The BookPC files

This is what I have found on my harddisk and from the CD I got from CJ Burton. It is by no means a complete listing of files on the BookPC. They were sold by PC Chips, ECS and Amptron, they may have been sold under other "brands" as well. I do not own a BookPC nor do I know much specifics about these systems. This is all the information I have got. There's an MSN group on them that can be reached here:

BOOKPC User Group

BK5598 BKi810 series BKMVP4 series BK630/BKII630
BK5598_VGA.EXE  bki810e33sn_BIOS.exe  bkmvp4v33_147n_BIOS.exe  SiS900_LAN.exe 
bk5598103_BIOS.exe  bki810e33sp_BIOS.exe  bkmvp4v33_147p_BIOS.exe  BK630_IDE.EXE 
BKi810 series bki810ma_MANUAL.exe  BKMVP4_IDE.EXE  Bk630v72_MANUAL.exe 
BKi810_1.6_-2K1101N_BIOS.exe  bki810e73_MANUAL.exe  bkmvp4v33_147s_BIOS.exe  BK630_VGA.EXE 
BKI810_IDE.EXE    BKMVP4v33-2K0524N_BIOS.exe  bks630v1x_10cl_BIOS.exe 
BKI810_VGA.EXE  General BK files bkmvp4v35_-2K0802S_BIOS.exe  bks630v1x_10cn_BIOS.exe 
bki81033lp_BIOS.exe  SOUND.EXE  bkmvp4v35_308sn_BIOS.exe  bks630v1x_10cp_BIOS.exe 
bki81033sln_BIOS.exe  MODEM.EXE  bkmvp4v35_308sp_BIOS.exe  bkii630ev7x_011227_BIOS.exe 
bki81033slp_BIOS.exe  Davicom9102_LAN.exe  bkmvp4v35_308ss_BIOS.exe   
bki810e33en_BIOS.exe  Realtek_LAN.exe  BKMVP4_VGA.EXE   
bki810e33ep_BIOS.exe    Bkmvp4_MANUAL.exe   

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