8710 (P1422A-ABU), 8710 (P1434A-ABF), 8731C (P1374A-ABM), 8737C (P1378A-AKV), 8740 (P1395A-ABE), 8740 (P1400A-ABS), 8740 (P1406A-ABN), 8740 (P1414A-ABH), 8745 (P1415A-ABH), 8745 (P2873A-ABE), 8748 (P2865A-ABF), 8750 (P1429A-ABF), 8750 (P2846A-ABU), 8750C (P1334A-ABA), 8751 (P1040A-ABF), 8754 (P2856A-ABF), 8754C (P2917A-ABA), 8755 (P2857A-ABF), 8755C (P1443A-ABA), 8756C (P2976A-ABA), 8760 (P2847A-ABU), 8760 (P2858A-ABF), 8762C (P1467A-ABA), 8770 (P2848A-ABU), 8771C (P1483A-ABM), 8777C (P1487A-AKV), 8825 (P3100A-ARS), 8826 (P3898A-ARS), 8827 (P2371A-ARS), 8827 (P2371A-UUB), 8851 (P3101A-ARS), 8852 (P3102A-ARS), 8852 (P3102A-UUB), 8853 (P3103A-ARS), 8853 (P3103A-UUB), 8854 (P3120A-ARS), 8855 (P2375A-ARS), 8857 (P2381A-ARS), 8857 (P2381A-UUB), 8858 (P2382A-AB2), 8861 (P3124A-ARS), 8861 (P3124A-UUB), 8862 (P3125A-ARS), 8862 (P3125A-UUB), 8863 (P2383A-ARS), 8863 (P2383A-UUB), 8864 (P2388A-UUB), 9700 (P2834A-ARS), 9702 (P2903A-ARS), 9702 (P2903A-UUB), 9703 (P3028A-ARS), 9704 (P3025A-ARS), 9704 (P3025A-UUB), 9705 (P2904A-ARS), 9706 (P2922A-ARS), 9706 (P2922A-UUB), 9707 (P2923A-ARS), 9707 (P2923A-UUB), 9708 (P2905A-ARS), 9708 (P2905A-UUB), 9709 (P3029A-ARS), 9709 (P3030A-UUB), 9710 (P3030A-ARS), 9713 (P3949A-AB2), 9714 (P2373A-AB2), 9741C (P1375A-ABM), 9751C (P1376A-ABM), A812 (P4028A-ABF), A815 (P2870A-ABF), A820 (P2868A-ABF), A830 (P2875A-ABF), BG814 (P3997A-ABA), BG833 (P3988A-ABA), BG834 (P3986A-ABA), XE734 (P1371A-ABA), XE735 (P2910A-ABA), XE738 (P1476A-ABA), XE743 (P1342A-ABA), XE745 (P1508A-ABA), XE748 (P1477A-ABA), XE813 (P2985A-ABA), XG820 (P3018A-ABA), XG825 (P4042A-ABA), XL754 (P1503A-ABA), XL756 (P1358A-ABA),XL759 (P2902A-ABA), XL761 (P2982A-ABA), XL773 (P1448A-ABA), XT840 (P3013A-ABA),XT845 (P4041A-ABA), XG814, XG833, XG834, A905

Miata-ULAE Asus P4S8X-LA: Presario 8000T CTO P8654J/P8654K/P8654L/P8654M

Missouri Asus P4S-LA/P4S333-M (02/09/2002-SiS650-P4S-LA): 540n, 551w, 552w, 552x, 560w, 711a P7541A, 711a P7541R, 720d P6381A, 720d P6381R, 721a P7542A, 721a P7542R, 721d P7545A, 721d P7545R, 731a P7543A, 731a P7543R, 731k (ap), 732m P8344A, 740d P6382A, 740d P6382R, 740n, 741d P7547A, 741d P7547R, 741k P7551A, 741k P7551R, 750 CTO D7213J/D7213K/D7213L/D7213M/D7213N/D7213P/D7213Q/D7213S/D7213T/D7213U/D7213V, 751 CTO D7214H/D7214J/D7214K/D7214L/D7214V, 751k P7500A, 751n, 760 CTO D7213Y/D7214Q/D7214U, 760d P6383A, 760d P6383R, 761 CTO (D7214Y), 761c, 761k P8353A, 771k P7501A, 771n, 780d P6384A, 780d P6384R,,, 781d P7549A, 781d P7549R, 781k P8559A, 781k P8559R,,, 791d P8339A, 791d P8339R, 791k P7502A, 791t P7506A

Mocha/Moorea/Congo Asus A7V-ML/A7V-VM (phoenix bios): 7900 cfg-PC, 7908, SP 7915, NL 7915, FR 7915, UK 7921, FR 7921, FR 7925, NL 7925, UK 7925, FR 7935, SP 7935, US 7936, LA 7949, AP 710A, XT935, 360n, 520c, 520k, 710a,,,,,, A913, A915, A925, A935

Mondial-S ???: EVO W4000 SFF series workstations, EVO D500 SFF CTO - Pentium

Montana/Mocha Asus A7V-ML(phoenix bios): AP 710A, 360n,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 520c, 520k, 550n, 710a,,

Morrison Intel Advanced/MN S32 (1.00.xx.BT0L): 5030, 5040, 7010, 7020, 7030, 7050S, 7055

MS-6382 MSI MS-6382 (07/17/2002-VT8366-8233-6A6LVM4BC-00):,,,,,,,,,,, 730d,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Nagami Asus A8N-LA:

Nagami2 Asus A8N-LA: SR1924NX

Nagami2L Asus A8N-LA: SR1901WM

Naos-GL6 Asus A8M2N-LA:

Nara-M TriGem Nara-M (62-315A-041401-00101111-071595-V694V686-NARA): 8821(P3954A), 8841(P3955A), 8871(P3956A), 8872(P2390A), 8873(P5191A), 8875(P2391A), 8876(P2898A), 8877(P3041A), 8885(P3042A)

Nash MSI MS-7225:

NashM MSI MS-7225:

Neon MSI MS-6577 rev 3.1: t427m PE514A, t440m DT300A, Presario SR1130UK

Neon2 MSI MS-6577 rev 3.1: Presario SR1109UK, SR1129UK

Nodus Asus A8M2N-LA:

NodusM Asus A8M2N-LA:

NodusM3-GL8E Asus A8M2N-LA:

Onyx Asus PTGV-LM:

Onyx2 Asus PTGV-DM:

Opal Asus K8AE-LM:

Oslo FIC FW37T:,

Osprey-GC Asus P5S-VM: AP 4410, 4415, 4453, 4458, 4460? , 4509, 4510, 4512, 4515, UK 4530, 4531, 4533, 4537, UK 4540, 4553Z, 6412, 6412H, 6415, 6425, 6427H, 6430, 6506, 6511, 6531, 6623, 6640C, 6641, 6646C, 8510, 8515, 6605 D9971A, 6615 P1317A, 6620FR (France) P1033A, 6620UK (United Kingdom) P1020A, 6630FR (France) P1035A, 6630UK (United Kingdom) P1022A, 6650FR (France) P1039A, 8620SP (Spain) P1117A, 8622SP (Spain) P1119A, 8625SP (Spain) P1307A, 8660UK (United Kingdom) P1092A, 8710SP (Spain) P1390A

Oxford UL6E Asus P4SD-LA PES (63-0320-000001-00101111-012804-SPDALE_G): Media Center m1000y CTO D7223LR/D7223L, Media Center m400y CTO D7222PR/D7222P, Media Center m428cn DT136A, Media Center m470n DQ170AR, Media Center m470n DQ170A, Media Center m480n DQ171AR, Media Center m480n DQ171A, Media Center m490n DQ172AR, Media Center m490n DQ172A, Media Center m495c DT068AR, Media Center m495c DT068A, Media Center m580cn DY109A, Media Center m688cn PE539A, a450n DQ177AR, a450n DQ177A, a450y CTO D7222M, a475c DT164AR, a475c DT164A, a550y CTO D7222ZR/D7222Z, a556x PC190AR, a556x PC190A, a562n DW235AR, a562n DW235A, a574n PC165AR, a574n PC165A, a648hk PE496AA, a650y CTO D7223HR/D7223H, a732n PS420AAR, a732n PS420AA, j410cl DT134A, j412cn DT135A, j416cl DT298A, j418cl DW299A, t402k DT087A, t442k DT238A, t448d DT118A, t450m DT301A, t468d DT119A, t480a DT080AR, t480a DT080A, t480a DT080R, t488d DT121A, t502k DY044A, t539k PC081A, t548d DY074A, t550a DY034AR, t550a DY034A, t550a DY034R, t550m DW290A, t552k PC143A, t557k PC144A, t560a DY035AR, t560a DY035A, t560a DY035R, t568d DY076AR, t568d DY076A, t580a DY036AR, t580a DY036A, t580a DY036R, t588d DY079A, t598d DY095A, t602k PE446AA, t629k PG106AA, t639k PE449AA, t640a PG052AAR, t640a PG052AA, t648d PE472AA, t650m PG105AA, t655m PJ471AA, t660a PG053AAR, t660a PG053AA, t668d PE475AA, t680a PG059AAR, t680a PG059AA, t688d PE476AAR, t688d PE476AA, t698d PE477AAR, t698d PE477AA, t778l PP039AA, u518cl PC158A, u520cl DY106A, u526cn PC167A, u528cl DY107AR, u528cl DY107A, u535cn DY115A, u538cl DY114A, u618cl PJ496AA, u620cl PE486AA, u625cn PG065AA, u626cn PJ504AA, u628cl PE487AA, u638cl PE489AA, u661cl PL340AA, u671cl PP038AA, u718cl PP102AA, u720cl PL387AA, u761cl PP085AA, u806cl PS189AA, u828cl PS597AA, v442k DW150A, v537k PC080A, v542k DY051A, v642k PE453AA, v747k PN223AA, w1048hk (Hong Kong) PL361AA, w1049hk (Hong Kong) PL362AA, w1150m PP014AA, Presario S6000T CTO P8656V, Presario S6060AN DT084AR, Presario S6060AN DT084A, Presario S6060AN DT084R, Presario S6080AN DT085AR, Presario S6080AN DT085A, Presario S6080AN DT085R, Presario S6170AP DT126A, Presario S6270AP DT127A, Presario S6480AP DT130A, Presario S6500KR DT101A, Presario S6550KR DT102A, Presario SR1000T CTO P8657HR/P8657H, Presario SR1060AN DY042A, Presario SR1060AN DY042R, Presario SR1060AP DY082A, Presario SR1070AN DY037AR, Presario SR1070AN DY037A, Presario SR1070AN DY037R, Presario SR1070AP DY083A, Presario SR1070KR DY058A, Presario SR1128AN PG055AAR, Presario SR1128AN PG055AA, Presario SR1160AP PE479AAR, Presario SR1160AP PE479AA, Presario SR1168AN PG057AAR, Presario SR1168AN PG057AA, Presario SR1170AP PE480AAR, Presario SR1170AP PE480AA, Presario SR1170KR PE458AA, Presario SR1170NX PC137AR, Presario SR1170NX PC137A, Presario SR1178AN PG058AAR, Presario SR1178AN PG058AA, Presario SR1180KR PG107AA, Presario SR1182KR PL368AA,,,, Presario SR1080UK,,,,

Pandora/Pangea-U Asus K7M : 8604(D9977A-ARS), 8607(D9979A-UUB), 8610(P1276A-ARS), 8610(P1276A-UUB),
8615(D9983A-ARS), 8620(P1300A-ARS), 8620(P1300A-UUB), 8630(P1328A-ARS),
8634(P1330A-ARS), 8634(P1330A-UUB), 8637(P1383A-ARS), 8638(P2967A-ARS),
8650(P1370A-ARS), 8650(P1370A-UUB), 8662C(D9969A-ABA), 8685(P1097A-ABU),
8685(P1113A-ABF), 8690(P1098A-ABU), 8695(P1099A-ABU), 8700A(D7204L-ABA),
8700A(D7204M-ABA), 8700A(D7204N-ABA), 8700A(D7204P-ABA), 8700A(D7204Q-ABA),
8700A(D7204S-ABA), 8700A(D7204T-ABA), 8700A(D7204U-ABA), 8700A(D7204V-ABA),
8705A(D7205H-ABA), 8705A(D7205J-ABA), 8705A(D7205K-ABA), 8705A(D7205L-ABA),
8705A(D7205M-ABA), 8705A(D7205N-ABA), 8705A(D7205P-ABA), 8705A(D7205Q-ABA),
8705A(D7205T-ABA), 8715UK(P1423A-ABU), 8727FR(P1439A-ABF), 8730SP(P1394A-ABE),
8730UK(P1426A-ABU), 8770C(P1336A-ABA), 8772C(P1468A-ABA), 9600A(D7202Y-ABA),
9600A(D7203A-ABA), 9600A(D7203B-ABA), 9600A(D7203C-ABA), 9600A(D7203D-ABA),
9600A(D7203E-ABA), 9600A(D7203U-ABA), 9600A(D7203V-ABA), 9600A(D7203W-ABA),
9600A(D7203Y-ABA), 9600A(D7204A-ABA), 9600A(D7204B-ABA), 9686C(D9970A-ABA),
9694C(P1312A-ABA), 9695C(D9954A-ABA), 9780C(P1337A-ABA), 9790C(P1338A-ABA),
XL776(P1360A-ABA), XP788 US, XP789, XL768, 8765C

Pegasus-GT Asus CUV-NT (03/30/2001-VT694X-PEGASUS ):
8628(P1325A-ARS), 8628(P1325A-UUB), 8629(P1326A-ARS), 8631(P1329A-AB2), 8632(P1327A-ARS), 8636(P1369A-ARS), 8636(P1369A-UUB), 8648(P3012A-AB2), 9736(P2953A-AB2), 9736 P2953R

Pegasus-U (03/30/2001-VT694X-PEGASUS): 8660(P1238A-ABS), 8660(P1247A-ABN), 8674D(P1355A-ABA), 8674F(P1348A-ABA), 8679F(P1472A-ABA), 8680(P1112A-ABF), 8680(P1240A-ABS), 8680(P1249A-ABN), 8690(P1114A-ABF), 8694F(P1349A-ABA), 8699F(P1464A-ABA), 8700I(D7204C-ABA), 8700I(D7204D-ABA), 8700I(D7204E-ABA), 8700I(D7204F-ABA), 8700I(D7204G-ABA), 8700I(D7204H-ABA), 8700I(D7204J-ABA), 8700I(D7204K-ABA), 8705(D7206H-ABA), 8705(D7206J-ABA), 8705(D7206K-ABA), 8705(D7206L-ABA), 8705I(D7204Y-ABA), 8705I(D7205A-ABA), 8705I(D7205B-ABA), 8705I(D7205C-ABA), 8705I(D7205D-ABA), 8705I(D7205E-ABA), 8705I(D7205F-ABA), 8705I(D7205G-ABA), 8705I(D7205S-ABA), 8720(D7206M-ABA), 8720(D7206N-ABA), 8720(D7207A-ABA), 8720(P1392A-ABE), 8720(P1404A-ABN), 8720(P1412A-ABH), 8722(P1435A-ABF), 8725(P1437A-ABF), 8730(P1399A-ABS), 8730(P1408A-ABN), 8730(P1409A-ABH), 8740(P1440A-ABF), 8750(P1416A-ABH), 8750(P2867A-ABE), 8755(P2876A-ABN), 8760C(P1335A-ABA), 8766C(P2977A-ABA), 8775C(P1444A-ABA), 8785C(P1500A-ABA), 9688C(P1290A-ABA), 9710(P2861A-ABF), 9710(P2889A-ABH), 9715(P2850A-ABU), 9720(P2863A-ABF), 9731(P2925A-ARS), 9732(P2911A-ARS), 9733(P2926A-ARS), 9733(P2926A-UUB), 9734(P2951A-ARS), 9743(P2927A-ARS), 9743(P2927A-UUB), 9745(P2855A-ABU), XL766(P1359A-ABA), XL775(P1509A-ABA), XL795(P1510A-ABA), , 8660NW (Norway) P1247A, 8660SW (Sweden) P1238A, 8680FR (France) P1112A, 8680NW (Norway) P1249A, 8680SW (Sweden) P1240A, 8690FR (France) P1114A, 8700I CTO D7204C/D7204D/D7204E/D7204F/D7204G/D7204H/D7204J/D7204K/D7204Y, 8705I CTO D7205A/D7205B/D7205C/D7205D/D7205E/D7205F/D7205G/D7205S, 8720/9720 CTO D7207A, 8720/9720/8710 CTO D7206H/D7206J/D7206K/D7206L/D7206M/D7206N, 8720NL (Netherlands) P1412A, 8720NW (Norway) P1404A, 8720SP (Spain) P1392A, 8722FR (France) P1435A, 8725FR (France) P1437A, 8730NL (Netherlands) P1409A, 8730NW (Norway) P1408A, 8730SW (Sweden) P1399A, 8740FR (France) P1440A, 8750NL (Netherlands) P1416A, 8750SP (Spain) P2867A, 8750SW (Sweden) P2882A, 8755NW (Norway) P2876A, 8785c P1500AR, 9710FR (France) P2861A, 9710NL (Netherlands) P2889A, 9715UK (United Kingdom) P2850A, 9720FR (France) P2863A, 9731 P2925R, 9732 P2911R, 9733 P2926R, 9734 P2951R, 9743 P2927R, 9800 CTO D7207D/D7207E/D7207M/D7207N

Piranha-UL8E Asus PGTD2-LA: Presario SA4000T CTO P8657LR/P8657L

Portland Intel PD440FX: US 8175, 8176, & 8180

Puffer-UL8E Asus PTGD1-LA : a728l PL406AA, m1177a PN244AAR, m1177a PN244AA, m1188a PN245AAR, m1188a PN245AA, m1199a PN246AAR, m1199a PN246AA, t631k PL384AA, t641k PL385AA, t729k PL462AA, t739k PL463AA, t760a PL398AAR, t760a PL398AA, w1058d PN143AAR, w1058d PN143AA, w1066d PE474AAR, w1066d PE474AA, w1068d PG080AAR, w1068d PG080AA, w1068hk PE497AA, w1069hk (Hong Kong) PL363AA, w1084d PL482AA, w1088hk PE498AA, w1089hk (Hong Kong) PL364AA, w1108cl PL388AA, w1118cl PL389AA, w1128cn PP103AA, w1138cl PL390AA, w1158d PL410AAR, w1158d PL410AA, w1160kr PL467AA, w1168d PL472AAR, w1168d PL472AA, w1168hk (Hong Kong) PL452AA, w1184d PL411AA, w1188d PL413AA, w1188hk (Hong Kong) PL453AA,,,, Media Center m1050y CTO D7223MR/D7223M/PJ697AV/PJ720AV/PU060AVR/PU060AV, Media Center m1070n PC098AR, Media Center m1070n PC098A, Media Center m1072n PE556AR, Media Center m1072n PE556A, Media Center m1080n PC099AR, Media Center m1080n PC099A, Media Center m1082n PE557AR, Media Center m1082n PE557A, Media Center m1090n PC100AR, Media Center m1090n PC100A, Media Center m1095c PC103AR, Media Center m1095c PC103A, SR1250AP PN249AA, SR1270AP PP000AA, Presario SR1101CF CTO PN219AA, Presario SR1155AP PL484AA, Presario SR1172KR PL386AA, Presario SR1175AP PL485AA, Presario SR1190CF CTO P9902EV, Presario SR1199AN PE445AAR, Presario SR1199AN PE445AA, Presario SR1270KR PL457AA, Presario SR1278AN PL422AAR, Presario SR1278AN PL422AA, Presario SR1280AP PL476AAR, Presario SR1280AP PL476AA, Presario SR1280KR PL458AA, Presario SR1299AN PL423AAR, Presario SR1299AN PL423AA

PufferM UL8E Asus PTGD1-LA : a1029kr (Korea) PW588AA, a1040a PW576AAR, a1040a PW576AA, a1052l PW620AA, a1060a PW577AAR, a1060a PW577AA, a1080d PW629AA, a1085d PW630AA, a1088d PW664AA, a752n PJ477AAR, a752n PJ477AA, a767c PJ481AAR, a767c PJ481AA, a775c PJ485AAR, a775c PJ485AA, a785c PN153AAR, a785c PN153AA, a828l PS163AA, a829l PW541AA, m1171n PP083AAR, m1171n PP083AA, m7070kr (Korea) PW595AA, t829k PS185AA, t839k PS187AA, t849k PS561AA, t857k PS533AA, t860a PS434AAR, t860a PS434AA, u1020cl PW642AA, u1060cl PW646AA, u1063cl PX779AA, u1067cl PW669AA, u820cl PS191AA, v1042kr (Korea) PS194AA, v1047kr (Korea) PS195AA, v1142kr (Korea) PW591AA, v1147kr (Korea) PW592AA, w1208cl PS196AA, w1218cl PS401AA, w1228cn PS438AA, w1236cl PS598AA, w1238cl PS402AA, w1255d PS404AA, w1257d PS406AA, w1258d PS408AA, w1260kr (Korea) PS409AA, w1265d PY104AA, w1268tw (Taiwan) PS415AA, w1284d PS416AA, w1288d PS418AA, w1296l PW621AA, w1298d PW622AA, w5020cl PW648AA, w5027cl PW649AA, w5028cl PX781AA, w5060cl PW650AA, w5066cn PW652AA, w5068tw (Taiwan) PW614AA, w5086cn PW653AA, Media Center m1050y CTO PJ697AV/PJ720AV/PU060AVR/PU060AV/PU127AVR/PU127AV, Media Center m1170n PJ466AAR, Media Center m1170n PJ466AA, Media Center m1180n PJ467AAR, Media Center m1180n PJ467AA, Media Center m1195c PJ475AAR, Media Center m1195c PJ475AA, Media Center m1270kr (Korea) PS421AA, Media Center m1270n PP132AAR, Media Center m1270n PP132AA, Media Center m1277a PS422AAR, Media Center m1277a PS422AA, Media Center m1279a PY092AA, Media Center m1280kr (Korea) PS423AA, Media Center m1288a PS424AAR, Media Center m1288a PS424AA, Media Center m1288cn PS468AA, Media Center m1297c PS107AAR, Media Center m1297c PS107AA, Media Center m1298cn PS425AA, Media Center m1299a PS426AAR, Media Center m1299a PS426AA, Media Center m7000kr (Korea) PW594AA, Media Center m7050kr (Korea) PW714AA, Media Center m7077a PW578AAR, Media Center m7077a PW578AA, Media Center m7077d PW631AA, Media Center m7088a PW579AAR, Media Center m7088a PW579AA, Media Center m7088d PW632AA, Media Center m7099am PW580AAR, Media Center m7099am PW580AA, Presario SR1350AP PS176AA, Presario SR1370AP PS179AA, Presario SR1380AN PS430AAR, Presario SR1380AN PS430AA, Presario SR1390TW PS182AA, Presario SR1399AN PS431AAR, Presario SR1399AN PS431AA, Presario SR1450AP PW633AA, Presario SR1470AP PW635AA, Presario SR1470KR (Korea) PY022AA, Presario SR1490TW (Taiwan) PW618AA, Presario SR1499AN PW584AAR, Presario SR1499AN PW584AA

Puffer2 UL8E Asus PTGD1-LA :

Puma 1 Asus SPAXM-I: U.S./Canada 6330, 6333, 6336, 6343, 6350,6356, 6357, and 6360. Mexico 6329, 6331, and 6351. Asia Pacific 6305, 6305H, 6306, 6308, 6308H, 6325, 6325H, and 6329H. United Kingdom 6350 and 6355. France 6345 and 6350

Puma 2 Asus SPAXM-II: 4402, 4403, 4404, 4404H, 4405, UK 4410, 4430, 4431, 4437, 4440, 4443, 4444

Pyrite-GL8E Asus A8N-BR:

Quick Silver Tatung P2000-R00B: 3100

QuickSilver II Tatung TXR (ATI Mach 64 onboard): 3200, 3215, 3216, 3218h, 3230, 3240, 3250 fr, 3250 uk, 3260, 3261, 3265

Raptor MSI MS-6541 ver2.1: EVO D310

Ruby Intel Advanced/RU or RU430HX (Ruby 1.00.xx.DC0L): 7020, 7270, 7275Z, 7280P, 7282, 7285, and 7295V

Ruby Intel Advanced/RU or RU430HX (Ruby 1.00.xx.DL0L): 7320, 7330Z, 7335, 7340P, 7350P, 7360, 7360P, 7365, 7370V, 7410P, 7400, 7420

Salmon-GL6E ASUS K8S-LA 04/20/2005-SiS-760-6A7I7A09-00: a736n PP149AAR, a736n PP149AA, a737n PP129AAR, a737n PP129AA, a750cl PP087AA, a750e CTO PJ620AVR/PJ620AV, a850e CTO PU004AVR/PU004AV, m1160n, w1117kr,,, a808x PX731AA, w5062tw PW613AA, PS354AA, PS248AA, a810cl PS154AA, PS330AA, a810n PP164AA, PS296AA, a815cn PS157AA, a1018cl PX778AA, PS472AA, PN052AA, PS364AA, PX610AA, PX589AA, a1030e-2 CTO PY208AV, a1118x PX757AAR, a1118x PX757AA, a1007kr (Korea) PW586AA, a1007w PW526AA, a1009kr (Korea) PY021AA, a1010cl PW638AA, a1010tw (Taiwan) ED823AA, a1011tw (Taiwan) PW611AA, a1012cl PX811AA, a1012x PW793AA, a1013cl PX777AA, a1015cl PW667AA, a1017cl PW641AA, a1018cl PX778AA, a1019cl PW639AA, a1022n PW756AA, a1030e CTO PU130AVR/PU130AV, a1037cl PW715AA, a807w PP173AAR, a807w PP173AA, a808x PX731AA, a810cl PS154AA, a810n PP164AAR, a810n PP164AA, a815cn PS157AA, a822n PS555AAR, a822n PS555AA, a839n PS494AAR, a839n PS494AA, a850e CTO PU004AVR/PU004AV, t809k PS595AA, t900a PY107AAR, t900a PY107AA, v1032kr (Korea) PS193AA, w1263tw (Taiwan) PS410AA, w1265tw (Taiwan) PS411AA, w5000la PW705AA, w5062tw (Taiwan) PW613AA, w5070l EC540AA, w5100la ED779AA, w1265tw PS411AA, w5000la PW705AA, Media Center m1050e CTO PJ622AVR/PJ622AV/PU061AVR/PU061AV, Media Center m1160n PJ473AAR/PJ473AA, Media Center m1295c PP134AAR, Media Center m1295c PP134AA, w1117kr PL466AA, Presario SR1010Z CTO PJ623AVR/PJ623AV/PU027AVR/PU027AV/PU166AVR/PU166AV, Presario SR1226NX PP114AAR, Presario SR1226NX PP114AA, Presario SR1268AN PL421AAR, Presario SR1268AN PL421AA, Presario SR1308OM PS515AAR, Presario SR1308OM PS515AA, Presario SR1309RS PS460AAR, Presario SR1309RS PS460AA, Presario SR1315CL PP156AAR, Presario SR1315CL PP156AA, Presario SR1320NX PP158AAR, Presario SR1320NX PP158AA, Presario SR1316NX PP155AAR, Presario SR1316NX PP155AA, Presario SR1360AN PS429AAR, Presario SR1360AN PS429AA, Presario SR1365CL PP197AAR, Presario SR1365CL PP197AA, Presario SR1400AN PW581AAR, Presario SR1400AN PW581AA, Presario SR1403WM PW532AAR, Presario SR1403WM PW532AA, Presario SR1417CL PW534AA, Presario SR1420AN PW582AAR, Presario SR1420AN PW582AA, Presario SR1420TW (Taiwan) PW616AA, Presario SR1428OM PW502AA, Presario SR1463CL PW520AA, Presario SR1475CL PW711AAR, Presario SR1475CL PW711AA, Presario SR1502HM PY149AA, Presario SR1505LA ED780AA, Presario SR1511NX PX790AAR, Presario SR1511NX PX790AA, Presario SR1514NX EG664AA, Presario SR1517CL PX796AAR, Presario SR1517CL PX796AA, Presario SR1520NX PX801AAR, Presario SR1520NX PX801AA, Presario SR1536NX ED795AA, Presario SR1538X PX798AAR, Presario SR1538X PX798AA, Presario SR1550NX PY059AAR, Presario SR1550NX PY059AA, Presario SR1563CL PX805AAR, Presario SR1563CL PX805AA, Presario SR1575CL PX807AAR, Presario SR1575CL PX807AA

Salsa FIC AM37 (08/01/2003-KM266-8235-6A6LVF0BC-00): 304w DB282AR, 304w DB282A,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, a210e, 514c DB202AR, 514c DB202A, 514m DA170A, 514t DA174A, 524c DC454AR, 524c DC454A, 524w DB280AR, 524w DB280A, 554E CTO D7218M/D7218N, 555E CTO D7218U/D7218V, 6415LA DA271A, 714k DB262A, 734k DB264A, 734n DA192AR, 734n DA192A, 744v DC459AR, 744v DC459A, 754k DD278A, 764k DD305A, 774E CTO D7218P/D7218Q, a210e CTO (D7219K), t152k DF243A, t218d DK330A, Presario 6000Z CTO P8654E/P8654F/P8654G/P8654H, Presario 6201IL DB270A, Presario 6205KR DC439A, Presario 6214AN DB241A, Presario 6214AN DB241R, Presario 6220IN DC438A, Presario 6225AP DD277A, Presario 6226AN DB242A, Presario 6226AN DB242R, Presario 6230AN DB243A, Presario 6230AN DB243R, Presario 6400NX, Presario 6401RSH, Presario 6404US, Presario 6410LA DA226A, Presario 6410LS DA230A, Presario 6410NX, Presario 6412US, Presario 6415CL, Presario 6420NX, Presario 6430NX, Presario 6433US DA261AR, Presario 6433US DA261A, Presario 6435CL, Presario S3000NX DC475AR, Presario S3000NX DC475A, Presario S3000Z CTO P8654X/P8654Y/P8654Z/P8655A, Presario S3010AN DD230AR, Presario S3010AN DD230A, Presario S3010AN DD230R, Presario S3010IL DD270A, Presario S3020AP DD336A, Presario S3030AP DD334A, Presario S3050AN DD326A, Presario S3050AN DD326R, Presario S3060AN DK315AR, Presario S3060AN DK315A, Presario S3060AN DK315R, Presario S3100NX DC477AR, Presario S3100NX DC477A, Presario S3110AP DD337A, Presario S3120IN DD272A, Presario S4000J CTO P8655W/P8655X/P8656G/P8656L, Presario S4020IL DK246A, Presario S4020WM DK214AR, Presario S4020WM DK214A, Presario S4030NX DF260AR, Presario S4030NX DF260A, Presario S4080AP DK278A, Presario S4120WM DK216AR, Presario S4120WM DK216A, Presario S4130IN DK248A

Samba MSI MS-6367 (05/03/2002-nVidia-CRUSH1-6A61AM49C-00):,,,,,,, 541c, 731d, 751x, 761n, 532n (US/CAN P9874A-ABA)

Santa Fe 2.x TriGem SantaFe KL133 (315C1.STD.0000.D.0105311756): 8800(P3091A-ARS), 8802(P3039A-ARS), 8805(P5187A-ARS), 8880(P3096A-ARS)

Santa Fe 3.x TriGem SantaFe KL133 (315C1.STD.0000.D.0109110938): 8800(P3091A-ARS), 8802(P3039A-ARS), 8805(P5187A-ARS), 8880(P3096A-ARS), 8882(P2901A), XT933, XT936, XT983, US 7935, A812, A815, A820, A830

Saturn/Jupiter Asus KL97-XV: US 8250, 8260, 8261, 8275, 8276, 8280 Asia Pacific 8208, 8210, 8215, 8220, 8208H, France 8230 & 8240, United Kingdom 8230, 8240, 8250, 8210H, Spain 8230

Saturn/Jupiter Asus KL97-A: US 8290

Shiva Gigabyte GA-8S661FXM-775: Presario SG1108IL


Snapper ECS SF2:

Sneha Gigabyte P4IM533GV: Presario SG1105IL, Presario SG1008IL, Presario SG1005IL

Sonic Asus WMT-LX (07/07/2001-i850-WMT-LX ) : 7862 (Mexico) P3922A, 7872 (Mexico) P4050A, 7879 (Chile) P4049A, 7961 P5195A, 8898 P3131A, 8898 P3131R, AP 8894, AP 8896, AP 8899, US/CAN 7960 (P5159A), US 7970, 7951 P5194A, 7951FR (France) P1042A, 7954 (Mexico) P5342A, 7960FR (France) P4026A, 7960NW (Norway) P1413A, 7960SW (Sweden) P3084A, 7970NL (Netherlands) P1401A, 7970UK (United Kingdom) P3058A, 8883 P6331A, 8883 P6331R, 8892 P6269A, 8892 P6269R, 8894 P3129A, 8894 P3129R, 8896 P3899A, 8896 P3899R, 8899 P2837A, 8899 P2837R

Stingray MSI MS-????:,,,,, a282n

Stingray GL6E Asus P4SD-LA: 716n DK322AR, 716n DK322A, a250y CTO D7219P/D7219V/D7219W/D7219X, j212cn DK272A, j218cn DK273A, a290n, a265c, a262n, a244w, a375c, a367c, a365c, a362n, a350y CTO (D7222E), 856x DN018AR, 856x DN018A, 876x DN126AR, 876x DN126A, 886c DK386AR, 886c DK386A, 896c DN124AR, 896c DN124A, a244w DM144AR, a244w DM144A, a250n DF253AR, a250n DF253A, a250y CTO (D7219P), a262n DK342AR, a262n DK342A, a265c DF283AR, a265c DF283A, a282n DQ034AR, a282n DQ034A, a290n DM180AR, a290n DM180A, a340n DQ099AR, a340n DQ099A, a350y CTO (D7222E), a365c DN120AR, a365c DN120A, a367c DQ139AR, a367c DQ139A, a434n PC025AR, a434n PC025A, t232k DK237A, t237k DN021A, t240a DK227A, t240a DK227R, t240m DF300A, t250a DK228A, t250a DK228R, t262k DK238A, t267k DN022A, a340n, Presario S4000T CTO P8655S/P8655T/P8655U/P8655V/P8656F/P8656K/P8656Q, Media Center m200y CTO (D7219Q), t238d DN098A, t268d DK309A, t272d DK288A, t278d DK399A, t280d DK260A, Presario S4040SE DF261AR, Presario S4040SE DF261A, Presario S4060AN DK275A, Presario S4060AN DK275R, Presario S4280AP DK298A, Presario S4300NX DF216AR, Presario S4300NX DF216A, Presario S5000T CTO (P8656Q), Presario S5322CC DT147AR, Presario S5322CC DT147A, Presario S5400NX DM175AR, Presario S5400NX DM175A, Presario S5410NX DN146AR, Presario S5410NX DN146A, Media Center m260n DF200AR, Media Center m260n DF200A, Media Center m270n DF201AR, Media Center m270n DF201A, Media Center m270 DM160AR, Media Center m270 DM160A, Media Center m280n DF202AR, Media Center m280n DF202A

Tahiti 2.x Asus A7V-VM: 7770(P3052A-ABU), 7830(P3077A-ABN), 7830(P3082A-ABE), 7840(P3066A-ABH), 7850(P3073A-ABS), 7860(P2881A-ABF), 7860(P3085A-ABE), 7861(P2997A-ABM), 7870(P2883A-ABF), 7880(P3061A-ABU), 7880(P3068A-ABH), 7880(P3074A-ABS), 7880(P3079A-ABN), 7890(P2887A-ABF), 7891(P3064A-ABU), 8705(D7205Y-ABA), 8705(D7206A-ABA), 8705(D7206B-ABA), 8705(D7206C-ABA), 8705(D7206D-ABA), 8705(D7206E-ABA), 8705(D7206F-ABA), 8705(D7206G-ABA), 8710(D7206W-ABA), 8710(D7206Y-ABA), 8720(D7206P-ABA), 8720(D7206Q-ABA), 8750(P2882A-ABS), 8760(P2885A-ABS), 8775(P2849A-ABU), 8776C(P2978A-ABA), 8860(P2941A-ABA), 8870(P2942A-ABA), 8890(P3128A-ARS), 9720(P2852A-ABU), 9725(P1433A-ABF), 9726(P2906A-ARS), 9726(P2906A-UUB), 9730(P2864A-ABF), 9740(P2854A-ABU), T9715(P2862A-ABF), XL844(P3978A-ABA), XL847(P3980A-ABA), XL848, XL866(P3945A-ABA), XL876(P3946A-ABA), 7835, 7865, 7885, FR 7939, UK 7940, US/CAN 7950, FR 7950, NL 7950, NW 7950, UK 7950, LA 7957, SP 7960, xL946 US/CAN, AP 8886, 7770UK (United Kingdom) P3052A, 7840NL (Netherlands) P3066A, 8720/9720 CTO D7206Q/D7206P, 8720/9720/8710 CTO D7205Y/D7206A/D7206B/D7206C/D7206D/D7206E/D7206F/D7206G/D7206W/D7206Y, 8760SW (Sweden) P2885A, 8775UK (United Kingdom) P2849A, 8776c P2978AR, 9720UK (United Kingdom) P2852A, 9725FR (France) P1433A, 9726 P2906R, 9730FR (France) P2864A, 9740UK (United Kingdom) P2854A

Talladega 1.00.xx.CHOL Intel Advanced/MN LPX/S: US/Canada 7130P. Asia Pacific 5035, 5115, 5215, 5250, 5315, 5315D, 7122, 7150P, 7222, 7260P, and 7310. United Kingdom 5032, 5045, 5235, 7120, 7130P, 7165 and 7265. France 5045, 5235, 7120, 7130P, 7165 and 7265. Germany 7042, 7120, 7130P, and 7165

Tango-GL FIC VG31 (10/29/2002-i845G-LPC47M1-6A69VF0KC-00 (VG31317)): 374n,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 513D,,,, 723D, 733D,,,, 743D,, 753D,,, 763n,,,,,,

TAP FIC VC37 (06/14/2002-i845GL-LPC47M-6A69VF0JC-00 (VC37300)):,,

Taroko Lite (D5830-6000x) (at least three different models): Brio 83xx

Tiger Asus P2L98-XV: U.S./Canada 6340, 6346, 8360, and 8366. Asia Pacific 6318, 6318H, 6320, 6326, 6327, 6327H, and 6328. United Kingdom 6360

Tonto-U8LE MSI MS-7025 : Gaming PC GX5000Z series CTO P8657Q, Gaming PC GX5050 PL317AAR/PL317AA

Topaz Tatung H9800: 2100, 2130, 2150, 2200, 2230, 2250, 2260, 2270, 2755 (P2912A-ABA), 2950, 2960

Toro ???: Business PC dx6100 Microtower

Tortuga 3.x Asus CUW-AM/MEW-AM 2.02 Intel(R) 8xx Chipset Key String
video bios Version 04.01.2102 03/23/2000 09:12:46
6712(P2974A-ABU), 6734(P3001A-ABA), 6735(P1441A-ABA), 6736(P2907A-ABA),
6830(P2937A-ABA), 6831(P2994A-ABM), 6832(P3919A-ABM), 6835(P3926A-ABA),
6837(P3023A-AKV), 6839(P3924A-AKV), 6841(P3950A-ABM), 6842(P3920A-ABM),
6849(P4039A-AKV), 7700(P2838A), 7702(P1532A), 7705(P3027A), 7760(P3050A-ABU),
7805(P2405A-ABU), 7810(P3051A(-ABU), 7820(P3065A-ABH), 7820(P3070A-ABS),
7820(P3075A-ABN), 7821(P1417A-ABE), 7840(P3056A-ABU), 7842(P5223A-ABA),
7845(P3928A-ABA), 7850(P2940A-ABA), 7851(P2996A-ABM), 7852(P3921A-ABM),
7855(P3930A-ABA), 7857(P3024A-AKV), 7859(P3925A-AKV), UK 7920, US/CAN 7920, LA 7931, LA 7940,
LA 7941, LA 7947, 8740(P1395A-ABE), 8740(P1400A-ABS), 8740(P1406A-ABN), 8745(P1415A-ABH),
8748(P2865A-ABF), 8750(P1429A-ABF), 8750(P2846A-ABU), 8751(P1040A-ABF),
8754(P2856A-ABF), 8755(P2857A-ABF), 8760(P2847A-ABU), 8760(P2858A-ABF),
770(P2848A-ABU), 8822(P5296A-ABM), 8825(P3100A), 8826(P3898A), 8827(P2371A),
8829(P5225A-AKV), 8851(P3101A), 8852(P3102A), 8853(P3103A, 8854(P3120A),
8855(P2375A), 8856(P2378A), 8857(P2381A), 8858(P2382A), 8859(P2836A), 8861(P3124A),
8862(P3125A), 8863(P2383A), 8864(P2388A), 8865(P2396A), 8866(P2397A), 8867(P5188A),
8868(P5189A), 8869(P5190A), A811(P2866A-ABF), A812(P4028A-ABF), A815(P2870A-ABF),
A820(P2868A-ABF), A830(P2875A-ABF), BG814(P3997A-ABA), BG833(P3988A-ABA),
BG834(P3986A-ABA), XE735(P2910A-ABA), XE738(P1476A-ABA), XE745(P1508A-ABA),
XE748(P1477A-ABA), XE783(P1372A-ABA), XE813(P2985A-ABA), XE824(P4051A-ABA),
XE839(P5246A-ABA), XG820(P3018A-ABA), XG825(P4042A-ABA), XG910, XL912, XL916,
XT840(P3013A-ABA), XT845(P4041A-ABA), XT919, XT923, XT923, XT930, XT953,
XT953, XL766, 320x (US), 7700 P2838R, 7702 P1532A, 7705 P3027R, 8825 P3100R,
8826 P3898R, 8827 P2371R

Venice Asus TX98-XV: US 8240 & 8246 Asia Pacific 8201 Mexico 8241

Verona FIC FR35 (07/24/2001-8605-686A-6A6LLF09C-00): Brio BA410

Vienna FIC FW37E (07/27/2001-i810E-ITE8712-6A69MF0GC-00): 7806, 7906

Xenon MSI MS-6577 rev 1: 503k P9888A, Pavilion 503k P9888A, 703k P9889A, 713a P9879A, 713a P9879R , 723a P9880A, 723a P9880R , 723k P9891A , 733a P9881A, 733a P9881R , 743 CTO (D7217P), 743a P9896A, 743a P9896R , 743c P9921AR, 743c P9921A , 743k P9893A , 753 CTO (D7217Q), 753c DA166AR, 753c DA166A , 753k P9926A , 753n P9852AR, 753n P9852A , 763 CTO (D7217N), 763c DA168AR, 763c DA168A , 783 CTO (D7217S), 783c P9924AR, 783c P9924A , 793 CTO (D7217W)

Xenon3 MSI MS-6577 rev 2.1 (09/23/2003-i845G-W627-6A69VM4WC-00): 364n DF219AR (US), 364n DF219A (US), 504k (Asia Pacific) DB260A, 6220KR DD306A, 6470ca DA263A, 703c DB211AR, 703c DB211A, 704d (Asia Pacific) DB245A, 713c DA197AR, 713c DA197A, 714a (Asia Pacific) DB237A, 714a (Asia Pacific) DB237R, 724a (Asia Pacific) DB238A, 724a (Asia Pacific) DB238R, 724c DB229AR, 724c DB229A, 724k (Asia Pacific) DB263A, 734d (Asia Pacific) DB246A, 734m (Latin America) DA171A, 734t (Latin America) DA175A, 744d (Asia Pacific) DB247A, 744k (Asia Pacific) DC448A, 754d (Asia Pacific) DB248A, 754m (Latin America) DA172A, 754n DA193AR, 754n DA193A, 754t (Latin America) DA176A, 764c DB274AR, 764c DB274A, 764n DA194AR, 764n DA194A, 764x DF204AR, 764x DF204A, 774d (Asia Pacific) DC404A, 774m (Latin America) DA173A, 774Y CTO D7218G/D7218H/D7218J/D7218K/D7218L, 793 CTO (D7218B) D7218B, 794c DB278AR, 794c DB278A, 794m (Latin America) DC450A, 794n DK221AR, 794n DK221A, 854 Media Center PC DF207A, 854 Media Center PC DF207AR, 854n DB288AR, 854n DB288A, 864 Media Center DF206A, 864 Media Center DF206AR, 864n DB287A, 864n DB287AR, 884 Media Center PC DB289A, 884 Media Center PC DB289AR, 884n DF205A, 884n DF205AR, 894c DC484A, 894c DC484AR,,,,,,,, a307x DN008AR, a307x DN008A, a306x DN006AR, a306x DN006A, t108k DK329A,,, Presario 6000T CTO P8654B/P8654C/P8654D/P8654P/P8654Q, Presario 6210KR DB265A, Presario 6215KR DB266A, Presario 6240AN DB239A, Presario 6240AN DB239R, Presario 6240IN DB268A, Presario 6250IN DB269A, Presario 6271AP DC463A, Presario 6280AP DB253A, Presario 6285AP DB256A, Presario 6285AP DB256R, Presario 6288AP DB258A, Presario 6290AN DC405A, Presario 6290AN DC405R, Presario 6290IN DC427A, Presario 6295AP DC426A, Presario 6420LA DA227A, Presario 6420LS DA231A, Presario 6430LA DA228A, Presario 6430LS DA232A, Presario 6450NX, Presario 6470CA DA263AR, Presario 6470CA DA263A, Presario 6470NX, Presario 6473SA DA264AR, Presario 6473SA DA264A, Presario 6475CL DA246AR, Presario 6475CL DA246A, Presario 6485CL DF258AR, Presario 6485CL DF258A, Presario S3210AP DD287A

Xenon4 MSI MS-6577 rev 2.1 (07/16/2003-i845G-W627-6A69VM4WC-00): 746c DF277AR, 746c DF277A, 755v DD297AR, 755v DD297A, 775Y CTO D7219E/D7219F/D7219G/D7219H/D7219J,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, a255c DF281AR, a255c DF281A, a257c DK387AR, a257c DK387A, t102k DD259A, t112d DD280A, t112k DD260A, t120m DC490A, t120t DC494A, t122k DD261A, t123d DD281A, t124a DD228A, t124a DD228R, t130m DC491A, t130t DC495A, t132d DD238A, t132k DD262A, t134a DD229A, t134a DD229R, t140m DC492A, t142d DD239A, t142k DD263A, t152d DD240A, t180d DD284A, t202k DK234A, t207k DK384A, t212k DK235A, t242k DK297A, t247k DN096A, t257k DQ038A, t322m DT146A, t330m DM151A, t330t DM157A, Presario S3000T CTO P8654T/P8654U/P8654V/P8654W, Presario S3220AP DD335A, Presario S3220IN DD274A, Presario S3230AP DD250A, Presario S3240IN DD275A, Presario S3250AP DD251A, Presario S3260AP DD252A, Presario S3300KR DD268A, Presario S3310CL DF246AR, Presario S3310CL DF246A, Presario S3320AP DK285A, Presario S3350KR DD269A, Presario S3380AN DD234A, Presario S3380AN DD234R, Presario S3500CL DD220AR, Presario S3500CL DD220A, Presario S3650LA DC498A, Presario S4300KR DK242A, Presario S4350KR DN023A, Presario S5030LA DM147A, Presario S5180HK DN088A

Xtreme/Henry Asus P4C800E DeLuxe: Gaming PC GX5000T CTO (PJ571AV), Gaming PC X07, Gaming PC X09

Yale Asus P4SD-LA: a250n, a350n DM170AR, a350n DM170A, a362n DN004AR, a362n DN004A, a375c DQ109AR, a375c DQ109A, a462x DT038AR, a462x DT038A, a564n PC164AR, a564n PC164A, j312cn DN081A, j316cn DN082A, j318cn DN083A, Media Center m300y CTO (D7222G), Media Center m370n DM163AR, Media Center m370n DM163A, Media Center m376n DQ166AR, Media Center m376n DQ166A, Media Center m377n DT379AR, Media Center m377n DT379A, Media Center m380n DM164AR, Media Center m380n DM164A, Media Center m380 DT095AR, Media Center m380 DT095A, Media Center m385c DN108AR, Media Center m385c DN108A, Media Center m390n DM165AR, Media Center m390n DM165A, Media Center m476n DT263AR, Media Center m476n DT263A,,, t302k DN045A, t322d DN069A, t328k DQ043A, t332k DN049A, t337k DN050A, t340m DM152A, t348d DN071A, t348hk DN084A, t360a DN037AR, t360a DN037A, t360a DN037R,, t367k DN051A, t368d DN072A, t368hk DN085A,, t373k DT247A, , t380a DN038A, t380a DN038R, t380d DN073A, t380hk DN086A, t388d DN031A, t468hk DT151A, t488hk DT139A, v342k DN090A, v347k DN091A, Presario S5080AN DN043AR, Presario S5080AN DN043A, Presario S5080AN DN043R, Presario S5090AN DN044A, Presario S5090AN DN044R, Presario S5280AP DN076A, Presario S5300KR DN053A, Presario S5350KR DN054A, Presario S5380AP DN093A, Presario S5480AP DN094A, Presario S5500KR DQ186A, Presario S5550KR DQ192A, Presario S5580AP DN133A

Yellowstone Asus TUW-AM: XT963

Yukon Asus P4SD-LE : Presario 8000T CTO P8656TR/P8656T

****************** yet to give a name ********************

D7580-D6000x Asus MES-VM: Brio BA, Vectra VEi7

D7600-6000x MiTAC 6110ZU/VA xx/xx/xxxx-i440BX-SMC602-6A69KM3JC-00: Brio BA600, Brio BAX, Vectra VEi8

D5850-6000x MiTAC PX6400LF: Brio 82xx

??? Asus P4B-MX (63-1000-001292-00101111-040201-I845-1AATM107): Vectra VL420

last update september 2011

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